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  1. nice thoughts rusty but let me continue your thoughts on a global scale if i may and correct me if I'm wrong 1)the financial bailout which was supposed to be 700B+150B of pork projects to get it passed,was to buy up bad loans,which congressman Paulson pointed out the fact,if they're worthless loans why put the burden of bad debt on the American taxpayer,that government forced the banks to give out in the first place.kinda ironic if ya think about it ain't it? so lets say the bailout didn't happen AIG BAC citigroup etc fall like dominoes in a free market other banks take their place,but the sheer volume of capitol needed would exceed any and all capitol of surviving banks x2 x3 xalot so what happens to the rest a the bad debt? who pays for the foreclosures?and what's the strength of the dollar after it works out?seeing how if the banks fell you'd be hard pressed to get a loan because there's no capitol to fund it(banks are not congress and can not print money)regardless of your FICA score yes it could be done and the average taxpayer would absolutely hate government for putting them in that situation so lets avert your rage to corporate America those greedy companies and CE O's ya know the ones the companies that you shop at and sign your check nuff said 2)the car companies make cars but whose buying again lets look at results not intent baleout the big 3 so they can produce cars that few are buying in some areas they have a buy 1 get 1 free on a ford F150 the most popular vechiles ever produced think of all time since the model T was invented now the other side the big 3 file chapter 7 done no more chevy ford and thank god no more K cars from chry the motoring public still need cars where to go? hmmm toyota honda nissan would get a shot in the arm.would there be a rush?would we have to walk because no one could sell us a car?very doubtful given the trade in lot would start to keep and refurbish cars and not send them to auction (growing pains)the imported 3 would need more workers to keep up with the increased demand,the car lots would need more sales people to sell em,service,parts,suppliers,etc but there not American cars you tell yourself and we could argue that point seeings how some are made here in America(they're just not union cars)and as such the power of the buyer earns around $2000 per car equity in union dues and fees///looking back alot to process i know 3)I'll do ya 1 better than "our economy has been running on inflation"that is our economy has been running on credit,micromanage this ya buy something doesn't matter,price doesn't matter,charge it to visa no biggie right well when that bills due ya charge it to mastercard,when that bills due charge it back to visa,now repeat sooner or later 1 of the cedit companies says NO,what do ya have then an economic meltdown,just like the government,what do ya do then?if it's you claim chapter 7/11 friends family whatever,if your a government ya print more more which makes every dollar you've printed before it worth less,since the dollars not tied to gold anymore which caps the amount of money the govt able to produce there no limit-see previous visa /MC situation expect any nation tied to the dollar will fall revolt etc on a global scale now what is the correct color for the curtains on the titanic (no were too big to sink)
  2. thanks dan well looks like congress is gonna vote "present" and give the uaw a bailout can we really sustain 4 years of this? supreme court voted "present" and no comment on his birth right i'm wondering how many wrote thier congressperson about the automakers AIG the insurance company that took an 80billion bailout has come back to the trough to ask for more $ how long before the big 3 return?they got about 1/2 of what they asked for if the government really wants to fix this they need to do allmost nothing lower taxes and cut spending.across the board /kinda what mccain campained on this ression is not gonna be a short term thing and the more the government "fixes" it the worse/longer it's gonna take to "we the poeple" to get through it budget accordnigly
  3. forgot 1 thing ford released 6 E85 hybrids to the parks department waiting on feedback from the drivers stay tuned to that 1
  4. my main point is let's look at the cash for the majority of the driving public 200million (ish) i think we can all see a major turning point for the motoring public in the near future now full gasoline cars have served this country for the last 90 some odd years but the times or different it will probably land in 1 of 2 courts that is E85 or the hybrid not both,now E85 being clean renewable cheap etc is a great thing to keep american dollars american hybrid dollars are another animal why not both you may ask yourself? way to big of a radical change for the motoring public to take all at once,i'm thinking new coke kinda change,collectivly america spit it out and clammored for the coke classic my thoughts your views may and will vary so why not just hybrid technology?lemme call it gas generator on a golf cart technolgy and you'll see where i'm going now lets play average motoring consumer and reduce as many variables as posible (there will be mistakes and i encourge you to point them out over the next 10-100000 years of motoring driver A and driver B both walk inta a showroom (any model makes little difference) now driver A get the full blown gas model driver B get the golfcart same model just electric drive hybrid if that happened today driver B pays minimum $7000 dollars out the door ahh you tell your self thats a small price to pay i'll make it up in reduced fuel cost and smaller carbon foot print in the long haul of the car but the milage saveing of driver B is 2city and 3 highway vs. a 4 cyl model so how far would you have to drive to make up the diffence?$7000 with the price of gasoline today its over 200,000 miles @ $2 a gallon but ya can say what if gas spikes again to over $4? you'd buy more E85 and less E0 in you flex fuel vechicle now the consumer has a choice and fuel isn't a cable monopoly thus keeping it in check(gas companys) that thought brought me to your forum if you want me to leave now i'm done
  5. billy if ya do that $32k conversion you need to be commited thats insane amount of money that you'd allmost certainly never be able to recover even if your car lasted and gas spiked to $5 a gal let me put it in real world terms for ya for your 32K conversation you car gets 100 mpg lets say and gasoline spikes to $5 a gal to recover your $32000 kit you would have to drive at least 640,000miles to break even///$32,000/5*100=640,000miles your car is not designed to last that long and if it did the extra maintence of the severe use would offset any saving you'd ever get back
  6. sorry billy i lost you in the mix of hybrid and e85 ffv i'm all for e85 its the electric/gas crowd that that cant compete, my mistake you own an E85 hybrid? so your car runs on both full electric/or plug in & full gasoline /and or E85? i have vacation time i wanna see this feb/mar good for you? o wait a minute your confusing hybrid and e85 your thought is eXX+XXgasoline is a hybrid///////////thats not a hybrid if you mix it in tha tank bc the sole polposion runs off XX whatever XX maybe my defenion of a hybrid is 2 defiffernt power sorces:gasoline/electic or electice/vegtalbe oil or hho and fuel cell doesnt matter the power sorces but they do need to be 2 differnet power sources yes you can agrue e100 and gasoline are 2 different power sources but for the most part its the same for the sake of agurment e0 e10 e85 e100 has a weak case at best ?to be a hybrid
  7. ok maybe i overreached a touch replace "requires 87 octane" with "recommended to operate like the manufacture intended" and i'll point out theres no recommendation of higher octanes that i can find and if the big three had such technogoly or imports is there any artices on them? or are they company secrets? if they had all the bugs worked out of such a car where is it? thinking still more R&D $ as we all know ford is flushed with cash to take on such a project I'm not saying it can't work but it would be a huge leap of faith for a desepretly cash strapped compny to invest in seeing how the infrastucture just barely supports it ,7.5million gals of ethanol produced in the US vs 140 billion gals a gasoline per year used you have to think about the end consumer as a customer for life not some nich market hypermiler 200million drivers will be using whatever the winner will be when this all shakes out till the next automotive revolution takes place take the E85 prius it's allready a 0-60 in over 10 sec that kind of perfomance will enhance gridlock as our streets fill,how many man hours are lost in traffic jams allready?and E85 makes it worse thats time away from your loved ones the hybrid in my driveway requires above 92 octane,let me explain when i say hybrid i mean 2 different sources of power. in a prius the gasoline 87 recommended by the manufacture :)engine and the high voltage battery,gas and voltage in my car an internal combustion engine power on gasoline and the n2o tank in the trunk,gas and n2o p.s. i know what i wrote no need to spam it back when i can scroll down if need be 2-3 line will suffice
  8. nice article on the e85 prius i was unaware that had been tried now we have to convince the driving public that for the first 9-15 miles per trip sluggish performance is acceptable aka when you pull inta traffic you will be a road hazzard and you will have to go to your dealer to have the check engine light turned off thats a small price to pay ever 150 miles or so guess the enginers could work around that but i'm guessing end cost of the price of the car will reflect the R&D and possibly extra parts($)to make it happen if produced in large numbers as far as hybrids requiring low 87 octane if you happen to be unfortunate enough to have 1 sitting in your driveway go to the least read publication in the world aka owners manual nice picture of the ford CEO begging in DC either its a prototype aka extra $ end production or the just slathered E85 stickers on it http://www.fordvehicles.com/suvs/escapehybrid/features/specs/ fuel required reguler no menton that i could find on fords website about an e85 hybrid you could buy today could someone prove me wrong please
  9. wow ok being new to this forum i need to state a few facts about how the world works or is working as i see it the bailout is for the manufacturing of autos(GM sold GMAC finacincing)prove me wrong the "imports" have made a FFV (toyota vensa)guessing the'll be more if the free market economy is ever given a chance to work again and not just adusted by gov't you CAN NOT FFV a hybrid at this time because hybrids REQUIRE low octane if a prius would be priced for a profit (which it would have to be made in great numbers)it would cost aroud $60000 which far outways the cost per mile ratio of $4 gas if driven 200k miles,at $2 gas the saving is even less given 45mpg vs.30mpg,not even taking into considerations of all the extra technology(extra parts on a hybrid $30k) vs. $150 on a FFV if E85 is going to win the battle of the tank it HAS to win on the ecominc front first every thing else is a +
  10. > none,but I'm looking into changing that i'm not waiting for big oil to come to the rescue the closest public pump is 70 miles away and from the few stations i've talked to there's no plans to convert what's stopping me from setting up shop? even at $1.91 for gas there's room for huge profits and when this economy turns around it will only get better
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