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  1. I went ahead and gave you the +1. ;D Wow, Jonny. If I search for E85 conversion you're # 14! How does anyone find you?
  2. That is possible James. But if it isn't approved they might have simply disabled all FFV function. The only way to know is to experiment. ;D
  3. I'm certain that Cars/Autotrader etc are incorrectly advertising since only new Foci should be FFVs but other than all of them having the same 8th digit, I can't figure anything out.
  4. The 8th digit is definitely the engine VIN, but on the Focus I haven't seen one VIN that is different than 2. The manufacture date isn't in the VIN so we can't check for ones made after 1/15/12.
  5. I found some examples of FFV Foci on Autotrader. By comparing VINs from local cars and the FFVs that are quite a ways away. The #7 digit for FFV is "C" while Gasoline only is a "F." No wait that is transmission model type. 8th VIN is engine/fuel on Fords. I don't know...
  6. Yep, I was disappointed that it appeared they switched course after releasing a few FFV Foci but looks like it was just a late rollout.
  7. How long has this been up? ??? 2012 Focus FFV
  8. I just found a date on that switch over. While pricing a 2012 Focus on KBB they list the FFV engine as only available after 1/15/2012. ;D I should test drive one and compare it to a Mazda3 skyactiv. Just incase.
  9. I do agree with Dan's sentiments. But so longs as they keep repeating the facts over and over while refuting myths, I'm not going to be unnecessarily negative about it.
  10. To get back to this. I did find some information while looking up invoices for 2012 Focus and they list the Fed emissions engine as a FFV. So I check the ford website and lo' and behold it says the same thing but with a note. Source:2012 Focus Engines/Motor So maybe the early ones were non-ffvs and the newer shipments will be?
  11. Yeah that's a bit too hokey for me. I'd rather work with the stations to advertise E85 more. A couple stations could do to update the material once in awhile, "minimum 85%" ??? I also need to start talking to stations in Murray, especially since I'm moving there this year. There's got to be at least one E85 station in town.
  12. That is a big problem for the local stations. When there is a station it's usually off the beaten path or hidden behind something. The exception was Hopkinsville, they had one right at the beginning of Ft Campbell Blvd which put it between the center of town and the big shopping district. Now they have one near Wallyworld. That's pretty sweet. ;D
  13. BTW, Dan the 3.25 3.75 prices are for the new station at 4124. I misposted them by mistake.
  14. Okay I found the correct address but they have a different phone# on Google but it is wrong. They are infact a Cheers, despite what their signs say. ;D The Correct Info: Cheers 5435 Cairo Road Paducah, KY 42001 P# (270) 575-0678 (The number Google had for them was wrong, it was for the liquor store) Thanks, Allch Chcar
  15. Just like last time I made a mistake and ended up finding a new E85 pump! ;D There are two now in Hopkinsville, both on Ft Campbell Blvd but one is near the center of town and the other one is near Wallyworld. Dan, if you would update both addresses and phone numbers for them, I'd appreciate it. The new one is at: Maxfuel Xpress 4124 Fort Campbell Boulevard Hopkinsville, KY 42240 P# (270) 885-1760 The other station is: Maxfuel Xpress 2103 Fort Campbell Boulevard Hopkinsville, KY 42240 P# (270) 886-3266 Thank you.
  16. Corey the problem you were having is probably limited to the Insight. Honda has had a couple lawsuits over issues with the Insight. The first gen Prius has been run stock on E85 as previously mentioned, and it even made more power. I would bet the newer one would do the same.
  17. The spread is narrowing here. E85 is now $3.39 while Gasoline is only $3.69! ???
  18. From my experience, don't overestimate or underestimate bureaucrats. The E15 will more than likely end up replacing midgrade, far more market penetration and easier integration, IMHO. E85 pumps just don't have near the amount of coverage as the midgrade pumps. Plus who actually uses the midgrade anyway? : Even better if Regular was changed to E10 and Premium was only Reformulated Gasoline w/o Ethanol. That would soften the PR blow they are getting from the certification of E15, something Ethanol groups need to be more mindful of. > Although, I admit it would be weird to see midgrade selling for less than Regular...it's the best compromise from my non-existent knowledge in this area. I'm just trying to be realistically positive...
  19. The 1.6L Duratec is infact the base engine in Europe for the Focus where it is also Flexfuel. > I remember you linked to that piece awhile ago Dan. It's used here for the Fiesta and not a single mention of making it a FFV.
  20. Turns out this station was a new one not the old one I was originally looking for down the road. This station has been open since at least January or February when I first started checking prices. Five Star Food Mart 5425 Old Cairo Rd Paducah, KY 42001 Phone#: (270) 575-0678 I called to confirm the number.
  21. Fascinating! ;D Now, what would be the best way to figure out how my local Ethanol plant blends into the local fuel? We've got one Ethanol plant in all of Kentucky, which is in Central KY, and all of the Oil refineries are in the eastern KY region. Kentucky has lower taxes, so my bets are the fuels stays in-state. If they sold to the refineries that would mean E85/E70 in the Jackson purchase area would be shipped halfway across the state then back across the entire length!
  22. They were just pricing it at $3.09 last week and I was expecting it to DROP this week. The last time it was over $3.30, Ethanol was going for over $3 a gallon. > From what I know, Ethanol is almost exclusively blended at the Oil Refinery, excluding blender pumps. The denaturant they add isn't necessarily pump grade gasoline. It could be one of a variety of Petrol based substances.
  23. I noticed that prices for E85 in Kentucky were a bit lower than some places earlier this year. But the price at my local station jumped to $3.39! Gasoline is only $3.57. What is the deal?
  24. The candidate that wins will change their tune for the election anyway. He's just playing to the choir.
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