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  1. The E85 station at the I-80 and Reed Avenue exit at 705 Harbor Pointe Place, West Sacramento CA 95605, 916 371-1674, is no longer a 76 Station selling E85 under the DMC Green brand. They are now Chevron selling E85 under the Propel Fuels banner.
  2. The other three Cardlock fleet stations from InterState Oil Company are: 1) 3870 Channel Drive, West Sacramento CA 95691 2) 3022 Evergreen Avenue, West Sacramento CA 95691 3) 8221 Alpine Avenue, Sacramento CA 95826 There are plans to have a public E85 station in Vacaville at the Arco station at 2500 Nut Tree Road. Last time I drove by, there was no evidence of any installation.
  3. I would call them, as I have sent them numerous e-mails and have not received a reply.
  4. The second E85 station at the I-80 and Reed Avenue exit opened on Wednesday, May 13. I filled up there tonight and the price spread was huge: E85 = 1.899 and unleaded reg gas at 2.659. The station is: 76 (DMC Green Inc.) 705 Harbor Pointe Place West Sacramento CA 95605 916 371-1674 I posted the prices for the Reed Avenue Shell on e85prices. They were also selling E85 at 1.899 (reg unleaded was 2.559). Question: How do you prefer prices posted? Should $1.899 be listed as 1.89 or 1.90? Perhaps you could tweak the price submission field to include the 9/10.
  5. Here is another ethanol station that opened today. I just called them, so I don't have a price yet. 76 (DMC Green Inc) 705 Harbor Pointe Place (north of Reed Ave & I-80) West Sacramento CA 95605 916 371-1674 This should make for interesting price competition with the Reed Avenue Shell on the south side of the Reed Ave & I-80 intersection. I am surprised that the Air Quality Board would fund two station so close to each other.
  6. As promised, I called NEVC on Thursday morning. It was not a good sign when Phil Lampert (Executive Director) answered the phone himself. NEVC is in a dire financial situation. Rhonda, the women with whom I have corresponded for many months and does the newsletter, was let go, along with many other folks. Most of companies that supplied funds to NEVC, such as the big ethanol firms (VeraSun, MGPI, Pacific Ethanol) are either bankrupt or in serious trouble. Same with the auto industry. No real surprise. More worrisome is that I asked Phil if the NEVC would make it, and he was not optimistic. He indicated that Washington DC funding seems more interested in the exotic stuff (electric cars, cellulosic ethanol, hydrogen, fuel cells), instead of what we have now, corn-based ethanol. The recent California decision to factor in carbon emissions from overseas crop production in the carbon footprint of US corn-based ethanol was a painful blow. Unless things change and we can get our elected officials to increase assistance to the US ethanol industry during this downturn, there may not be much of a future for ethanol, other than E10 in regular gasoline. I think Phil got someone to update their website today with some of the new E85 stations from the Sacramento area, because I complained that no one had responded to my new station submissions. Their California listing still are not right, since no one read my notes to Rhonda. I'll resend the information to Phil, and he said he would take care of it for me. Poor NEVC. I am sending them a check for $100.
  7. Something must be wrong at NEVC. I have sent them a dozen e-mails with various updates and new E85 locations, and I have received no reply since March 12. Usually they are very quick with a reply note and will update their station list - yet they have been running this Foundation fundraiser (NEVF). I guess I will give them a call tomorrow and see if anyone answers.
  8. I was in downtown Sacramento tonight, and another E85 ethanol station is open. This one will be huge for the area, as it is close to the state capitol building, with all of the govt workers and their state-owned flex-fuel vehicles. It had good prices: 1.999 for ethanol vs 2.439 for regular unleaded. They opened Monday afternoon (May 4th). Shell (Green Wave Fuel) 730 29th Street (H Street exit of of Capital City Freeway) Sacramento CA 95816 ph 916 448-8003 I also heard that the Arco station by the entrance to the Sacramento airport is installing E85 ethanol pumps. Next time someone is visiting the airport, please check on this. Thanks.
  9. Here comes another E85 station for metro Sacramento... DMC Green Inc will open their Elk Grove, CA station at noon on Tuesday, May 5th. The station will have E85 ethanol and B5 biodiesel. It is: Complete Performance 8999 Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove CA 95624 ph 916 685-4708 I attended their Davis CA opening and it was very nice. Unfortunately, I can not make this one. If you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. The DMC Green folks will be there and they have big plans for 40 more ethanol stations.
  10. I talked to the folks that opened the E85 pumps in Davis, and they have another station in Galt with E85. It opened one month ago. Sorry I missed hearing about it. We can add one more to the rapidly growing list of California stations. Arco 702 N Lincoln Way (off of Hwy 99, north of Galt) Galt CA 95632 ph 209 745-4974
  11. A new biofuels station has opened today at noon (April 30, 2009) in Davis, CA. It is the Chevron station at 1601 Research Park Drive, near I-80 and the Richards Blvd exit (head south on Richards). DMC Green Inc added an E85 ethanol and a B5 biodiesel pump under the Chevron canopy. The station is open 24 hrs a day and takes all major credit cards. E85 was priced at 2.059 today.
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