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  1. I tried the bulk submission and it seems to have worked OK. It would be great if the date could default to today's date, when they are being entered.
  2. I'm no longer entering prices until the Bulk Submissions are back. It makes no sense to have a list of "Favorites" and not be able to enter prices right there. Too cumbersome to use the drop down list for 5 or 6 stations daily.
  3. Did the Bulk Submissions go away, or am I just not looking in the right place?
  4. Glad it's getting better at some Meijer locations. Those in central Ohio still have something as awful as a 30 cents spread.
  5. Dan, here are a few things for the site: When reporting prices, the default date flips to the following day about 5-6 hours early. I was just reporting prices this evening, but the date had already flipped to June 14. It should stay at least June 13 until midnight Eastern. The backgrounds on the price submission page, and the font sizes, have been all over the place lately. Some days they are big, other days small, and sometimes the background is black, now it's white. The links in the top header of e85prices.com are inconsistent, depending on the page you're on. Maybe it's just me but the order sometimes changes and it seems to me like these should be consistent. Also the link on the http://www.e85prices.com/login.php page to e85 prices forum is broken.
  6. Speedway pricing back to 80 cents spread, seems to reflect this. :-)
  7. I believe this used to be the "Kingston IGA" but that wasn't listed either. I filled up there with E85 yesterday. This is actually nearer Kingston, Ohio, but Chillicothe may be the correct mailing address. Based on Google street view in 2009, the sign says E85 so they have had it for a while. Young's Family Market 9277 State Route 159 Chillicothe, OH 45601-8958 (740) 642-2288
  8. Speedway has bounced back already to 50 cents on the spread in Ohio. They are watching the markets very closely and adjusting their prices quickly. Nice!
  9. Historically this is pretty amazing for the middle of winter. 70 cents spread in Ohio? Unheard of.
  10. Dan - keep in mind Ohio is an E10 state. This is great news though in Ohio, as Speedway continues to dominate (and fixed their spread back to 60 cents, even in the middle of winter).
  11. Some days it seems like we continue to beat our heads against the wall. From participating here we all know that: -- Your engine will not explode if you use E85. -- At 30% price spreads, even the lousy fuel map in a GM truck/SUV is competitive -- American-made fuel is better, and ethanol is not that destructive I've been involved for almost 5 years now, and we still have the same issues. Thankfully the number of stations has grown, and now corn is finally falling. The only un-scientific evidence that sales are up right now for E85 is that there is almost always a line at the Speedway pump where I fill up with E85 now that the price is 90 cents less than E10.
  12. Glad to see you folks "up north" of us are enjoying the Speedway Effect as well. I've been watching the guys to the west have all the fun for 4 years, now it's our turn to join in with some competitive pricing!
  13. Speedway has just gone to 90 cent spread in Ohio the past few days. Sure beats a few years ago when we had few stations and little competition.
  14. Speedway has been keeping the 80 cents spread, which is great when E10 dips into the $3.40-50 range. However, E10 just jumped to $3.89 today at a couple stations and that puts E85 back at $3.09. I just commented on price from Valero in Marion, OH, they seem to keep E85 locked at $2.89 regarless of E10 pricing. Unfortunately Valero is somewhat off the beaten path (north edge of town on old US-23).
  15. Thanks. I think this station came back from the dead before, as it continues to appear on some of the lists of stations from other sites.
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