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  1. It was definitely a 2010. The registration and insurance information in the glove box said 2010, and the rental car keyfob listed it as a "2010 Sonata." I'm not very nice to rental cars. I completely removed the airbox and air filter, and I drove that car over 700 miles in 2 days. I figured the air filter delete might net me 1/2 an MPG. Man, the engine sounded way better with an unrestricted air intake. It made a snorty, truck-like growl. Never buy a used rental car, and don't ever remove the air filter on a car you care about, though.
  2. Great minds think alike, yeah? What's your winter car?
  3. The check engine light did come on the Chevrolet Express, and it was a somewhat bright, annoying light. Fortunately, I had my scangauge II (http://www.scangauge.com/) plugged into the van's OBD-II port. I used the scangauge to shut off the check-engine light. The Sonata's check engine light never did come on. I'm not in any particular hurry to replace the C230, since it only has about 55k miles on it. I think if I bought an other entry luxury car, the Saab 9-3 would be top on my list. Sure, it's not as refined as a BMW or Mercedes, but the 9-3 gets KILLED on depreciation. I feel sorry for those who buy a 9-3 new, but it's a great bargain on the used market. A ~'04 9-3 2.0T with a manual transmission should turn in well over 30 MPG, too.
  4. Thanks for all the info on flex-fuel Mercedes models. I do enjoy my '02 C230, but I doubt I'll replace it with an other Mercedes. I plan to run the C230 into the ground (200k miles, unless something major goes wrong). I think my next car will be a 1st gen Honda Insight, which is good for 70+ MPG. always have my eye out for an original Insight with a manual transmission and low miles on the odometer. I will probably retrofit the Insight with corrosion-resistant fuel lines, and I will burn E85 if it's significantly cheaper than gasoline at that time. I go on a lot of long highway trips, and good fuel efficiency is a high priority for me.
  5. I actually don't own an FFV. I drive a 2002 Mercedes C230 coupe. I never run E85 in my own car. However, I regularly rent cars for business travel, and I always run E85 in rental cars, "flexfuel" badging or not. On Friday, I drove a rented a 2009 3/4 ton, 4.8L Chevrolet Express cargo van to Indiana. I averaged 13 MPG on the trip, and my tank contained mostly E85. I drove gently and slowly. The van would probably get about 18 mpg on E10 pump gasoline. A few weeks ago, I rented a 2010 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L. I burned E85 for most of the trip, and I averaged 33mpg. The EPA figure is only 31, but I did some pretty serious hypermiling on that trip, with some pulse-and-glide driving.
  6. Haha, I doubt they *always* run at a 4% spread. E85 is a ripoff at just 4% under gas, since E85 is generally 20-30% less efficient than gas. Also, I think it's just as useful where *not* to buy E85 as it is to know where *to* buy E85. Yesterday, I drove up IL-47 from Champaign to Oswego, and today I did the return trip. It looks like Gibson City, IL is currently the best deal along that route. Thanks for adding the station. You do an amazing job moderating E85prices.com; thanks for keeping the site in such good shape!
  7. I was driving along IL-47 today and found a new E85 station... Shell 603 East St, Mazon, IL
  8. In Freeport, IL, there is an E85 station located at 1641 S Sleezer Home Rd. However, the E85prices.com database has the station labeled as a "Crestwood Marathon." In reality, the station is "Fast Stop" franchise. Perhaps the station's sign changed since the station was submitted to e85prices.com. There actually are no Marathons or Crestwood Marathons in Freeport, IL. Could someone fix it in the database and label it as a "Fast Stop," please?
  9. Woodman's in Rockford, IL now offers E85. The address is: 3155 Mcfarland Rd Rockford, IL 61114 Today's Prices: Gas-2.87, E85-2.79
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