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  1. All things are not equal, in my opinion, 555 mileage in the range. You can improve mileage many low cost ways of which the sum total often surpasses the ethanol penalty. Also, long record keeping required and one still needs to distill the data i.e. fuel filter, season, tire pressure, age of car, driving habits, drivers, and accuracy. Funny story my brother found long ago, wondered upon discovery of a difference in driving to northern Wisconsin from Milwaukee. After years of noting wind direction and the rest....found it to be the gradual change in elevation. Guess his Falcon 6 cylinder carb had such personality. At that time he recently bought a after market product for freeway driving. You pulled a knob, much like an old choke, to set the speed. Of course pushing it in when not needed. Worked good and cost little. Don't remember any panic attacks media hyperbole demands for central control. No news of horrid accidents quickly blaming the device. Car engines have a huge discrepancy upon efficient use of ethanol and not always the ones that one would think obvious. This fuel has a long way to go upon automotive technology to be optimized for mpg concerns. Most of it the chicken and egg syndrome.
  2. What Outlaw post's, together with most normal trait of greed and knowing big money floating about is dangerous as well as absolute power. We need to keep it simple and understand no evil or purity upon both political systems. We all work to achieve our self interest as no angels walk about us. So, shouldn't this mean...job number one for the country is to place and ensure ethanol to maintain status of competitor. Remove oil control, separate the relationship. Currently a classic conflict of interest. Sure utilizing oil infrastructure is a quick and cost effective way to market. Oil probably o.k. with accepting baby as they start to sharpening the cutlery for future occasion. Regulators appear to be on who's side? Hard to know as the bureaucracy way past NASA current crumbling, ineffectiveness, and bloating. I'm gradually buying Dan's E85 theory. That being the case, blender pump infrastructure and certifying these pumps all the way to E100 a most promising development.
  3. As we know, pricing and cost a tightly kept secret in business competition, but the basics throughout business the same. Ethanol I would think is difficult. Does the station treat the fuel, like kerosene as a convince item, like carrying fuel cans for customer needs/wants or per government regulated flex fuel requirement. If the fuel must be transported long distance per tanker truck, maybe so. Maybe the station prices low to attract more business? Or just wants a simple formula based on gasoline. May they treat the fuel as developing, but current status not a money maker for them. Meaning they think a need to keep up to competition offerings, yet will not spend to much on a loss leader. It is ironic that food and ethanol costs float per oil costs. Oil cost is a factor for ethanol production. Farm tractors and semis don't yet burn ethanol. Also, because all energy is fungible...when coal plants shut down, oil discovery announced, tanker ship wreck, natural gas discovery, etc. the event will effect ethanol cost. Economies all are international now making for complex pricing. Commodity prices in a state of continuous flux. More so today with supplies close to need, unstable economies, and society unrest. Interesting article on pricing. http://www.courierpostonline.com/article/20110308/BUSINESS/103080337/Station-o
  4. That would be fun open house. Would like to see the insides in person of one of these. No, guess not 5 hrs. Jeff Broin bio interesting (to me). He grew up in farm family, I believe Wisconsin as he went to school there. His Dad back in Carter’s gasohol days purchased a bankrupt plant, mortgaged the farm to do it, a gutsy move. The family had financial distress to keep the plant, Jeff after graduation, went to work saving the plant. He lived in the plant while he and the brothers welded, piped, and converted the plant as the plant had major problems. He had to learn quick how to make ethanol. They made it a financial success, even through the harsh unpopular times. This plant in Scotland, the beginning of Poet and a symbol of survival. May that be the strength of Poet? To have the top dog know the business inside out and understands how to fight and potential perils. Nice to have a lifetime of experience in farming and ethanol business. He speaks the language. Always, in business as per often spoke of Apple Computer genius Steve Jobs success...its the close attention to details and knowing what your customers want. A will do, go it alone attitude when knowing the business so well. The company has a unique cooperative agreement with farm suppliers from what I've read. They appear to focus on farm supplied ethanol feedstock. Also, I believe...all boats float a little higher when one company experiences a success. Makes ethanol look better for one.
  5. Ya, that must have been some compromise arrangement to get along. To many of these decisions made under the blankets or hidden per complexity i.e. global pollution per a few computers running complex software under chosen assumptions. Tell me if these decisions, were concerned of public perception of honesty, wouldn't they require bright sunshine exposure and simple calculations? They should be based on spread sheet analysis and available for public download. Our common P.C. is more than capable. Complexity just a convenient place to hide. And why should ethanol be placed at the mountain top of environmental evaluation? Something a bit strange there, for the fuel to require most costly studies before approving any minor change. Give them a break, just review and advise to make sure no problems. Good to apply the low cost regs until the fuel matures and achieves much real data. Maybe send someone to Brazil?
  6. It is a good time to educate value of E85 as we have max concerns at the pump. It continues more so today. So, many stories of people commuting long distances for jobs. It's a double whammy as they can't sell the house and yet need a job where ever they can find one. This has been going on in Michigan for long time. So stressful and costly. Cars get better mileage, but we continue to drive more. Yesterday fill up. Tons of news on high price of gas and advantage of Gas Buddy. One side of town had cheaper fuel. Passed three stations identical prices about level location advantage. One of the small stations over run with fill ups. Came back later that day and decided to fill here to find the attraction? Yes, Gas Buddy or what's it called. Hope you teach Environmental Science better than my class instructor. A mandatory class we though would be all problem solving and motivational (and it should be, no doubt with Outlaws positive posts as evidence), but this glum guy a downer. We all learned environment hopelessness. This the guy instructed class 20 years of oil left as we have exact measured reserves. No stone unturned. The twenty came and gone as another twenty. We have more reserves now, not that we want to use it. Better to increase engine efficiency and continue to offset with better organic juice. Export the petrol like Sweden does. Pay off the debt with oil exports . BTW, the instructor only solution was rethinking the family. Labor econ was another "valuable" class. Wow, WGN, nice. Michigan shoreline can pick up the TV station. Occasionally, travel to Midway and enjoy talk radio. Last time lots of debate per the Rahm concerns. It's interesting per the years to gradually understand metro areas, that they truely have different concerns and solutions based on reliance. Just a different environment. Milwaukee, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Chicago all tend to overrun the rest of state. If I lived within dense population zones, you bet, plug the car in. Ethanol success and production has pulled most of the fuel to regular supply vs demand costs of fuel. This is good, but the days of finding undervalued ethanol may be fading fast. Unless you make it, that's always nice, but if using corn....well corn is suffering a bit from the fuel sector ups and downs. This is good, because it's proof positive the fuel is mainstream, what almost 10%. That is champion status today of alternative fuel and it didn't take long. Per Dan and other's postings, E85 is an alternative fuel and the E10 ethanol an additive. Additives, not a price sensitive especially if you legislate the use. E85 on its own priced per market and per my thinking a zone to pull import ethanol into.
  7. Ya, the talk or threat of pumping. What was the last time actually pumped? It's a big hole to fill up afterwards and not very effective insurance until full. Guess the stuff never goes bad . Up one hole down another. Oil cheats a little as the earth does their farming for nothing. Also, since corn, oil, and just about all forms of energy with the exception of creation energy aka nuclear is solar seems oil has an advantage based on what we walk on. So, has anyone compared the tax of corn field vs MMS tax on a land basis. Oil has lots of expensive equipment to tax, but that's their problem. If ever international/national oil supply concerns in jeopardy such as Saudi demonstrations, you bet U.S. would be in there at first providing max security from sideline and if that wouldn't do the trick, foot soldiers. The humanity cost just to severe to allow trouble makers whom motivated by what? To have their way. These demonstrators will need to be peaceful and settle for gradual transition if the populace truly in demand of change. It's an old society/culture hard to understand their ways, but it's their ways and foreigners shouldn't intrude unless economic security in jeopardy. BTW economic security = security. What is it, we are but three lost meals away from breaking laws and crumbling society order. Burp.
  8. Strategic oil reserves a tempting target. Most chose not to take the risk unless a true emergency. But it's available and may have temporary impact. It's never a political decision, military will usually advise against it. But, am sure the Commander in Chief has some intel report to base the decision. If they pump the reserve, that would mean the situation is much more dangerous than general pubic understands. The quantity not significant upon world supply, but markets may react to the news? Saudi Arabia has high reserves for stabilizing markets and currently pumping. If ever the riots destabilize the Saudi market, gas would shoot to $11/gal and put us in long term global depression. Historically U.S. was the country with monetary reserves to pull world economy. Financial community now claimed the new economies of China and India will do the heavy lifting. Recently, they lighten up on that claim. We need to stay alert.
  9. Drop in bio-fuel is attempting production with rosy projections. We will see. Does have an infrastructure advantage at increased cost of production. Scary to think our politics may be temped to chose an easier path (for them). The fuel’s biggest attraction is minimal disruption of status quo relationships. It’s a get along fuel, no change needed. As posted on E85, most think no one solution. Meaning regions will have unique solutions, business will focus on their expertise, and hopefully the giant corps will be held at bay if lawmakers honest? Maybe give up the golden parachute plans. BTW, just read on food vs fuel- Bob Dinneen, points out that ethanol production uses only 3 percent of the world grain supply on a net basis, and this is feed grains, not food grains, from which ethanol is produced. That's powerful.
  10. Maybe salesmen did know the Monte wasn't a flex? Attempted a sidetrack as he had nothing to offer. How about the salesmen was good at stroking the anti ethanol crowd and temporarily forgot his customer? Good that you got him thinking about his mistake. Interesting, the different tactics used when promoting ethanol. Was thinking, those small cards printed up by associations....they would be nice to hand out. Where can one purchase these? How about one for high horsepower and flip side for improving mileage and fuel injector cleaning. Tell the story from 3rd person, meaning a friend has convinced you to try E85 fuel. It wouldn't get personal. Also, good to state, your hearing a lot of good things, and recently convinced.
  11. Ethanol is on a good path for quality, competitiveness, and supply. It wouldn't overtake petrol, but may become a equal co producer of fuel. But, such projections are folly. Crystal ball facts are a stubborn thing. Recent trends: Ethanol status on Capital Hill made weaker per the low popularity of taxpayer supports. Also, ethanol may be rubbing against shoulders of natural gas alternative. Ethanol’s big advantage is actually being a proven automotive fuel supply, maybe now taken a tad for granted? The fuel offers extremely low cost transition compared to all other alternative fuels. Ethanol may be on stage of life cycle, where earlier hype over time works in reverse. Public quickly believes the business hype to attract investment money then when reality puts real numbers to the ground, some steam lost. Current status should be one of satisfaction, with confidence of much more fuel on the way. The fuel offers a real alternative, presently. No, national Manhattan project required. Where is the b itch? Probably more want to direct national focus to solution of oil exploration, using natural gas, and battery development. More PR distributed on these solutions. Currently, national media debates will give ethanol only a brief mention. This may be good as appears not much concern other than the high tax load and protective tariffs. Tax supports will be the target. From this viewpoint hard to understand why the ethanol wanted this hill to fight upon? It would make more sense on the outside to change up the supports to give new viewpoint. I see Jeff Broin is changing job responsibilities to focusing on future of ethanol. Must be a big need. So, ethanol steady growth and user experience will gradually disarm public. Realize most of the country has little experience of the fuel. Others have been using E10, unknowingly and only recently concerned of this “new” fuel. The debate got re-energized when pushing through E15 as the months of anticipation made it possible to grow groundswell opposition. This is better in long run as the air will clear quicker, at least with good short term debates. Should have been a quick o.k. from regulators as tons of real life data upon the planet. Think they drag feet to feather bed job security and growth? Guess, to much importance and limelight shining to act quickly. Best to puff ones self up when holding the reins. IMHO, they shouldn’t be in control of such decisions, just advisement. Once the science and testing appears o.k. it’s up to supplier and retail to inform public and devise plans best suited to meet state requirements and customer wants, probably pump by pump. Why do we currently make things so difficult? Currently public not informed of practicalities of investment costs, production hurdles, and time frame of competing fuel choices. That’s why unbiased organizations parse it all for quick Consumer Reports -ing summary. How could that go astray? Guess that’s why we need business to take risks and present solutions to consumers and do so with max attention to cost of money investment. They attempt to offer desirable bait to earn and payoff expenses. I’d rather have choice of bait then penalty of law choice. So many ways to offer a leg up for ethanol and do so with low costs. May the political money floating about crimp decision making to always compromise once good solutions? Not that anyone could dispute the assumptions per indirect land use formulas. How about changing the E85 warning label…to no label and legislate the lawyer feed trough out of the mix? Wouldn’t hurt to ease up on regulations either as ethanol is less dangerous. Maybe, improve image per fair mileage ratings or improve image per allowances to automotive to pump up efficient E85 engine technology. How about taking away incentive to apply flex fuel technology first to low mileage older tech engines?
  12. It is surprising. May they hand picked the worse case scenario? The article appears to do a good job balancing out ethanol strengths vs weakness. Problem with such balance, no opportunity to form an opinion. CR would better serve their readership, with an invite from strong proponent and opponent to write separate articles. CR should have reviewed ethanol's best technology as a comparison against gasoline. Why? Because the oil industry and automotive has worked decades to improve their performance with gasoline. Ethanol technology is still in infancy with huge upside potential. No mystery now on automotive motivation to produce FFV and why always the low mpg vehicles. If ever a lone automotive model ventured into optimizing E85 it would be a watershed event. Down a couple a posts on E85vehicles on report of high priced fuel and discovery of older cars filling up on E85. Why? Strictly cheap gas? Probably because older technology cars have ability to lean burn ethanol and deliver good fuel mileage. EPA and petrol all concerned upon auto owners filling up on unapproved fuel. "Your catalytic converter and air pollution control equipment may be damaged". It's bunk. I've read many a report on ethanol ability to lean burn w/o production of NOx. Been doing just that for years with several GM products. R&D efforts are zeroing in on lean burn for low hp needs. Now, these warnings do have merit. They are not technically lying to public as under max hp for long duration, not a good condition. Like pulling heavy trailers with WOT. Knowing that rare occurrence, not a big handicap for 15-19% penalty.
  13. Bumped into the Consumer Report last reviewed 1/11, what ever that means? Nice overview, well organized. Just skimmed through the info, appears to be basic report as per usual CR style. They used a '07 Tahoe to test mileage, but later in article refer to 3/09 test info, must be up to date article. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/news/ethanol/overview/index.htm
  14. Wow, were all working on this. It was a black eye for ethanol E10 introduction, yet E85 is doing fine. Seems trusting oil with keys to future of ethanol a bit risky. German botched E10 mandate implementation. James take on German personality and culture, probably energized by the press the biggest factor. James article very informative. Some more info: Start off Merkel pushed the E10 fuel regs per the adherence of EU standards back in 07. Every fuel station must provide consumers an E10 fuel choice, beginning 2011. Note: only 40% of gas station in compliance, currently. Petrol is in charge of ethanol distribution. Petrol is unmotivated to spend money for promotion of a competitive product despite the fed power. Public consumer information scarce. Little advertising or promotion of the advantage to change fuel choice. High octane fuels in Germany: Super Super + soon to be replaced Super E10 (cheapest) and was thought to soon be in high demand. Instead public voted with their Euro’s purchasing higher priced petrol with no ethanol. Supplies that were originally put in place based on projected consumption totally out of whack. Deliveries of E10 stopped. Who’s to blame? So, consuming public not so excited to make the switch per fear based on hearsay. Public not comforted with reports of 90% of autos can do fine on E10. Germans love their old Mercedes and fear a switch in fuel will eventually harm the car. They chose to be safe not sorry. Isn’t this a case study of disaster when regulating a competitor to set up some one else’s product? Conversely, E85 sold at 792 stations and Germans produce 70% of their own ethanol. They are on good trajectory of ethanol production, just got waylaid with E10. German ethanol infrastructure reported better than most European countries. My guess, they introduced E85 gradually on timeline of acceptance and wants. E10 they tried a grand scheme, turnoff. Also, (like U.S.) premium high octane fuel the most profitable. Not to good for oil to lose this one to low cost E10....grrrr. They may know a critical time to dis ethanol and scare public to avoid. At least drag feet and quietly sabotage the implementation. Gin up fear and confusion to motivate public to demand the old reliable (safe) choice. Don't take chances! Spend more money!
  15. df had published an article on this back some months. Don't have time on this slow connection. Remember, UK had a goofy reg loop hole that was extremely attractive for export market. Article had info on export tax credit mis information. Learned pure ethanol is gaining popularity as foreign countries like to do their own blending and quality control is easier with pure product inspection. Many on E85 made the same point of benefit with blender pump gas stations. If I remember this was the controversy with some wanting a change in legislation. E85 export would not gain the credit, but E10 would. It would be interesting to understand impact of import ethanol on E85? With no import duty. Would think, again pure ethanol a better way to go and only to those blender pump stations. Propel blender pumps and E85 sales. May this be a timely solution to move ahead?
  16. Probably aluminum fuel tanks, per corrosion needs? Easy to anodize 1100, good to know anodize effective. The fuel clip...wouldn't that be nice for old cars to have such adjustment, since model T use of ethanol. I have heard many horror story's of bush, ultra light, and recreation pilots sooner or later who have experienced a stalling engine upon forgetting some procedure upon fuel line. Old or simple air craft ....draining water from fuel. My friend lost his Dad that way, a neighbor with farm airfield operating a ultra light same result. Fuel supply must be critical issue with aircraft. Also, to good extent marine engines. We know ethanol is hygroscopic more so than diesel fuel. My question, since ethanol chemically absorbs water, what is the danger? Is this fuel characteristic a positive or negative?
  17. No conspiracy although to general public and those of us whom know so much of ethanol benefits it would appear so. These big auto corporations have been successful a long time, as they can read the tea leaves of market demand. They spend heaps of money on marketing analysis and utilize consultants that specialize in automotive. These consultants all over the goings on of automotive business. Companies know exactly what the competition is up to. Their strengths and weakness. They also know trends of politics, consumer wants/needs, economy, etc. So, what to make of the "no longer listed" and increasing lower projections/promotions of technology developments? It would be a guess. Could be all the above. May be as simple as promotion of high mpg ratings will force more models to adapt diesel fuel as Japanese and Europe determined. May be the trend and technology of battery power. Could be the analysis of ethanol supply will not meet the earlier hype once projected as a certainty. Maybe they see ethanol market acceptance dwindling as the popularity within voter support? They may be attempting to batten financial hatches to direct money to highest ROI sweet zone. Or hopefully, they are keeping cards close to vest in attempt to throw competition off balance. Such as pulling a unexpected media tsunami upon optimal market conditions. Lowering expectations temporarily until ethanol becomes more available and popular. The best scenario for country strength is to keep viable technology alive and let the weak wither. Since the 70's the U.S. has experienced much with ethanol. We are blessed with experts whom first cut their ethanol teeth way back then. The nation should be careful as to not dampen the trend of technological developments. Better to keep the ball rolling and maybe to dampen or lower bar a little to keep expectations real. Very important for countries leadership to empower small business competitiveness and separate monopolies of countries vital needs. To much power in to few hands now.
  18. So, the condition probably reversed now with high price fuel? Since E85 well established. Still, the past history of no rush to burn "super" high test fuel with ethanol not good. Germans love their Mercedes. It's amazing in U.S. to see how loyal folks can be to this brand, spending a good portion of income for the cause. Mercedes have a habit of avoiding ordinary fuel. Guess it's beneath their engineered machine . Maybe, this group of owners a bit older and more conservative in Germany as result may take a wait and see attitude. "Let other test the fuel" as they have made a sizable investment upon their baby. I know Germans think likewise with homes. They think in generational terms and unafraid to make big investments over time. It should work to Germany's ethanol advantage to utilize the fuel within high test premium fuel market at least for the long run. Ethanol's image will improve as result. May the short term problem be partially the low cost as public is experienced in paying more for quality? Giving the public a free choice is always better, at least for acceptance of your product. CFL's another case in point. Market acceptance in this country would have improved without interference as public doesn't like to be regulated. The public has a better analysis of use and benefit and knows best what to invest in. A typical political maneuverer to run ahead of marching market, technology, and industry trend for gain. It's a turnoff to consumers. My MIL actually purchased a bag full of old bulbs as she isn't going to be told what to do. She resents the heavy handed actions and can smell to much political underpinnings. Germany has made the news lately per trouble with wind turbine power generation. Not much detail in reporting, but appears the problem of market acceptance of high priced green power with the load balance of huge generation base coming on line during high wind events. Again, it appears this country isn't forcing market acceptance as they are more willing to allow free market will? This is a good thing IMHO. Germans were first out of the gate producing turbine power and achieved high success at high tax costs. Remember reading financial news long ago and was totally amazed to the high cost commitment of this energy source. It was foolish, meaning to much risk, to soon, at to much cost. Very dangerous to utilize heavy handed central control practices upon economies as in we are smart the market is dumb. Always better to achieve results upon blessing of market as this will usher in the most efficient time table of technology at acceptable prices. IOWs best utilization of resources. Now, don't get me wrong, German turbines a good thing. Better that they paid the higher upfront cost as compared to U.S.. Now, if were smart, this country should learn from their mistakes. We should also learn from Brazil on ethanol use dangers. So, where is the media upon reviewing and evaluating these foreign countries ventures? It would be most helpful to citizens to be informed? To often our politics get pushed into area's they were never intended for. It acts to divide country and strain relationships of countrymen whom all desire similar results.
  19. Those aluminum heads expensive, but look so nice. Appears to be a shell or lost wax casting? Low cost sand castings look a bit rough. I bet those casting expensive, with low production and all.
  20. Nice post. Can't log in with the slow connection, oh well. Was going to make the comment of passenger miles. Meaning if were only going to concern ourselves with fill up costs, we should be outraged with taxpayer expense suffered upon filling aircraft carriers. The Suburban a horrible personal transport, but quite cost effective with full load of passengers. Mini vans even better. Suburbans attractive per their luxury and heavy duty ability as based on truck frame. Large high torque engines were the first converted to flex fuel capability as they suffer the least mileage lost, at least per window display numbers. It is a guess on ethanol's 10% fuel supply ability to dampen cost of petrol. One can pick out small spikes in oil cost per minimal supply change to get an idea. Remember the Alaskan oil pipeline shut down? Oil spill in gulf, tanker accident, Middle East unrest? Well, it appears any jiggle of international supply of oil will shoot price of oil up dramatically. One could infer domestic 10% alternative supplies are indeed very effective dampener of price spikes. Problem is oil is fungible, we need 10% ethanol production within every oil economy. Financial shows over weekend were all hitting cautionary tale of energy supply. Our economy depends on cheap energy supply. The 2% projected economic growth....horrible. Bumping that up to 3% satisfactory, going 4% were on path to strong recovery. Low cost energy very valuable to achieve the desired results. These financial shows were not denigrating ethanol, more complaining of restrictions across all energy sectors to minimize production. They did complain of environmentalist acting upon wishes not reality of solar and wind power. They often spoke of nuclear solutions so well accepted internationally and why the U.S. is so timid. Also, the domestic production and discoveries per natural gas and oil. Mostly a push of natural gas upon alternative fuel for automotive. NG will make big inroads as the basics of technology and cost so positive. Economist of energy sector predicting alternative fuel will all grow. Meaning NG will not compete with ethanol nor petrol. What we fail to fully understand....the total international demands upon energy per the new developing economies. We need it all to achieve winner status. Most believe petrol is achieving apogee of historic cost as alternative energy will require decades to overtake. So, a window of opportunity to pump our way out of economic mess. Since were on good trajectory of alternative energy production including most promising ethanol production, oil may become a most valuable export.
  21. Outlaw's middle link to The Delphi and Wayne State R&D project interesting. My notes: Shut down ‘10 after approximately $2 million investment from each DOE and Delphi. 1. Tested and developed technology upon single cylinder engine. End of project implementation to 2L GM L4. 2. Double acting cam per piston valve interference vs valve opening problem 3. Hollowed piston cavity traps rich fuel for easier cold start 4. Engine restricted per max chamber pressure of 100 atmospheres 5. Ignition. Current production ignition systems improved for E85 fuel. 6. DI efficient for quick, high pressure, atomization of fuel superior to port injection in turn magnifying ethanol fuel strengths. 7. Free energy from exhaust via turbo great for E85 fueled engine. Interesting turbo on the Buick Regal, may be a Borg Warner? Scroll technology popular for air compressors noted for their efficiency and dependability. Should be a winner to drive a twin scroll powered by exhaust turbo. Twin scroll a positive displacement compressor, could be described as turbo powered supercharger. Easy for these compressors to pump high pressure. Air scroll compressors driven by electric motor for shop use can put out 120 psi, but they are much bigger and heavier. As compared to turbofan type air pump, less flow. Scroll compressor has no need for high rpm to produce high pressure. Does this model have twin dual scroll compressors or one dual scroll compressor. I'm confused? Didn't Buick years back have a famous scroll super charger performance car? I visited the small Michigan shop producing parts for it. Employees said they got a factory visit with car. They explained a twin scroll pump.
  22. Thanks for info, very interesting read. This site the exception at least for the mpg side along with hp. Would think a market opportunity for business within E85 rebuilds. High price of petrol + slow economy = opportunity for E85 engine rebuild market. Maybe some business would get the drift? Read the R&D report posted yesterday…their engine modified for high c/r ran into piston valve clearance problems, likewise what you and Corey post. Must be hard to adapt engine to new use and run into such roadblocks. Fortunately for Wayne State and Delphi they had two million dollar research fund to invent a two step valve system to solve the problem. Those aluminum heads peak my interest. Can you tell if they are machined castings or entirely from raw stock? Lane Automotive and Downs some shops close by. Lane makes performance parts and Downs custom cars.
  23. The Briggs low power and decreasing rpm problem, sounds familiar. My Tecumseh a similar design. Must have found a twig to jam engine throttle mechanism. Stretched the governor spring. Had to trim the spring shorter and reform. Just trial and error adjustment to speed up engine rpm. You may want to check the only exposed spring around carb. See if it’s stretched. In this region of Michigan we were supplied E10 as base fuel years ago. No one noticed, other than chain saw shops who still maintain best to avoid regular E10 fuel. They are genuinely concerned and honest. What they may not be aware of is the assault of the two cycle per clean air regs, meaning E10 just another straw per breaking the camel’s back. I’ve noticed snow blower starts better. No fuel storage problems whatsoever, no water problems, since the ethanol base fuel changeover. Small engines starting easier per the fuel higher vapor pressure as compared to plain gasoline. In time would guess small engine manufacturers will adapt to higher blends of ethanol fuel. The fuel has much upside as compared to straight gasoline for their needs. Even two cycle and small craft marine will find the fuel more forgiving for their power and pollution control. These engines as compared to automotive major polluters and finicky upon quality of fuel. Ethanol does accomplish a known fuel standard upon purity and chemical make up.
  24. Amazing 7 seasons and such a simple trick. No one can argue with real world success. Maybe my dirty filter is already E85 ready? AFR Note: these calcs should be held suspect and verified. Just a quick calculator run for discussion purposes. According to Wikipedia, gas is 14.7 and ethanol is 9.0 4% bigger E10- 14.13 straight line calculation 27% E70- 10.71 33% E85- 9.85 For max torque, meaning your lawnmower running out of umph, go this route. lambda = AFR / stoich-afr Hydrocarbon fuel typically achieves peak torque somewhere near lambda=0.9 10% bigger Gas- 14.68 x 0.9 =13.2 AFR. 14% E10- 14.13 x 0.9 =12.7 AFR 39% E85- 9.85 x 0.9 = 8.9 AFR Now, is your engine already set for straight unleaded with no warranty problems for E10? Or is the engine adjusted to optimize E10 fuel already? My guess the engine is setup for 100% unleaded gas. Also, my guess the engine setup for minimum air pollution or the normal afr route instead of high torque lamba. However, the calculations appear very forgiving. Some have run E85 with no changes whatsoever. Husker runs E50, for what? Several seasons now? Use the choke method to get familiar with E85 fuel, but realize the choke method may cut down hp? Drill enlargement of carb orifice for E85 should bump up power dramatically. Remember, you can always drill larger. Reverse, not so easy.
  25. Speculation- 1. Either to much inventory with this model (doubt) or 2. Finance is betting on excellent resale value If the latter is correct, why? Hmmmmm
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