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    I think digit #9 on the VIN tells for sure.  I'll check...



    --Edit--  I was close .  Digit  7 & 8 are body & engine type, #9 is a check digit.    I think #7 has to be a "K"


    I found some examples of FFV Foci on Autotrader. By comparing VINs from local cars and the FFVs that are quite a ways away. The #7 digit for FFV is "C" while Gasoline only is a "F."


    No wait that is transmission model type. 8th VIN is engine/fuel on Fords.


    I don't know... :D

  2. That is a big problem for the local stations. When there is a station it's usually off the beaten path or hidden behind something. :(


    The exception was Hopkinsville, they had one right at the beginning of Ft Campbell Blvd which put it between the center of town and the big shopping district. Now they have one near Wallyworld. That's pretty sweet.  ;D

  3. Just like last time I made a mistake and ended up finding a new E85 pump!  ;D There are two now in Hopkinsville, both on Ft Campbell Blvd but one is near the center of town and the other one is near Wallyworld. Dan, if you would update both addresses and phone numbers for them, I'd appreciate it.


    The new one is at:

    Maxfuel Xpress

    4124 Fort Campbell Boulevard

    Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    P# (270) 885-1760


    The other station is:

    Maxfuel Xpress

    2103 Fort Campbell Boulevard

    Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    P# (270) 886-3266


    Thank you.

  4. From my experience, don't overestimate or underestimate bureaucrats. ;)


    The E15 will more than likely end up replacing midgrade, far more market penetration and easier integration, IMHO. E85 pumps just don't have near the amount of coverage as the midgrade pumps. Plus who actually uses the midgrade anyway? ::)


    Even better if Regular was changed to E10 and Premium was only Reformulated Gasoline w/o Ethanol. That would soften the PR blow they are getting from the certification of E15, something Ethanol groups need to be more mindful of. >:(


    Although, I admit it would be weird to see midgrade selling for less than Regular...it's the best compromise from my non-existent knowledge in this area.


    I'm just trying to be realistically positive...

  5. Fascinating! ;D


    Now, what would be the best way to figure out how my local Ethanol plant blends into the local fuel?


    We've got one Ethanol plant in all of Kentucky, which is in Central KY, and all of the Oil refineries are in the eastern KY region. Kentucky has lower taxes, so my bets are the fuels stays in-state.


    If they sold to the refineries that would mean E85/E70 in the Jackson purchase area would be shipped halfway across the state then back across the entire length!  :o

  6. They were just pricing it at $3.09 last week and I was expecting it to DROP this week. The last time it was over $3.30, Ethanol was going for over $3 a gallon. >:(


    From what I know, Ethanol is almost exclusively blended at the Oil Refinery, excluding blender pumps. The denaturant they add isn't necessarily pump grade gasoline. It could be one of a variety of Petrol based substances.

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