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  1. So today is November 20, 2008. Guess what Concord, CA continues to be taken advantage of. E85 $2.69 a gallon. Regular $2.19 a gallon. E85 get 15% less MPG and cost .50 cents more a gallon. Nobody in their right mind should buy there.
  2. I continue to stay away from this station for E85. As of today 11/18/08, the prices were E85, $2.69 and regular was $2.25. These prices won't even encourage people to buy flex fuel vehicles in this part of the country.
  3. How is this good? The Chevron station in Concord is ripping people off. E85 get 15% less MPG and they are charging more than regular. The price should be at a minimum 15% less than regular. On top of that E85 is heavily subsidized by the government. I have a flex vehicle, I want to buy flex fuel, but it makes no sense at these prices. The city of Concord is also getting ripped off because they buy here with taxpayer money so they can fill their quota of alternative energy.
  4. What's up with the Chevron station in Concord, CA. They have consistently had E85 priced above regular gas. As of today 11/07/2008, E85 was $2.79 and regular was $2.55. They are new to selling E85 and the only station for 25 miles. What's sad is that the city of Concord buy their E85 from this station which costs the taxpayers.
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