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  1. We have a '13 Jetta TDI. Gets great mpgs. Decent performance climbing the hills. I've been trying for awhile now to find out how to get past running B20 . VWAmerica claims it's not at all possible because of timing/DI setup. I wanted to be at least part-way environmentally friendly. Now it appears top-level VW management is not just filthy rich, but just plain filthy. Won't be buying their products again , EVER. Danke Sehr.
  2. How many pumps will be full-on blenders? How many locations will be served by local ethanol plants? This sounds like great progress...major investment.
  3. So, an E85 powered Volt?? Better yet -- an E85 powered Volt minus the rear two seats -- room for an extra battery pack..
  4. I saw at the local Lowe's home improvement store , a modular style lawn implement product -- One powerplant can be fitted to several jobs/attachments ( 3 or more ) -- mower, power washer, snowblower, etc. If this same concept could be extended to include ICE -> Generator -> transmission ( + battery storage ) then we could do all of the jobs at once ....and cleanly.
  5. Well, we already have the MMJ industry , and countless food/health advocacy groups countering dominance of the pharma industry. So, I don't find the situation hopeless for the new generations coming up. I think you'll find most people born after 1980 EXTREMELY able to find answers for themselves .. So now let's attempt to take back control of how we keep ourselves mobile. I have personally seen more of the younger generation at the E85 pumps, then old, lately. I think we will be in good hands , but remain cautious. I am considering starting up a new topic : "LCFS and it's implications for the rest of us" I want to engage discussion of mid -to-higher eBlends and locally sourced fuel.
  6. Kalifornia is attempting to lead the way out of our fossil fuel habit, but it will be a hard habit to kick, Very engrained in society, and not much more than concepts for a solution. Should have been working on HOV lanes and overhead mass transit soon after Disneyland arrived. There is a good effort going to ramp up sugarbeet ethanol in the Central valley. Would be nice to see a $2.00 price spread for E85 ! Wouldn't that turn a few heads...
  7. So, we may end up needing the "All in" energy strategy after all. With capacity at about 9 MMBbls/d in the US, our petroleum needs could be covered, should we engage the shift to CNG ( for truck fleets ) LNG for rail fleets, and renewables + electric for small vehicle fleet. Forget E15. Lets get to E20. My biggest fear is not the "accidental" use of a nuke in the AP, but a well aimed torpedo boat in the straits of Hormuz. Chaos for anyone depending on oil from the Persian gulf. If we get going on the rest of the "all of the above" energy mix, USA may be sitting at a relative advantage... on more than one front.
  8. I am familiar with the ozone and PM pollution problems generated mostly at the LA seaports, but one can also draw a line along the coast to 5 miles inland and see that the LAX airport also contributes greatly to this problem. I'm wondering why some form of alcohol injection wouldn't squelch a significant amount of these sources. Not the aircraft, so much... but a clean burning alternative might be workable for jet APUs , and for use while taxiing , or parked at the ramp. So many opportunities to improve the situation. But as you say, alot of good intentions caught up in political gamesmanship... even legal -vs- legislative -vs- executive jousting..
  9. Reading through the air quality ( O3) study of Sao Paulo a few years ago, I wish there were more work done to perfect this type of modeling. Could be a quick way to predict results of different fuel on entire regions... taking into account geography and likely weather patterns. I have a particular interest in ethanol fuels in So. Cal. Pairing the high output/small displacement engine in something like the Volt , eliminating the need for large , expensive battery packs , might go a long way to help clean the air in that region and elsewhere. Another company near me is pairing hydaulic propulsion with standard technology, but believe they are also looking at adding an electric/regenerative boost of some sort. All of these things together can help.. but are expensive, and may be prone to failure. Still, we need to start trying something different.
  10. I'd like to know what some of the choices are for petrol fuel distillers , when it comes time to blend fuels for a given market or locale. If ethanol, to 10% is an assumed ingredient , and base gasoline ( the REALLY basic stuff from low on the column) , the second component --- what remains, to get a final product of 85 to 89 octane gasoline? Pentene is in the mix, likely, but how would a fuel blender control RVP, or other concerns?? Endpoint: how do we know a fuel marketer is not pushing bad product , at the same price as good, using ethanol to bring what would be crappy fuel, to within spec ????
  11. Trying to find articles or anything published by the school(CSU). I have contact info for the guys doing this E85 optimization work. Also saw a table of values produced from research , but it was more of a summary. I think there are other schools pursuing similar data/results. From my perspective, we are missing the mark. We already know the big three aren't interested in optimizing for ethanol . So why not create a secondary market for those willing to invest in alternatives... to be "all in".. After-market conversions to run E85 only, or at least close to optimized for ethanol.. while we're at it , move the endpoint to e98. Pass a stringent e-test ( IM-240 or better ) annually, and you may run any blend you so choose.
  12. For shift point rpm, as long as engine isn't under extreme load while running e85, shift rpm can happen at abit lower rpm. ( 1 or 2 mpg gain) I believe this is part of their finding at Colorado State Univ. ( and others, too). If late model engines were equipped with knock sensors, this type of adjustment could be more commonplace. Lacking an ethanol content ( %) sensor adds to the uncertainty. VVT and Direct injection would be big pluses on the way to 10-10.5:1 CR. Put all of these together, and suddenly E85 mileage penalty ISN'T... Now if we could get the big 3 to pay attention . Chrysler should actually be in best position to try all of this first...
  13. Sorry to hear about your (now narrow) Escape . I've had several close calls with folks running red, Just got back from visiting a recuperating family member -- riding a city bus that got knocked on it's side by someone running red. They said it couldn't be done... Ha!!
  14. We have mobile air monitoring stations here in Colorado. A monitoring station will be positioned for a day or two on the on-ramp of the interstate to catch both emmissions and license # of each vehicle. In Colorado , as in other states, the issue of concern is now ozone levels. Vehicle owners need to prove they have passed by one of these monitors at least twice , with a passing grade, or submit to a dyno test at a designated facility, before they can renew vehicle registration. Don't know what the latest findings are, but our fail rate for the mobile test is pretty low -- 1 or 2 %. Those vehicles that fail , fail badly , in most cases. There also is a visible pollution standard. Owners can be ticketed for spewing gunk in the air , especially while idling. I have rarely seen someone pulled over for such an offense. There is also concern air quality due to recent increased drilling activity, and all the truck traffic it generates. An airborne (flying ) sampling method has been employed complementing mobile and fixed stations , across mostly the Eastern half of the state, and Wyoming and New Mexico -- again-- PM and ozone is of most interest. A dramatic increase in ozone levels present in Wyoming. Also a methane "hot-spot" in New Mexico. I would be interested in finding out how high-pressure DI systems hold up over time. Seems this would degrade performance after a few 100 thousand miles. Would onBoard Diags find a degradation in performance and alert the driver??
  15. Of the K & G stores with E85 around where I live , none have blender pumps. I would expect the store owners will take one ( or more ) E85 pumps on an island and "tune" it for E15. Some K & G stores have a total of 32 pumps -- back-to-back, 4 dispensers per island. Requires alot of space, but out here in the west, we have it....
  16. Another powerplant choice for truck manufacturers. This is always good. I live in a rural area and watch farm equipment roll by on the county road each day. It would be good to see some of these be ethanol powered -- to "close the loop" on renewable fuel generation/use. Not as many trucks going by as tractors / combine/ other implements -- but at harvest time, lots of trucks loaded with beets , headed to the processing pile. These trucks have heavy torque needs, and are rolling constantly during the harvest campaign. Same can be said for support equipment for wheat, corn, sorghum , as trucks make their way into and out of the fields 24/7 , until end of campaign. Plenty of E85 fuel available here. too.
  17. So.. what is next ... a tax on carbon?? Proof that you are charging your BEV with solar or wind ( to escape the tax). How about a CAFE category called "experimental" for those willing to try something WAY outside the box? Just prove that you pass IM240 ( or similar ) emission test, annually. What would be the chances of an upstart company trying to exploit ALL of these high efficiency - low carbon technologies to complete a E85 ( or E98 ) capable PHEV that offers 999+ mile range and ~100 mpg while on the pony powerplant? Better yet, based out of CA -- and be compliant with LCFS and using 2nd or 3rd generation ethanol feedstock.. sourced in CA. The upstart company quickly gains traction as carbon tax becomes a reality. Maybe even a takeover target by some large automotive group from Detroit... Very few could afford the pricetag, but here you would have everything in one, neat package.
  18. @Steve-O .. I know of a project underway at a college near me here in Colorado , using GM products where a handful of tricks have been applied to raise performance wth E85, but all of the boxes on the "easy" list have already been checked. In the case of GM, they have a lineup of mostly highend SUVs and trucks , where MPG numbers may not get a big bump up with such improvements. Hate to say that by going for the CAFE credits , as laid out in legislation , a fraud has been perpetuated here , and no sign that Detroit 3 are the least bit interested in how this plays out ( for the alt. fuel crowd ). Also , Honda - Toyota -- other Asian automakers are missing a GIANT opportunity to score big points in California by not offering a high MPG ethanol model.. When Gen II or III ethanol feedstocks arrive in the CA market, now you'll see the LCFS finally make sense, How 'bout an E85 optimized hybrid ??? Anyone??? CA now has E85 infrastructure , and somewhat reasonable E85 pricing. So, lets take it to the next level...
  19. Oddly enough, Hyundai looks like it has potential candidate in it's 1.8L GDCI engine. They have other High compression engines on the market today, but offer no FFV models. My beef with the auto industry currently is their ambivalence to the publics' interest in FFVs I go to a dealer to inquire about their offerings of alternative fueled vehicles( or FFVs) , and am promptly excoriated -- "why do you want to do that?"
  20. More dreaming We have a challenge in the RFS as it is currently structured: bring total renewable fuel supply in the country to 36 billion gallons per year , by 2022. 2022 is 7 years away. The E85 use by ALL existing FFVs and anything manufactured in the future will barely touch a figure this big. Using the Premium UST ( underground storage ) to bump up available blends at stations without any E85 now, will go a long way to bring other eBlends to the public ( at lower cost , per mentioned RINs trading scheme) with the addition of a blender pump . . --then-- Bump up proposed E15 blending choice to E20. Minnesota did testing on this a few years ago and found no significant issues. This would draw all vehicles 2001 and newer into the higher blend ethanol marketplace. Also -- Allow E0 , for cry-babies who don't know how to drain a tank.... One possible addition: Require IM-240 type emmission testing in EPA non-attainment areas ...As long as you pass this test, you are free to use whatever blend you want.
  21. Imagine: ALL ethanol plants able to deliver product directly to local filling stations, rather than a thousand miles away. Imagine: Station owners and ethanol plants splitting the bounty of RINs credits among themselves, and forwarding to customers in lower Eblend prices Imagine: Citizens moving the discussion of future fuel technology forward , rather than waiting for government to provide ... Imagine : Blender pumps at ALL stations that now sell e85. Imagine: "Interested parties" forced to sit on the sidelines , for a change. If our infrastructure already includes E85 compatible components, what are the chances those components also tolerate E98? No more daydreaming. We've been driving this for almost 20 years. Time to change gears.
  22. Is it time to bring E98 into the conversation? Anywhere there is a blender pump installed , E98 can be part of the equation. If the RFS is to be re-written anyway, why not include ethanol at full strength ? Might be time to introduce carbon credits, too It would also mean another visit to UL labs , but the groundwork has already been laid...
  23. I just read something where DOE is dusting off the research they've already finished. Going to take a fresh tack. The vessels used to contain the reaction aren't easy for any group to finance, I'm sure.. -- just wonder if the team at LM has acquired some of this "stuff" from gov't auction, or so ---
  24. I enjoyed him, too. I'd rather remember him for how he was. Too many reasons to be depressed these days, already..
  25. I heard of a team that had a fusion reaction going for a few microseconds, but that was awhile ago, maybe early 90s(not cold fusion) this was at either sandia labs or los alamos . I thought they were talking about 100 million degrees C for a sustained reaction, at the time....
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