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  1. can you install a adjustable fuel pressure regulator in front of the stock one? When I adjust the regulator to hold it to around 80 psi the return would be running right into the stock one which is set for 36 psi. Would this make the pressure rise in the system or be ok?
  2. I do know about different two stroke oil as I have convertered over a few two stroke jet skis now and running them all on klotz benol. My biggest thing is now that this thing is fuel injected how am I going to switch this over to E85. I dont think this motor is real main stream as far as aftermarket tuning goes so I would guess nobody made a reprogrammed ecu for the motor on E85. My other guess would be upping the pressure like you had said. This is something I have never did before so would be a little lost as to where to start with how much extra pressure I need to make 40% more fuel flow.
  3. So I am in the process of getting a sea doo jet boat right now. I am trying to make sure I will be able to convert it over to E85 once I get it. The engine is a mecury V6 2 stroke EFI engine that I am 99% sure is open loop. I see it has other sensors on the motor like knock sensor and air intake temp sensor. My question is if it is open loop and its taking info stright from the saved stock fuel curves and not taking any o2 sensor inputs could I just hook a piggy back controller up to this and make it work? I was thinking that if all the piggy back is doing is holding the pulse open 30% longer or so then it should just be holding it 30% open everywhere in the fuel curve. If this was the case and it would work it would be nice too because if a situation ever came up and I couldnt get to E85, I could just disconnect the piggy back from the injectors and go back to normal on running gas. Does anyone see a problem with this idea?
  4. alright I will check the connections again. I had set it on 7 and thought I might be good because the light didnt trip but now today I seen the light was on when my girlfriend drove if for 120 miles yesterday. I didnt get a chance to pull code yet but it might have just thorwn a rough idle misfire code. I dont know what triggers that because it will start fine for 20 start then out of no where I will start it one time and it with misfire and shake like crazy.
  5. alright I will try that today. Somtimes when the engine is doing the rough idle on start up it will idel very rough and even make the check engine light flash. I dont mind if it just had the rough idle but I am trying to prevent the check engine light from coming on. I got the kit sraight from fuel flex international as I had wrote them about a trip I was taking around the whole country in a RV and wanted to know if they would sponsor me with one of their conversion kits and I could take the trip on E85. I just got back last week from the trip and I travled 9000 miles in 30 days and was able to complete about 75% of the trip on E85. I wish it could have been 100%.
  6. So is there any way to set a converter without ever triping the check engine light or is that normal that most people have their light on?
  7. So I finally got around to intalling a fuel flex international converter onto my jetta. Now I am having some problems with it. First off on start up the car idles rough and stumbles for about 10 secs and I am wondering if this has anything to do with the cold start? My check engine light is coming on and I thought maybe that the rought start up was the only thing that was triping it but now I just cleared them and drove to work this am and the light triped as I was pulling into the parking lot and poped code P0171 (too lean). When it came to me it was set on level 4 and I messed around with it to try to get the rough idel to go away and turned it to 6 then 8 and nothing helped so then I cleared all the codes and took it to 3 where it still seemed to run and drive fine it's just rough on start up. The code didnt come on till about 45 miles of driving so I am guessing it cant be too lean or else it would have triped it in 5 miles or less like it use too before I installed the converter. On the way home today I will clear all the codes and turn the setting to 4 or 5 and try that but does anyone have any idea's on how to get rid of the rough start up? Thanks
  8. I am planning on buying a converter kit for my 1985 toyota dolphin motorhome. The engine is a 4cyl 22re engine and is the same setup as a 1985 toyota pickup. I already have to get the fuel tank changed out because mine is rusted and I am going with a high quailty aftermarket oversized fuel tank too. Besides that is there anything in my older system that would not be able to handle E85? I am going to ask the guys changing my fuel tank if they will just change out the fuel lines while the tank is down too. I was just wondering about any o-rings or gaskets on the engine that might give me trouble.
  9. thanks for posting that corey. I know its kind of tough to know exact results without using an O2 sensor but this is also how the bike works stock on reg gas. I just has a mass airflow sensor and reads how much air is coming in then looks the TPS and figures out on the map how much fuel should be sprayed in. I did just start reading about a lot of the guys on here who are getting max power and a certain lambda and also spraying a lot less fuel in certain areas or while cruising to try to get some milage back. I would like to get to this point one day but first just trying to get it so it will run good on this stuff without a melt down. Thanks for all the help so far guys. I will try to get that map and post it up here so you can see what I am talking about.
  10. I was just going to go one by one and change each afr over to an e85 one. I did think about the winter and summer blend I just figured I would tune it for summer blend and I would be safe. I could always make a new map for the winter blend also. The motor is not pushing any limits and the race map can take 91 octane. Like I said I dont need to run the e85 for performance reasons but I was looking forward to the side effect of running cooler as the Harley engines in the buells are known for years as to aways running hot being air cooled.
  11. The bike I have is an open loop and does not have an 02 sensor. It already has a pipe and filter on it so a race tuned ecu is needed. This race ecu has some changed AFR values then stock for the pipe and filter. It also has some timing changes. What I was planning on doing it taking the whole AFR map and convert it to E85. If the scale has a AFR of 13.1 (lambda .89) then I would change it to 8.6 for E85 (lambda .89) would this theroy work or do I run the chance of burning it up? I am not looking for max dyno power just looking to make it run on it for now.
  12. I have a buell 2003 firebolt motorcycle. I have the program that I can modify the fuel map and system on the bike. There are downloads on the web that you can download a race map and burn it to your bike. I was wondering can I just take the gas AFR numbers, figure out the lambda number and transfer it to a E85 AFR to give me the same lambda number?
  13. Thats what I wanted to hear is that other people have put a kit on it and not had the check engine light come on or anything. thanks
  14. I mix my 2007 jetta with E85 now at about 50/50 if I go any more with that with the E85 the light trips. Out of all of my cars this is the one that I cant mix high amounts with so I am looking at putting a conversion kit on it. Just wondering if anyone put a kit on a jetta or at least a VW 2.5 motor and what were the results?
  15. Ok that makes sense to me. Thanks for the write up. I thought people were saying you have to go down in heat range on a plug because of E85 but its really just the fact your running your motor harder if you set it up for higher performance. The oil I use is klotz benol. It mixes great and is very high quality http://www.klotzlube.com/proddetail.asp?prod=BC%2D175%5FPint&cat=6
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