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  1. Another station is gone. Carpenters Service in Lebanon, PA has closed all pumps, gas & E85. Don't know why. I now have to drive 30+ minutes to the next closest E85 pump. I'm considering getting an old stainless steel milk tank in shape to have E85 delivered to my house in bulk.
  2. Tomorrow I'm purchasing a 2006 Mazda Speed6 through a private sale (I would love to get the new Buick Regal Turbo but I really need AWD where I live). I currently use E85 in my 06 F-150 FFV and love it. So I've researched splash blending some E85 in the Mazda and I have a couple of questions. First, for those of you who don't know much about the car it is a 2.3L turbo 4 cylinder that 93 octane gas is recommended. From my research I've read people take premium fuel and splash blend with E85 to get about a 30% ethanol mix, sometimes more to get around a 95 octane fuel and most people say the car runs great off of it. Why should I pay for premium fuel and then splash blend with E85 to get higher octane? Could I just buy 87 and splash blend 40-50% E85 to get to 95+ octane? What's the difference? Is premium fuel E10? Honestly I never buy the stuff so I've never even thought of it before. A lot of people who do mix with E85 in this car went the extra mile to change seals, fuel pump, fuel lines because the ethanol will supposedly eat through the rubber parts and install bigger injectors for better performance with the E85. Is this really necessary? One guy even went a far as to add an additive (snake oil, marvel mystery oil) to counteract the "damage" ethanol causes. This is completely false right?? I caught a thread on here not too long ago saying we shouldn't need this additive when using any mix of ethanol in our gas. Should I try to mix in as much e85 as I can until I get a CEL? Whats the worst that could happen? And lastly, what % of ethanol would I get the best mpg, or would is that just something I need to experiment with? Thanks for you help on this!
  3. It's amazing how important agriculture is in the world today and how little people actually understand about it. When does the growth curve for yields start to level out? We can't possibly keep up with the rate we have accomplished over the past 40 years.
  4. GMO's are so farmers can continue to increase their production levels for an ever growing population even while farmland area is decreasing. It's a technology we would sorely miss.
  5. I guess one of us will just have to buy one this December and try it out.
  6. Was looking through the NEVC newsletter today and came across the new E85 section. They are reporting that a new station in York, PA is or will soon be carrying E85. TOM's Emigsville 3167 Susquehanna Trail York, PA 17402 717-764-3329 Found another one in Fairfield, PA. TOM's Towne Center 4910 Fairfield Road Fairfield, PA 17320 717-642-0095
  7. So I like to do a google search on ethanol news every now and then, and came by an article in the Denver Post about a new cellulosic ethanol plant being built regardless of the tough economic times. That was good and all but the comments section needs some pro-ethanol views. I thought this would be a job for you Dan and others if anyone feels like going on a rant this morning. The first comment is very detailed in his arguments against ethanol. I'm not going to post the link (not sure if I even can post links yet) but if you want to take some time and comment on the article I'm sure you can easily find it.
  8. Thumpin, would you mind sharing the details of your setup? I would be interested in setting one up on my farm. My plan is to use corn as my main ingredient and then I can still feed it to the steers even though it's wet once it goes through the process. That would reduce the cost per gallon for me since we just feed the corn anyway. My only expenses would be the setup (which we have plenty of copper fittings laying around and I'm sure I can find some old engine oil barrel's) and the yeast and whatever other supplements I need.
  9. The station in Lebanon which all this discussion started from has a sign out that says E85 now available here. So I don't think it's a case where they don't want to sell it. I guess just because they are a full service station and pump your gas for you that they charge extra for that service (Here in PA we pump our own gas typically, I'm not sure how many states are like New Jersey where it's against the law to pump your own gas). Is there a way to convince the owner to put the price below the gas price and they will sell a lot more of it. Also people just don't know it's out there. The other thing that puzzles me here in Central Pa is the wide range of E85 prices. There can't be that many suppliers of ethanol, I only know of one and that is Worley & Obetz out of Lancaster and surrouding areas. But even in Lancaster one station 1.36 and the other is 2.29. They have to be getting it from the same supplier, why the huge difference? Same thing up here in State College where I'm at school, here in State College it's 1.31 as of today and in Milroy about 30 minutes away it's usually close to the gas price which is 1.85 right now. Why can one station offer it so much lower than the other?
  10. I had posted this earlier in the Pennsylvania E85 section, but maybe you didn't see it. Here is the information. Carpenter's Service 25th & W. Cumberland St. Lebanon, PA 17046 717-273-4771 Started offering E85 a couple months ago.
  11. I found a new station that carries E85. I spoke to an employee and he told me they have had it for a couple months now, I just didn't realize it being away at college. Carpenter's Service 25th & W. Cumberland St. Lebanon, PA 17046 717-273-4771 They are a full service station that has their employee's come out and pump the gas for you. It's basically for the elderly that don't want to get out of their cars. But because of that they have a gas price of 2.65 or something ridiculous when gas has been 1.59 around the Lebanon area. Their E85 price was 1.99. So I'm not sure what you want me to report for the gas price when I report their prices. Should I use their inflated gas price or what the price is at in the area?
  12. Thanks everyone for your help, I will try to answer some of the questions I saw in your replies. I use ford motorcraft oil and oil filter. The oil is a blended synthetic. Lately I have been going on short trips and the weather here in pa has been very wet the last couple of weeks. So that would make sense with what your are telling me. Also, I do feel a bit vibration on the passenger side of my truck for a minute or so driving down the road when I first get going - could that be the pcv valve? I'm taking it in to a shop here soon because my window doesn't work right and it's still under warranty, maybe I'll have them check it out. Thanks again for the advice, it was just something I'm not used to seeing and it had me a bit worried. I'm glad ethanol isn't directly the cause of the problem.
  13. I have a 06 Ford F150 FFV. I've changed my oil twice since I got the truck, once was before any ethanol usage and then today which I've had fairly frequent ethanol usage since my last change. When I took the engine oil cap off to dump new oil in I noticed a yellowish/whiteish color paste on the inside of my cap and a little bit down the tube. I cleaned this all out before I put new oil in. I changed my oil around 5,000 miles which is recommended by Ford, I know I should have changed it at 3,000 since I've been using ethanol but never got around to it. My father and I both think it's sludge. Is it? What causes this to happen? Is it from my ethanol usage? If I had changed my oil at 3,000 miles would I have seen the same thing but less of it or none at all? Is this harmful to my truck and if so what parts of my truck will it effect? Does the quality of ethanol that I'm using have anything to do with it?
  14. that's funny. Question for you Dan. Would it be possible to change the state averages to reflect the current information from each station. For example, Right now in PA the average for Dec. is 21% as listed on your site. 28% from State College on 12/5 26% from State College on 12/3 9% from Monroeville on 12/1 I think it would be more accurate to replace the 26% in State College on 12/3 with the 28% from State College on 12/5 giving an average of 18.5%. This way your using only 2 entries, not 3. 28% from State College on 12/5 9% from Monroeville on 12/1 I just think it's better because if someone wanted to they could submit prices daily from the same station with a good price spread and skew the average to look higher than it really is. I'm not sure if this is possible or practical for you to implement. Or maybe you set it up that way for a reason and don't want to change it. But I thought I would at least ask.
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