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  1. Interesting. I thought that Sorghum had really low yields per acre?
  2. GrowthEnergy made some good points in their email but they aren't providing an alternative. There needs to be a safety valve to prevent over usage of Corn for Ethanol. I believe the high price for Corn is still mostly due to investors frieking out over the sluggish economy. Prices for other items like Petrol are dropping and that points to a slowing economy IMHO.
  3. While the OP is no doubt being a little silly, I have to feel some empathy for him. I don't have a choice, we pump what car takes and that is regular Gasoline. I hate it when someone uses a fat/husky/unattractive guy in cheap red pajamas for the Devil. It's completely the opposite of what you'd expect. More people should use a pick of Keanu Reeves or Tom Cruise for the Devil. :72: Somebody needs to film that ad and put in on utoob. People get lost in the, "well it isn't magically better than Gasoline" or any of the other distracting nonsense like the endless supply of urban/internets myths and they forget why we are fighting off a possible energy crisis. Which is because we are completely dependent on any and all Petrol exporting countries to keep our economy going.
  4. "One possible outcome from that situation could be that retailers replace E85 with E15 in those dispensers, he said. “If it’s able to distribute E85 or higher blends, certainly it could do E15.”" That's certainly one possibility... I feel your frustration Dan. Hopefully he was just trolling. Wait, they sell "pure" Gasoline in Iowa? I wish they did that everywhere. My biggest gripe with the whole politico situation is the mandate. It should be optional.
  5. That is just plain ignorant. I used to see/hear more about the "doubles your fuel consumption" myth back when everyone thought it was exactly like Methanol. Although I do see more people now saying you will lose 30% of your MPG. And we used to have a Ford Windstar that had a huge pile of carbon gunk in the intake. Whenever I hear of another gunked IAC I know it was carbon buildup from crap Gasoline :'(. I used to stick with name brands like Shell in my Ranger and it was fairly clean when I took apart the intake and examined the IAC, but I also didn't drive it like most people :angel:.
  6. I remember when Brazil removed the Ethanol import tariff. There put out some ads saying, "hey look what we did!" There were suggestions that we should remove our import tariff aswell. It certainly took us long enough considering that both Brazil and the US started using Ethanol(again) after the 70's Oil embargo. I don't see much data in your link nor a source. Am I missing something?
  7. Thanks Allch Chcar ..now I don't need to go on another rant about Corn Ethanol shooting itself in the butt again ;D No problem Dan! 8) I can appreciate Corn Ethanol being cheap and easy and available now but I agree that we are going to need more and better sources to make a dent in Oil consumption :-\.
  8. I don't like to refer to people as trolls, forums might be "troll dens" but that doesn't make all members trolls. But when large numbers of them are being abusive and ignorant it becomes really hard to listen to anything they say. And the conversation doesn't benefit anyone involved or reading. I tried to post on the forums that were bashing Ethanol in topics but riddled with bad information and that didn't work too well. I was flamed or laughed or simply put on ignore for pushing the issue. It frustrates me aswell which doesn't improve my posting quality. :-[ I have noticed that forums which are infamous for their members' behavior like Honda-tech and NASIOC are shockingly more pro-Ethanol members and topics than some of the Mustang forums I have been to . Something about results speaking volumes. As for reaching people about Ethanol. I try to chat with people on forums who are not outright against Ethanol but aren't supportive either. I find these kinds of people are more receptive to listening and discussing Ethanol as a fuel in cars, which is far more beneficial to everyone who listens. It at least gets people talking about it. The fact that Corn Ethanol isn't the most efficient source doesn't help. And the fact that Ethanol plants push for more Ethanol additive in Gasoline when they could be pushing more for the new Renewable fuels standard and mandating FFVs. It would be a lot easier to discuss E85 if it wasn't fairy juice compared to Gasoline. Most car forums that I frequent would need have an E85 conversion with a write up similar to a turbo build before people would even consider E85 as an option.
  9. Is anyone working on campaigns like this? I read the responses in the Baltimore Sun to their comment regarding an article and it was like stepping into a troll den. :confused: View web version.
  10. I remember that, even though that was a few of years ago now. Now that IE has some real competition it's numbers have dwindled significantly. If only such a car existed Corey. But for $17k it would have to be a compact, 4 cylinder, FWD, bare necessity, sporty car based on another platform. For $20k I could imagine some possibilities but I would have to build it myself to make it happen :-\. I imagine a turbo would be necessary to make this car potent enough.
  11. Pro-Ethanol groups have been doing things. Growth Energy is doing some senator writting campaigns and a few internet "comment" campaigns. The big problem is they are lobbists and come across as such. And they don't even pretend to hide the fact that they are heavily supported by the Corn Farmer groups. In regards to the cool E85 cars there have been a few but they've been more engine focused rather than good examples of E85 cars. The Ford Coyote 5.0L was tested on E85 and gave astounding levels of power but the production version in the Mustang isn't even flexfuel capable. There are 3rd party E85 cars running around with badging advertising their E85 goodness. But the popular opinion seems to be that Ethanol is worse for the environment than Gasoline because it comes from Corn and that is the end of it. And thanks to California's CARB, Ethanol is believed to contribute to deforestation.
  12. I ran out to Paducah and while I was there I checked out the only E85 station which is on the West side(big ol' station too BTW). $3.29 for E85 vs $3.39 for Gasoline . The worse spread I have ever seen in person. It was just $3.05 for E85 in Madisonville! :confused: Edit: Kentucky is no longer Yellow Status .
  13. The reason Kentucky is yellow status is because all of the Louisville stations went out of date and the up to date stations happen to have good spreads. Plus the numbers are just plain old. And it is infact an Ethanol producing state but most of the Corn production is in west Kentucky and minor compared to the powerhouse states. No one is more surprised than me that we have even temporary Yellow status .
  14. It certainly requires some creative thinking if the Tea party ever gets any bigger. The subsidy approach is going to go out of style real fast if a libertarian is elected President. I've always been shocked by the "Drill, baby, Drill" mantra and the complete hatred or simply disdain for anything but domestic Oil. Sure we need more domestic fuel production by why do people believe it only require drilling more wells? We tapped out our Refinery production years ago and we now import Gasoline too! I have even read of some Oil, albeit in small amount) being exported only to be re-imported as Gasoline! ???
  15. Well Husker, if you'll notice that it is a 1.6L Duratec similar to the USDM Ford Fiesta. I don't believe it will ever come here . The Focus has always had a 2.0L in the US so I very much doubt they will use what is basically the Fiesta engine in the US car. Now, maybe they will use it in the Fiesta .
  16. Well, they already design engines that run fine on Regular that make more power and MPG on 91. If they built GDI engines that were basically detuned for Premium Gasoline and could safely run E85 with less intake valve overlap and no Knock retard then we might have something. Anything less than 30% Ethanol is basically premium grade Gasoline with an oxygenate. E50 is probably a good target for FFVs but they already build Gasoline engines that are built with too much compression for Regular Gasoline so they lose top end power from Knock retard but they get all of the efficiency benefits of high compression at part load. These engine will run better on a mid blend of Ethanol but the engine will still be the limitation not the fuel. There are plenty of technical articles on increasing engine efficiency for fuel economy or power . They just don't deal with Ethanol at all though. Engines don't care about the fuel only the octane or knock resistance matters, everything else is the ECU's job :laugh:.
  17. Sadly this station has E85 stickers(stating 85% minimum!) that are peeling off or completely worn away. I try to patronize this station when we are in Hoptown since they offer E85 at every pump under the canopy. But it needs to be cleaned up and updated :-[.
  18. If your ECU is programmed to reduce spark retard with a higher octane than it would likely tolerate a higher load in OD. But I don't know for a fact. And you have to ask for an E85 "torque tune." A torque tune essentially increases torque at a lower RPM/part throttle so you can hold a taller gear longer. Some of the tuners guys don't believe in advertising a MPG tune, even calling it a scam to say it increases MPG. You will likely need to find a local "E85" tuner to see about getting a tune. I can't help you there. But for Fords try the Mustang guys, they would likely know somebody that does E85 tunes for Ford engines or could help you find someone local that does.
  19. I've heard of dealerships offering tunes for E85 in Australia, I believe. It was Oz or Sweden, I'm not completely certain :-[. The engine control unit is independent of the transmission controls BTW. Automatics tend to be setup for fuel economy from the factory. It's the ECU tune alone that can really improve fuel economy and power.
  20. And we're seeing more cars that get 40MPG with current safety standards 8). CAFE is not a real world representation of MPG anyway. Just like the EPA test cycle is not a good indicator of real world MPG. I think somebody said it right when they said something along the lines of "laws for cars, written by people that don't drive." :mad:
  21. $3.059 at the E85 pump outside the canopy and $3.69 for Regular Gasoline under the Canopy. I took a pic but it was on my clock/alarm phone that is not signed up for service. Whoops. :-[ I already submitted the prices to E85price.
  22. I already believe that anything under 30MPG is a gas hog :laugh:. But I don't consider EPA mileage except as a vaguely relevant number. BTW that number is for vehicles driven on the road day to day. Oversized engines and such at low throttles, estimated too. And electric cars get closer to 75%, where did you hear 35%? ???
  23. Hmm, I actually like that plan better than simply repealing the tax credits/tariff. Any news on what happened?
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