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  1. So the VEETC is inflating Ethanol prices? ??? I definitely disagree with raising the additive rate. 5-10% should be plenty for regular gasoline. The real contender should be E85 IMHO. O0 I would rather see more work to mandate Flexfuel engines even if it was only to make it so more cars could run higher blends of Ethanol out of the factory. But I wasn't completely aware of the effect the VEETC has on prices. I figured that the blending mandate was more of a inflating factor while the VEETC would reduce Oil and Ethanol prices at the pump. At a cost of multiples in taxes I might add.
  2. There is a guy on Autoblog who is a big advocate of the Flexfuel mandate and is always pushing that it include compatibility for 100% Ethanol and 100% Methanol. His goes by Carney and he has mentioned a book called the "Methanol Economy," I believe? He puts forth the idea that adding FFV for E85 is $100 and FFV compatibility for Gasoline to 100% Methanol is only $130 total. He is constantly on Autoblog evangelizing to the anti-biofuel crowd. I could probably ask him about and get the name of the book if anyone was interested enough. I've never got around to looking up the book myself.
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