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  1. hi, talk to frpe82 on http://forums.turbobricks.com

    they have made an E85 chip for the odb-II s/v90 cars (b6304fs2).


    I know there is potential in this engine.. I once got 242hp on the earlier b6304 (204hp version) just by exhaust and intake mods.. also cat removal (premium fuel).


    Fred, as he is called, will now put on bmw headers, larger exhaust, also he has already tuned for E85.

    I dont think they sell the E85 tune yet, but if people say they are interested, I'd guess it will go faster in production.


    He works in a tuningcompany called HI-Tuning: http://www.hi-tuning.com/

    270++hp should be doable, but I dont know if you need the earlier cams for that...

  2. Please look at this table, regarding retardation/advance of ignition:



    I know E85 is not regular gasoline and that most emissions are lower on E85.

    Though, this is not true for 100% of the emissions, also the same physics would apply to E85 as the regular fuel, when retarding or advancing emissions.


    I know that url is for megasquirt too and that it's an unknown engine, engine-x.

    You can see that retarding the timing and leaning the mixture slightly gives the best possible compromise, increasing only the NOx slightly among the regulated emissions. (The above was without a catalytic converter. With a converter, emissions would have been best at stoichiometric mixtures and the timing retarded somewhat.)


    Also, remember:

    Retard your ignition timing by ~5° to 10° (this creates a hotter exhaust that prolongs the burn and also helps the catalytic converters to operate at peak efficiency),


    Retarding creates a hotter exhaust, not a colder one!

    Selecting the right spark plugs could also be a challenge, maybe one range colder.. eg. if you had bkr6es, go to bkr7es. If turbo, maybe bkr8es..


    Howver, this is emissions, not peak power.. but it's some basic info that holds true for most of us.

    On my gf's car, we ran the e85 + 3 deg. advanced and it runs very well.


    I use two rocker switches to choose -3|0|+3, but it's always used in the +3 position :-) I can feel it's much stronger at part throttle.

  3. Welcome to the forum!  The search button is your friend.  In short, some say more advance, some say less, some say about the same.


    My personal opinion is if your engine is operating under optimal parameters on gasoline, then based on the flame speed of ethanol and the testing I've personally done, the engine should develop max efficiency on E85 with slightly LESS advanced timing.




    If your engine has the timing purposely retarded to eliminate detonation from gasoline, then it may appear to like MORE advanced timing on E85.   But in reality, 105 octane E85 has just removed the timing limitation to the engine and allowed it to operate at the optimal setting.


    There are many anecdotal stories of engines liking more advance on E85 - even when physics (flame speed) seems to suggest it would like a little less advance.  Of course we have quite a few anecdotal stories floating around...some more outrageous than others...so it's really best to experiment with your own set-up and see what works best.

    What you have to consider, is the fact that some engines are "mapped" to be able to run on lower grade fuels.


    Those engines are sometimes "pulled" on the ignition, so they can be run on the lower grade fuels. I know this is true for most older volvos..


    Example of E85 conversion on a LH2.4 volvo:

    turbo injectors + resistors


    That's it! You dont have do do anything more..

    But, it's not like E85 alone will give you more power, but on the ignition control unit, you can control ignition -6 | -3 | 0 | +3.


    So, connecting pin 18 + pin 19 + pin 20, you get +3.

    pin 18 + pin 20 = -3

    pin 19 + pin 20 = -6

    nothing, or 18+19 = 0.


    I know this is mumbojumbo, but the +3 works even on premium unleaded and it does indeed give more power. On E85 it works too!

    I must say that the engine also makes a more powerfull sound (maybe because e85 also gives a bit more exhaust?).


    Havent dynoed it, but my guess is about 5% increase in power..

    Ps the engine has fairly high CR.. 9.5:1.. Will fit a very tight squish headgasket and turbocharge it, for more power. ~~200hp vs stock 116hp, with used parts from turbo volvos :-)


    oh btw.. advancing the ignition gives more exhaust emissions.. retarding gives hotter exhaust which helps burn gasses. So, remember to not over advance before emissions test :-)


    I'll go for colder plugs when the turbo comes on.. bkr7es or bkr8es instead of bcpr6es.

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