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  1. I live in san antonio and we have a station 7 miles from my house and I fill up there without any problems or special registration. That article is very old.
  2. I'm in the San Antonio area, more specifically Live Oak, not too far from you assuming you're in Austin. You'll have to excuse my ignorance but, what is a TR? I've never heard of propane injection on anything but diesels before. I don't know about the stations in your area, but my HEB station is running an $.85 per gallon promotion on 8/01 from 7am-9am, you may want to be on the look out for this in your area.
  3. One of the Home Depot's near me has them, like boostaddict said they are labeled kerosene or diesel.
  4. I definitely understand where you're coming from. This is exactly why I'm very careful about choosing which vehicles I tune. In todays society it seems that everyone looks for someone else to blame for their misfortunes, very few people take responsibility for themselves anymore. Did one event lead to this? Last I knew you were getting ready to put the drunken boxer back together.
  5. I appreciate the info cornburner, I'll see how the winters treat me down here in Texas and then see if I'll need a block heater. I've been in a few lowered GP's and you can definitely tell which ones have the pogo mod. I guess I'll take this time to update my thread. GTP still running as strong as ever without a single problem since converting. It really likes the Texas summer heat, gas mileage has improved a little with the warmer air. I STILL have not installed my headers, but they are wrapped and ready to go on.
  6. If you can add more timing, compression or boost (if applicable) you can get more power out of E85. If there is no way to change any of these, the power gain will be minimal, probably not worth the cost of converting.
  7. But you had to go to the trouble of moving. IMO, you didn't save much. The small inconvenience of moving, which was all paid for by my fiance's work, is worth being able to mow the lawn on Christmas and not have to deal with road salt and all the other "fun" winter events of Michigan.
  8. lol, no they were not love letters, quite the opposite. Late last year I had written a letter regarding the lack of E85 pumps, but since I didn't get a reply of any sort (e-mail, letter or phone call), I started sending follow up letters every 2-3 weeks there after. I don't really remember any of the specifics, but most of the material was information I gathered from this site (thanks guys!). Since I didn't see any progress, I moved to Texas. As soon as I get settled here, I'll start the battle again. The ironic thing is, in the heart of big oil, my closest E85 pump is half the distance away that the E85 pump was in Michigan. Now I only have to go 7 miles instead of 15.
  9. It really depends on the car/engine that you use. Your list looks complete if you are running direct injection. If you use multiport FI than the intake runners for your heads and intake manifold plus the gasket that seals those two parts together. If you end up with a vehicle running throttle body injection, then the fuel either in liquid form or gas form will touch from the throttle body to the cylinder.
  10. Regular unleaded was at 2.99, this was on 05/31
  11. You wouldn't even have to mess with a magnetic clutch. My supercharger has a boost bypass valve (BBV) and when that is left open I'm limited to 3-4 psi, when it's closed I run about 11-12 psi. I think this is pretty standard on most superchargers that are made to run on the street. This was exactly what I did when all the stations' E85 pumps in my area were suddenly out of service. It makes me mad that the auto companies have all of these devices/technologies to make an actual flex fuel vehicle, but they do just the bare minimum to get some emissions credits from the EPA and whatever other incentives they are receiving.
  12. This is a step in the right direction, a politician holding big oil companies accountable for their actions.
  13. I switched to NGK TR55IX Iridium plugs shortly after my conversion. They work great! I was running AutoLite 103's (regular copper plugs) gapped at .050" before that and had a bad misfire issue at idle and full throttle above 5200 rpm's. Now I run the Iridiums at a .060" gap and no misfires ever. Inspected them after about 10k miles of E85 and they still looked new and the gaps were still dead on.
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