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  1. Rusty did have good discussion and test results. His latest venture the 2 cycle engine with concerns of oil mix. As I remember he had partial success? He wasn't totally satisfied with state of art two cycle oil upon E85 fuel. If I remember it came down to basics of modifying engine carb jet per usual and good agitation of fuel mix before refuel. Some oils better than others. Especially the synthetic soy bean oils? The typical four cycle lawn engines ran E85 straight out per your experience, but with the caveat of best to again drill out the carb jet per straight line calculation of new air fuel ratio. Maybe someone can post the ratio? It's a minor increase in diameter yet your engine will jump in power. I have a couple lawns and burn some serious fuel with hand mower. Good excuse for exercise with minimal garage storage requirement. Husker please post your experience. Ha, I'm just trying to get an easy trail to follow.
  2. May stations be complacent? Meaning they currently have little motivation to change as we all put off incurring more work if business is working well. Hopefully, independent gas station owners can learn red tape and benefits from mini session work seminar. Does Growth Energy or some other association finance these? Suppose they work within zone of ethanol producers to maximize E85 station infrastructure for supply vs demand balance. Probably good to motivate small fuel mini marts with new opportunity to increase sales. Good for ethanol sector to reach out to retail with easy compliance and retrofit guidelines. Maybe case history of improved sales.
  3. EccoBoost engines scheduled to be across Fords product line. They were invented upon ethanol fuel. These engines have everything in place to be excellent E85 burners. The company has much data and testing of ethanol, so, am guessing they chose to first get some years of actual engine development and real world reliability experience under the belt first. Meaning the most economical path for them is to first focus on largest market segment....unleaded gas. As market force moves and upon new model hype they will usher in EccoBoost flex with a big hurray. As I understand the technology, these engine can be hammered with turbo boost. Diesel like combustion pressures and direct injection with all the rest efficient engine control technology, should make for interesting mpg and power. One problem....automotive deems U.S. market the most hostile. Meaning our modern litigious society, federal oversight, ultra consumer rights, safety regs, and automotive regs of EPA, tabloid news cycles, etc. Look at the billion dollar loses per Toyota. Europe is safer new model market. Motor Trend- "The upcoming 2011 Ford Focus will get a tiny 1.2-liter EcoBoost engine, but not until several years into its production and probably not in North America. According to a report by Motor Trend, two new EcoBoost engines are planned by Ford, with the other being a 0.9-liter 3-cylinder engine which will make its way into the Fiesta. The 1.2-liter motor, while most likely too small for the U.S., certainly wouldn’t disappoint, however, with an output of roughly 135-hp and 135 ft-lbs of torque. And with Chevy recently unveiling a new turbocharged 1.4-liter engine for the Cruze, if a 1.4-liter is possible, why not a 1.2? As EcoBoost engines, both would be turbocharged and feature direct-injection.
  4. Thanks for info- Yes, way to much holding current solutions ransom per idealistic dream works. May some be purposely pushing hurdles in front of ethanol as they fear the easy solution may rob them of their dream? It's not only petrol causing trouble for ethanol. Our elected should be on guard to level playing field upon the open market of solutions. No picking winners and losers, just as much as possible keep technology afloat to work through problems. Yesterday read that Mercedes Benz is working hard on fuel cell. A production model in the schedule. They claim fueling infrastructure the biggest problem, but hydrogen will be a fuel for automotive per fuel cell and electric drive. They utilize the fuel cell as engine for electric power generation. It's a hybrid with batteries giving the battery car useful range. Since no hydrogen refueling stations available for motorist, they utilize carbon fuel. Natural gas is preferred source, but have read they can use almost any fuel including ethanol. Funny how most automotive technology pushed the fuel cell to low priority, yet Mercedes forged ahead undeterred. Technology editorials always proclaimed the fuel cell decades away with elemental problems to overcome. Appears they were wrong. The technology must have cracked the cost of precious metals problem. Also, read Mazda was producing hybrid with 250cc wankel generator underfloor board within battery storage area. It's a minimal size generator intended to extent range of batter car. The design decreases expensive heavy battery required by 50% and car travels fifty percent further than Nissian Leaf. Now, can you imagine the environmental impact if the car burned strictly E85 fuel. We must accept the fact our electric generation and grid power is currently coal powered and wasteful per multiple losses of remote power generation. So, current battery car is not environmentally friendly. However, the vehicle should greatly reduce pollution within high use metro zones as the pollution stream miles away. The green E85 engine or E85 fuel cell suppling majority of vehicle electric a superior environmental solution, overall. Minimize the battery and grid charge. Keep the road tax revenue stream for road repair. Keep the weight and cost down with small generator that acts as range extender. Engine optimized upon E85 fuel, constant rpm, and horsepower.
  5. Wikipedia parcel- Cylinder deactivation is achieved by keeping the intake and exhaust valves closed for a particular cylinder. By keeping the intake and exhaust valves closed, it creates an ‘air spring’ in the combustion chamber – the trapped exhaust gases (kept from the previous charge burn) are compressed during the piston’s upstroke and push down on the piston during its downstroke. The compression and decompression of the trapped exhaust gases have an equalising effect
  6. No surprise here. It's very dangerous to rely on political system. They have no real dog in fight other than popularity. Easy to play Judge incurring little personal cost. Most Senators are so removed from real world concerns. They live in a bubble of royalty. Most easily maintain their reign and quickly learn to exploit elected position to maintain status. Legislature sausage making is a messy proposition. No one sure of the end product and often stinky after products tag along. Line item veto deemed to give the CIC to much power over Legislature. Can see that logic, yet that eliminates power to control costs. Maybe, legislation requiring bills to contain only a singular legislative item. Hmmm, that would slow the process and focus attention. In past glory years of running up gov’t waste; career politicians became famous per home state fame for bringing home pork. Did I say in the past? Pork is unpopular nowadays as little money left to purchase votes at least while public maintain it’s keen awareness. If they tire, the politics will again hit the freeway. You see the political system will always kick the can down the financial road. Also, pass legislation for short term popularity. The glory years (for the moment) of spending over, the reason career politicians retiring left and right. They know reality and the reality is political glory years over. Now, they are held accountable the fun is over. Much to much heat to play the game for them…..better to retire like athletes still in the glory zone. Besides, it’s rare event indeed to see good compromise. Meaning good timely solutions per panel of opponents all trying to exploit the process to game financially or per popularity. No one setting at the table picks up the tab. Taxpayers, historically, at the back of the bus and last to understand ramifications. Negations occur between interested parties whom work hard to elect their conspirators. When new programs invented per politics they set the ratchet. Meaning the costs, government work force, management, complexity, regs, and control over private sector go only one direction. The process may slow or stop momentarily, but, over time only ratchet up. There is no backward evaluation of benefit vs cost. No, reinvention to utilize better means or cost effective solutions to accomplish the same or more at reduced central control influence. Only one solution from here on out once signed into law.
  7. When MSU first talked of this technology they implied a replacement of conventional corn as planting this GMO corn would result in improved process costs for ethanol fuel. So, wonder why the change to only growing the stuff out West and utilizing the plant as low cost better enzyme supply? Meaning why the extra step of out West quarantine? The need to contract with Syngenta to plant? Would love to see that analysis. .Cost concerns restricting use to 10% .Environmental concerns .Biological concerns of cross breeding with conventional corn .Intellectual property "patent" protection .Interim process per regulator concern for safety .Limited production of seed supply
  8. Michigan State technology. Syngenta appears to have purchased the rights or entire technology. State was looking for buyer. Syngenta located in Michigan. http://www.technologyreview.com/energy/18741/ I first heard of technology couple years ago, the link above dated '07. Not much press or info on developing technology. Must be that Michigan State was on contract? Not interested in hyping benefits, just serving R&D efforts. University research usually sponsored by business upon a hybrid cost sharing financial arrangement with business picking up most of the tab. It works well to boot technology to commercial development instead of sitting on the shelf. Low PR would appeal to Syngenta or other business entity to maximize purchase price. Let business do the marketing and PR stuff to look good. Problem with the above....small business gets shut out of technology market. Only deep pocket corps can afford the investment with huge upside potential. Cow stomach Enzyme were first source of DNA. This GMO corn could produce it's own enzyme from green parts of corn plant. Originally they thought the cob was best left on field for nutrients and organic matter. Funny how the technology reinvents to adapt best financial gain. Good thing, and good to keep the process going much like seed corn company hybrid development. My understanding of GMO corn, it's like a hybrid. Not possible to reproduce past one generation. The public concern of Frankenstein biological escape impossible.
  9. Ethanol strategy appears to have already left the barn. Ethanol orgs discussing the reality of economy and VEETC and need to adapt. Building bridges within the bio-fuels sector for support. Posts from industry on three dozen or so algae R&D firms soon to dwindle to one dozen. The survivors have a strategy to develop into pilot production utilizing better return per diversity of product. They avoid putting high cost of their product within direct competition of petrol. Aviation fuel high cost and low production a good target. Food and medical supply market extremely profitable. Drop in fuel supply solves some of their problems. James- Tea Party is usually awarded credit for the reason our politics in gear to face reality of national debt. Funny how they call themselves Tea Party, yet they are not a political party. The bagger tag refers to homosexual act. Other usage of the term a slur reflecting against this minority as in indecent deviant. Most have dropped the usage. Just thought you would like to know? Also, the point of seriousness of debt. Were talking of across the board 41% cutting of every dollar spent. They frame it that way currently as tax collections upon recession per shaky recovery not possible. Also, recovery will be slow unlike post WWII economy. More like the Japanese lost decade economy. Unless someone comes up with marvelous cost effective substitute for petrol? Problem of taxing energy....it's a foundation of economy. Meaning our competitiveness starts on a foundation. If the foundation is higher than all other competing countries, well, we have to take less wage, gov't tax, less regs, and put up with high unemployment to compete. Good example when G.Bush protected U.S. steel with import duty. Problem was, steel was found to be another foundation of economy. Bush quickly did an about face as discovery of for every union job protected the overall cost to employment was loss of 10. Ethanol producers would benefit upon consolidation of efforts. Especially, the independent go it alone folks. Necessity is the mother of invention. Don't wait it out. Better to inflict change yourselves before the collector knocks on door. Keep as many options available as possible. Would hate if we lost any more of these companies only to be snagged by deep pocket corporations. Change is natural upon markets and will result in going south or north. Don't rely on big brother as family relations not that dependable. May the corn oil and food production channel help? Petrol is set to explode in cost per Middle East turmoil. That may help short term? Utilizing waste water for algae production is set to improve economics. DDG market appears to be undervalued? Meaning this commodity should spike in value more so than corn. Where is the weakest link here, holding price down? May the Ag department focus on getting these international markets in high gear be a low cost venture for them? With max benefits to farmers?
  10. Organic is trying to market itself as healthy for people and environment. I'm sure it would be better. Trouble with their marketing, they have to vilify all current practices and claim their super high prices have value. Consumers have to believe the hype per reckless “60 Minutes” or “M. Moore” investigative reporting style. Lots of hype, little credible evidence. For example, organic farming health improvement and cost to consumer could be compared to money saving health improvements per simply avoiding sugar drinks, moderate alcohol, and reduced smoking. Past that, eating more vegetables and home prepared meals. Avoiding factory prepared food and restaurant food i.e. McDonalds and Swanson as the rest. Companies and food service industries will produce good tasting food as cheap as possible. They feed public items they normally would reject if preparing food themselves. Yes, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, salt, fat, all taste wonderful and cheap. Another problem, schools, historically, exploited school lunch as a source of revenue. The lunch menu utilizes free or almost free Ag surplus commodities as much as possible. Public Ed has locked down financial data. Almost impossible for public to obtain full source data for financing or expenditures. The data gets parsed, filtered, and cherry picked per “definition”. The definition of “is”? Wonderful dynamic institution. Now, most agree, per our recent discoveries of science, health, environment, etc. agriculture and animal rearing will adjust to better practices. Just some will run ahead and proclaim evil conspiracy afoot and urge all to throw out the baby and start over. Just yesterday news, the egg industry has improved egg nutrition trends per last ten years. The average egg is 30% healthier. Reason….consumers obtained smarts to determine better egg quality and acted upon their purchases. Walla, the market adjusts to consumer demand, eggs become more popular. Farmers, will adapt better procedures learned upon science and evaluating costs to produce more and higher quality food. Hopefully, the regulation industry will allow some freedom per “open” market invention to improve. Organics a natural low cost method per history and one not needing corporate investment. Organic should maintain its allure, not much new here. Yet, high price of land, will demand high production. Europe utilizes more hydroponics for this reason. One acre farms under roof. BTW, these systems often can be easily classified organic. Hmmmm. Food has tremendous international influence for freedom and human suffering. More so than energy. Arabs basically upset about high costs of necessities. High unemployment is o.k. if ultra low cost sources of life’s necessities abound. These Arab fiefdoms folding as the petrol riches and royalty greed can’t produce enough wealth to satiate public. Their central control government can’t motivate public to produce. These controlling economies result in high unemployment. Mix that with recent high cost of food…. flipped their switch to riot. People starve from bad economics in which central control is disastrous. Those rioting assisted with some manipulation from trouble makers that desire to take over change upon schedule will definitely make a new form of governance. Hopefully, the public will get cheaper food and fuel. At least temporarily. Freedom is terrible hard to maintain, democratic principles almost impossible.
  11. Problem is government gives and takeith away. Very dangerous to place ones economic future upon whimsical politicians who currently have their hands full. We do understand spending is 41% over revenue, right? Debt is skyrocketing to WWII debt load with no bright growth within known future. Past entitlement growth, new ones, and debt load unsustainable, in spite of rosy projections. The reality of future economic recovery not good without an immediate about face in national spending. Most bet this will not happen. The nations ostridge politics of “be happy” will prevail, no problem it’s just a political tactic.
  12. Last week was listening to discussion of international food concerns of production and costs on this subject. Lot's of international concern on food supply. It was a surprisingly informative and nonpolitical unusual for NPR standards. No blaming ethanol either. A good panel discussion of experts. Some interesting points of show: . Commodity futures market a good device that does not artificially raise price, while it often appears so. Best way to control cost is by increasing supply. . GMO foods- while portrayed as Frankenstein and unhealthy no evidence of being so. Could be a powerful tool to fight food shortages and production problems. . Food supply may never be a problem as technology and market rewards historically develop to meet demand. Resources, such as water could be an eventual problem for world. . Organic farming is a luxury being forced upon European communities that will increase cost and hamper production of food. . Hunger is a factor of economics. We are often told food is a political tool. This is true, but no political maneuver can stymie law of economics long term. The supply of food will tighten as poor gain more wealth and demand more variety of food including meat. Majority of world poor live on $1 to $3 per day. U.S. poor not part of this group. . Country side is at all time low population as people migrate to urban areas. We have more open land upon planet. Hard to believe as world population growing. People prefer to live, learn, shop, and socialize as compared to chopping wood or weeding fields. . Tyrannical governments such as Egypt have to discount food and fuel to appease citizen as their economy has no vroom compared to capitalism. It appears the fall of Egypt and opportunity of democracy upon Egypt the result of open market increase in cost of food. My take to what the panel presented- Thanks to current development of finding more value in corn and some global problems with wheat and ensuing increased costs to agriculture products the tyrants fold. Food is more powerful than oil. When those bemoan food for fuel or cry for the hungry, know they are doing the dirty work of those whom hate liberty and freedom. Meaning fluffing up cheap costs of food per compassion of poor really cements the power of dictatorial control. Upon international politics the two most powerful tools or weapons are food and fuel. Citizens give up freedom to afford these two commodities. First cheap food, then cheap fuel. Tyrants stay in power if they can deliver dinner. Think about it, in the past our nation’s goodwill was messing up the natural order of supply demand economics of food. By subsidizing cheap food we would playing into the hands of third world tyrants/dictators. Open markets brought them down. We need to understand open markets are superior method to usher in democracy and invigorate human rights as well as self sufficiency. This stuff is powerful enough to bring down tyrants. No military needed. You see their central control economy can’t produce. Bad governments survive through misguided international relief. IOWs teach the poor to garden, fish, farm, and shoot. Show the poor a better path. Forget working with governments….go around them and work directly with the people. Don’t get caught up in some high minded philosophical ideals, just work the human need basics and the people will eventually take care of the creeps in power. Not that it is good to make people dependant per steady diet of easy relief and demonstrating needs per acting pathetic. Better to allow, some to suffer in short term. That is the price to pay for being ignorant, lazy, or too trusting of central control. A side note: currently countries like China appear to have their cake and eat it to. This will not last long term. Central control will eventually blunder and misguide the economy big time. Bureaucrats will eventually get fat lazy and selfish eventually sucking an ever bigger portion of other peoples money for their needs. A powerful argument to be made to fight those corrupt governments that benefit from natural resources of oil. Fight the high cost of petrol with high cost of our natural resource …food. Don’t give away our ace in the hole. Food is more powerful than petrol. Ethanol is a double whammy as our economy benefits and the fuel naturally lessons the wealth of bad actors. We should be simultaneously maximizing our production of petrol and dumping to exports when price soars or oil export countries get organized. Use food and fuel not aircraft carriers.
  13. Yesterday, a discussion, the curse of gov't money on news from Silicone Valley company. This CEO of the the most successful company made an excellent argument that government funds screw up things more and long term hurt developing industry. That long term sustainability better on go it alone venture. This ethanol alternative fuel development is one such study of value of artificial stimulants. Many arguments on both sides. I'm gradually moving to the side of "be careful" as easy money is pollution to the industry.
  14. I hear you, but the romance does fade Remember "Top Gun" when Tom could turn a fighter jet on a dime (Hollywood). The best athletic young pilot could suffer momentarily with a blackout through 6 g's turn. A twenty mile radius high speed turn, incredible. They had to suck up air, swallow hard, and pump up the pressure to squeeze blood back from legs to head. The mighty Challenger space rocket pilots suffer 3g acceleration. A flea amazingly routinely jumps with 10g and biologically structured with organs supported much like a fighter pilot G suit. A flea. Our Kalamazoo air zoo has a pre turbine ICE engine producing an incredible 1200 hp. The cantankerous invention so complicated it took pilots couple hours to go through shut down procedure. This was an attempt to make start up half way predictable. Compare that to quiet jet engine much more efficient and will pump out 10,000 hp with minimal maintenance. Shazam.
  15. It ruined my interests after learning science and physics. These teachers spoil the magic. Guns just a device to contain a bullet. Fuel becomes chemical energy, engines just a mechanical transducer, hp just a math equation. Students got excited as they got rubber with Dad's car, then the teacher talks of some slow speed ship engine developing 1,000s of hps. We wanted to see the exhaust pipe. Then the teacher talks of simple flywheel storing power, that a Briggs and Stratton engine given enough time could generate the power upon flywheel to flip the car over with hp. We still wanted to see the exhaust pipe.
  16. Transmission- CVT popularity seem to have slipped away even for low hp applications. We have a new era of transmission construction/technology upon us. Gear production and design has taken a big step forward, this could be impacting transmissions. Notice the synchronizer verbiage gone replaced the planetary gear talk. Back a few years was on a job with downrigger sports fishing equipment manufacturer that wanted to industrialize the downrigger for building construction. Seems they got marketing info that their fishing equipment was increasingly used to haul stuff high up for roof and brick work. Anyways a crude planetary transmission (plastic parts) worked great. One auto mechanic type commented on possible automotive application merit. The gears were constantly in sync ready for shift. This was simple machined device, but useful and reliable.
  17. RCCI- Reitz sure an expert upon ICE. It is amazing to read advanced technology like this currently under development and to think how so many espoused the ICE is a dead horse as batteries so efficient. That this liquid combustion fuel technology is mature, we needn't spend R&D money on old stuff. A reading of history eventually will disclose the key event for success, whereupon a nation and its people win. The root of such success never sprouted due to politics, fed spending, group workload, or even a focusing of resources such as Manhattan Project as were all educated upon. Far from that, it usually from a small motivated group and the groups leader with a vision, tons of intelligence, experience, and hard work. Even universities have realized this and try not to micromanage the element of developing genius. While the university system is not the typical path for R&D breakthrough, we have a hybrid system nowadays that partners up with business resources. This modern day R&D hybrid has become very effective. The RCCI ignition system sounds like an off shoot of HCCI from GM. This new technology exploits combination of two fuels and EGR gases to mix or blend upon combustion chamber the correct ignition conditions and energy characteristics. Using port injector and DI. Some comments from R&D articles claimed diesel fuel about pollution free burning upon the HCCI combustion. Didn’t understand exactly what they were getting at? This explains it. LOL, it is appearing the $$billions EPA awarded for clean diesel engines, the tier one (or was it tier two?) regulations that just about did in the diesel engine manufactures probably now judged a waste. John Deer was the lead dog for the new cat burner technology. Nice kitty. Wonder if all the cost to nation for sulfur removal and clean diesel fuel a waste also? That’s what happens when R&D is artificially pushed by government mandates, no matter the cost. Big wastes of resources. Technology breakthrough can’t be produced upon a master plan, nor can those that burden with cost of conformance rely on breakthroughs. While it is good to have long term goals, better not to get heavy handed such as the typical high and mighty fed bureaucracy and edicts.
  18. National budget- The only known item of the budgetary process….general public and politics the most inept part or tool to determine best use of resources as the usual budget process is run by demagogues. While we taxpayers need to understand where our money is being spent, we also need to rely on experts whom should be accountant types and be of the non partisan’s science. That’s a dying breed. Our country is total political and the business of politics the main industry. To slow that troublesome trajectory only one thing works….take the money out of such shenanigans. When we hear the wealth upon the DC area continues to increase despite bad economy we all should become concerned. Where ever the easy money abounds….so does bad solutions. We need to reel in the money as this will dry up the resources for political exploits. Drain the DC swamp water.
  19. Impressive, nice to have a four wheel drive on ice. I've seen some of that ultra smooth ice that sets up with no precipitation. Once in Wisconsin an unusual cold snap. You could ice skate even rivers and climb the water falls. Strange to hear water crashing moving underfoot. Ice was crystal clear. It was an annual event to have snowmobile drags on ice. The commercial snowmobile faster every year. Horsepower sells snowmobiles. Late night or early morning, after bar closure, someone would make the news before year end with a spectacular wipe out upon snow plowed ice fishing road or old dock protrusion. They easily rip past 100 mph. Some high school students could get to school faster with snowmobile. Back then when we had more freedom and not so obsessed with safety, we had lots of fun. UW-Stout had a automotive school on campus. These guys loved horsepower and their club sponsored ice drags. Well, they finally cracked down on contestants whom used inner tube tires and spikes in tires as a fueled dragster blew up a tire after spraying 100 yds of ice and nails. Probably dangerous? But they should have cracked down on those that lined up on the inner campus sidewalk about 1/4 mile run in early weekend hour pranks. Rude to wake up that way.
  20. Maybe that’s why the BP station owner was quick to fork out $1,400 repair bill. Could have been much worse if the mechanic decided to fix the problem by sliding in a new engine in just to make sure the car runs like it used to. That’s the slippery route common when consumers realize they have no money at risk. Suddenly they develop champagne needs and wants when utilizing other people’s money such as insurance, lawsuit, or government services/benefits.
  21. This story a bit stinky- all based on assumptions- not good news reporting per usual First, the SUV so far the only soletary verifiable event. A problem only verified per mechanic testimony of water in gas. The gas station owner quickly payed customer $1,400 repair bill. Big mistake. I did catch a snipet where the gas station, currently, is selling fuel per State o.k. The article below mentions "the state gets a few hundred complaints about gasoline contamination a year, there's never been a case of intentional contamination proven" (notice the legal term "proven") The mechanic replaces the fuel pump, then checks gas quality? "We decided to take a fuel sample and compare it to good fuel, and we could see the obvious cloudiness in the fuel" Customer was oversuspicious after spotting gas station with work crew. Car wouldn't start....thats the problem. No idle problem, stallling, hesitation, etc. Just a one time event and no indicators up to no start condition. Another news post had a minor mention, this station's fuel tank tested for water contamination and found above the regulation limit, but ruled out this as the contamination source. Note: just about every time, lately with bad economy, I go to commercial automotive repair joint they try to pull one off. Also, I hear way to much from those whom I trust and believe mechanics. Customers are usually way to foregiving, although customers can be jerks too. I routinely catch mechanics or sales people trying to mislead. When a mechanic makes a repair that is easily determined to be unnecessary or if they unintentional damage a car....that's when they are the most dangerous. They know how to cover tracks. Contaminated gas damages SUV Station ordered to stop selling regular for now Updated: Friday, 11 Feb 2011, By Anne Schieber GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - State regulators ordered a BP station on the northwest side of Grand Rapids to stop selling regular unleaded gasoline until the source of contamination - which caused $1,400 damage to one customer's car - can be determined. A customer became suspicious of the gas when he noticed work crews at the station at Covell and Lake Michigan Drive one day after he filled up. His car wouldn't start and he had it towed for repair. When a new fuel pump didn't fix the SUV, the owner suspected the gasoline. "We decided to take a fuel sample and compare it to good fuel, and we could see the obvious cloudiness in the fuel," said Grand Buick mechanic Allen Campbell. "The assumption is water, because when it mixes with alcohol, which most gasoline has, it emulsifies with the fuel." Crews worked to clean out the tanks at the BP station. Though state regulators found water in the tanks exceeded acceptable limits, they ruled out water as the source of the contamination. They expect to know late next week what the contamination is. Though the state gets a few hundred complaints about gasoline contamination a year, there's never been a case of intentional contamination proven. Investigators will be looking at contamination possibly coming from the ground or the tanker that delivered the gas or the refinery from where it came. But contaminated gas can ruin your car within miles. "There's a possibility of corrosion issues but with the engine running so poorly, it tends to damage the oxygen sensors because of all the carbon that will build up on them," Campbell said. The station owner, Woltco of Coopersville, agreed to cover the $1,400 damage claim to the 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer, the customer told 24 Hour News 8. However, officials with the comp
  22. It is ironic that it happened to a BP station. Most don't understand gasoline all supplied by same distributor. We have some warm weather currently. A quick temperature change that may have exasperated the problem? Gas prices were at season all time high, but now the trend and consumption reversed. Seems to be a perfect storm for phase separation? Wonder just how susceptible E10 is to this phenomenon? Meaning a rare and careless event or are were on the cusp of problem when conditions change from ideal such as a weather change? Would E15 change increase or decrease the problem? Would simple auto technology overt any possible contamination? Would small 2 cycle engines really take a hit? Guess it's better to understand the full spectrum of problem before offering solutions. Right. This problem so far is not politicized. Interesting to watch the chain of events when or if ethanol found to be part of the problem. How will news and FaceBook change reporting?
  23. SW Michigan, Grand Rapids area in the news with a BP station selling bad gas. Noticed the story Saturday on local station. A SUV got $1,400 for repair. State is testing fuel to determine problem. Today, the news reports suspect phase separation problem. No mention of ethanol. Read the provided FaceBook link to get an idea of local buzz on the fuel. This area supplied by a single fuel depot in Illinois I believe. The station appears to be modern BP self serve with good product turn. Lot's of posts bashing BP as a bad company. Kalamazoo just had Embridge pipeline blow out that was close to Kalamazoo river. Minimal oil pollution, but the story hype good for a year. Clean up continues with some sponges and cotton swabs. Nothing a few hundred million can't cure. Lol, we just got rid of our dizzy Governor who attempted to overrule experts upon damage as her helicopter ride she discovered a shine upon water and informed public of the horror. No problem, most learned to not take her seriously. I will keep up with the news story of bad fuel. Knock on wood, no ethanol damage yet. Would like to know, how this happens? Seems like water in fuel (if that's the problem) would be an easy fix? Meaning diesel is hygroscopic with it's natural affinity of water. Long ago fueling stations and supply learned how to handle diesel fuel. It would be nice to read a real world test of actual atmospheric conditions and water accumulation and separation. Maybe with a 100% gasoline comparative. Best with real commercial tanks and operations to understand the problem. Also, how E15 would either improve or aggravate the problem? Makes common sense to me, to keep the fuels separate at gas station and allow customers to select mix concentration. To introduce fresh ethanol upon gasoline for maximum shelf life. Maybe as the blender pumps popularity increase the depots will stop the practice. Easy to test and probably more accurate to accomplish this at the gas station. Better for fuel supply to keep these two competitors separate anyway. It's a huge task to supply chain the fuel across country, but again maybe that's, also, a bad practice. One that Robert R. was attacking ethanol upon. You know to develop local markets surrounding ethanol processing plant to burn max ethanol. This maximum market penetration may be smarter. First technology and problems solved upon local low cost transportation supply. Customers learn benefits of fuel and automotive may treat these zones more like Brazil with ethanol optimized vehicles. Also, farm equipment may offer ethanol spark plug diesel engines for local market. In other words maximum ethanol in local area would be an excellent test market to develop this alternative fuel supply. Once problems and benefits maximized, the fuel is prime time candidate and sought after for expansion. http://www.facebook.com/woodtv/posts/201054103242359
  24. Nor do they place any advocacy of E85 fuel being a wise choice. Merely stating the vehicle is capable of using this alternative fuel. The fear factor can't be overstated, but may be more of fear of E85 not being ideal and fear of long term damage to expensive vehicle. Consumer advocacy groups are continually amazed on how profitable after product market continues. These the magic potents and lotions that promise to keep ones car forever young. Usually, a long aisle or aisles devoted to this product group. Meanwhile automotive experts and car companies themselves have for decades stated non of junk of value and could do more harm than good. We read of fantastic longevity of vehicles and learn the owner secret was regular cleaning, maintenance, and easy driving. So, this is proof positive consuming public is fickle group. They can be easy exploited per fear or by promises of superior products. How often we learn of a new chemical that fights damaging carbon deposits, filters dirt efficiency, keeps your oil from harmful deposits, protects and softens seals, stops blow by, cleans rings, protects valves, better spark, protection from heat damage, better air breathing, coats metal surfaces, protects against wear, etc.. Once did a lengthy study on lubrication for employer. Low speed high pressure some good stuff mainly moly types. High speed dynamic, like engines....comparative oils can be superior and more costly, but the cardinal rule is to purchase good grade of oil and change often. Best to change out oil more frequently then buy expensive oils and run longer. It's as if the public wants to be sold and feel good or better about maintaining their baby. So, you can see how disastrous to post a "official" sign implying unless you act properly this fuel will damage the environment or your car. ....No thanks I love both! You realize ethanol has all the attributes once reserved for higher priced premium fuels. Fuels the petrol industry spent fortunes advertising and marketing to motivate public to spend more money to solve the problems of regular gasoline. Can you imagine if ethanol could walk into that platform and infer ethanol is such a premium fuel, better for your engine. Wow, petrol would have exploded upon DC fed political anger. Would fed policy accomplished more for ethanol by merely allowing this transition. To allow higher concentrations of ethanol to replace mid and premium grades of motor fuel. To accept advertising claims of premium fuels per historical terms with modern day ethanol additives. Think about customers paying a premium to purchase better fuels. The fact, inferior lawn mowers could only burn old fashion inferior petrol. That engines run cleaner, quiet, more power, better for environment, less carbon deposits, etc with this new generation premium fuel. This is the way a new fuel should be introduced to public, no federal subsidy required. This the fuel race cars use.
  25. It’s a popular book, one of my daughter’s favorites. She bought the book for my b-day present. Yes, I would recommend as the book is an easy fun read, just understand read it for entertainment value. Amazon has expert info on weakness and biases of book. Be sure to balance out info there. The author does get bizarre with evolution theory. He implies corn is controlling agriculture per advanced evolution skill. The guy pokes fun at religious people. That’s odd as his hero in book a self described religious Conservative Libertarian Environmentalist. Also, ADM, Cargill, Pioneer, equipment manufacturers, Purdue Farms, McDonalds, super markets, cattle feed lots, organic farming, and U.S. Ag dept all in cahoots to exploit farmers. Hybrid seeds a conspiracy as the petrol fertilizers, fuel, and chemical sprays. Farmers are dumbed down to tractor driver status and none can financially support themselves. Old ways superior and sustainable but produced little profit for politics and corporations. Modern farmers with only 70 acres that sell direct to consumers make a decent living/profit. Shipping food is horribly wrong, yet customers that drive three hours to pickup a chicken is good. It’s the old Mother Earth dream works we all love to envision until reality hits. Really, not much new in the book. Old arguments re-packaged and made within good story telling skills. He has no up to date info on ethanol and energy stocks or ddg market or health benefits thereof. Nothing about technology of no till, rotation crops, gps guidance, and soil technology. No info on the animal nutrition science, he merely implies all that is ever done is feed sick animals ever more corn and to get rid of excess corn ADM is continually inventing new chemicals to force feed unwitting public bad nutrition. Corn syrup is his best example. In his ideal world we would walk to nearest local farm to purchase daily wine, cheese, vegetables, and butchered meats. We spend a fortune, but remain healthy with walking and eating home prepared meals. We spend most of the day concerned with food and eating around the table for hours. France it appears the most progressive society for the masses. No petrol required. This the recommendation from the wealthy Yuppie whom appears to do exactly this.
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