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  1. Yup, E85 hasn't gone down yet but Gasoline is down 30 cents here. I drove out to one of the E85 pumps and once I saw the spread, canceled my mixing plan to fill with regular grade.
  2. Rusty that is very sensible, even made me chuckle, but somehow I doubt that is the case. ;D
  3. #3 is hogwash, they are still adding FFVs they are just reducing the highly visible badging. So long as it still says E85 compatible it'll be fine. I don't want to say take your tinfoil hats off, but please take your tinfoil hat off. 8) If you want a "conspiracy" look at the dependence on a single crop for a fuel that can be made from anything with sugar in it but is made from the more difficult starch. Or look at the CAFE/gov't regs to see why most of the FFVs are domestic brand "fleet vehicles" or trucks and not the more popular import cars like Camrys, Accords, and Civics? The one thing I noticed about the Focus is 45% of new sales are to fleets. > I think this is not a coincidence.
  4. I've heard that people consider the badges ugly, maybe why all the redesigns? If they eliminate it and use a yellow gas cap that would probably suit more people. Ford eliminated the gas cap but they still have yellow around the filler cap, I think. The other question is which gas CAN to use for E85? Yellow is diesel. right?
  5. It's only $50 for a block heater, plug it in 30 minutes before you start the engine in cold weather and up to an hour in below-freezing weather and it'll be fine everytime. Block heaters are small enough to use an extension cord as they're typically only a couple hundred watts, so finding a plug should never be a problem.
  6. Considering it only needs 9% more fuel than E85 it should be fine. Then again I don't know anyone who has tried. If you use a block heater there won't be any cold start issues. ;D
  7. I don't find this one bit funny... I know they are burning the witch so to speak but o-rings fail and then they do, they can leak fuel. There are guys running E85 in their WRXs(which are all '02+) just fine so I take it that it was older 90's model Subaru?
  8. Can't do that. That would make E100 subject to the "Sin tax" on Alcohol. It needs to be rendered undrinkable, even after diluting. E98 is an acceptable number IMHO but it's a near-future sort of thing.
  9. You didn't happen to reset the MPG meter by any chance, did you? By my math you had a somewhere between E50 and E60 when you added the 9 gallons of E75. Focus have 12.4 Gallon tanks and there is at least a gallon just in the fuel lines and filler neck. That is assuming the 9 gallons topped it off.
  10. Depends on the facility. If there are other pumps for E0/E10, then I'd say E15, E25, E50, E75, and E85. E95 doesn't exist in the US, so just imagine I said E85.;D
  11. E0, E20, E40, E75, and E95. E0, straight gasoline or E10 in mandated states. E25, a small amount of Ethanol but enough to avoid phase separation problems. E40, is a good balance between Gasoline and Ethanol. Plus the studies I've see suggest this is a good efficiency point. E75, for cold weather. E95, for warm weather.
  12. The story I heard was that the CEO of GM who promised 50% FFVs was sacked with the old GM. Now they only offer 10% of their cars as FFVs. Since Ethanol is just generally unpopular Ford and Chevy haven't been tooting the E85 horn at all. The Focus was rumored to be a FFV and then it was, without much fanfare or advertising on their part to this feature. I searched and found it mentioned exactly once in an official press release. GM advertised the greater fuel mileage on E85 than older FFVs, so what happened between then and now? It became unpopular.
  13. Voila! I didn't know Ford had changed it. Edit: Is it the right one? The listing changes everytime I click on it.
  14. That is not supply and demand you are seeing, it's the greedy middlemen. > I've seen 30-50 cent spreads here. Which is not quite satisfactory. :-\
  15. You might try Ecomodder too. They tend to be scientific and open minded. There was a guy who started an Ethanol blend experiment recently:Considering an E85 Experiment. I was just reading some results with E14 and E21 which were very favorable. Edit: whoops! I fixed the link.
  16. Sweet deal Cessna. ;D If you could please share pics of what Ford used for FFV badging and for the fuel filler(since it doesn't have a fuel cap). I have yet to see pics for a FFV Focus badging yet, although I imagine it's probably not too different than the Fusion badging. I'm very curious. Not likely for the Fusion since it's much bigger and about 500lbs heavier. There is a rumor about the Fusion getting an Ecoboost engine which might be a 2.0L version. :-\
  17. Husker, are you sure you don't mean HYDROGEN refilling stations? CNG stations were comparable to Blender pumps from my understanding. : If stations could offer the standard Gasoline, Diesel with alternatives like CNG, Electric "fast chargers", and Blenderpumps they would cover all the bases but I'd hate to imagine the huge cost to add all three. At this point I see stations adopting whatever they believe is the most competitive/popular third option in their area. Which in the Midwest means Ethanol Blenders, in the North East likely Electric fast chargers, and probably CNG in the West(California). The partial option is separate E85 pumps like we have now and public access 220 volt metered plugs for electric cars. CNG is entirely for fleet use anyway.
  18. It's about time! ;D When the Thorntons station on Green Street was rebuilt I was watching to see if they'd put in an E85 pump but they didn't. Thorntons was just starting the E85 pump program they have now. That must have been 4-5 years ago now! ??? At least now they put one close to the cloverleaf, and on the strip no less! It is a good spot for an E85 pump, since you can't miss it on the way to Indiana. They have a huge American flag at the station. Do they still have the giant American flag? I used this station and the one on the south bound side almost exclusively while they rebuilt the one on Green street. When I was passing through town a year or two ago I stopped there for fuel. How was the spread?
  19. I have. One of the E85 stations in Paducah is a BP. The E85 station in Mayfield is a BP. The station in Murray was a BP, before it closed that is. The only E85 station in Clarksville, TN is a Shell.
  20. This is the last line though. After this they are going need to start all over to get E20 or start from the top by pushing FFVs. This should increase demand for Cellulosic and more First gen feedstocks, since Corn turned out to be capable of fulfilling the 10% requirement. I'm at least mixed on it.
  21. Sweet. I was debating it since a SE with disk brakes isn't too expensive, I'd have to get the manual though. I was looking at a titanium with the handling package but it's still $20k after rebates. I got a quote, by accident , for a SE that was very favorable, $15k. Just can't do it right now, I have to wait to see how the Toyobaru twins pan out anyway.
  22. Kentucky was almost there until the local E85 prices jumped 30 cents. That one station in Madisonville still sells E85 for $3.05 though. ???
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