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  1. I don't think the oil companies want anything to do with ethanol. The level of competition is too high. An ethanol plant can be built inexpensive enough that any business that wants to can get into the business. Oil refineries on the other hand cost too much and inhibit competition. It is probably in the best interest of the oil companies to continue to suppress alternatives so that they can continue to make more and more off a diminishing resource.
  2. My guess would be POET, Cargill, or ADM.
  3. They had such a large growth because they merged with another ethanol producer last year.
  4. This is a misconception that is being spread around most notably by Robert Bryce but also echoed by OPEC. This just simply isn't true. We import gasoline and export diesel. The situation has nothing to do with ethanol since Europe has relied so heavily on diesel that they have excess gasoline to sell on the open market and still need additional diesel which we sell to them. That is the reason for the price spread between gasoline and diesel as well. Their need for additional diesel puts us into direct competition with them and their stronger currency for that diesel raising the price.
  5. Smyrna is in middle Tennessee out in the flat lands. I don't think they are very far from Nashville. It is best known for being home to a Saturn plant. I think there is an E85 location that you don't have in the list. Weigel's #64 2409 Charles Seivers Blvd, Clinton, TN 37716
  6. This was one of the conclusions of an upcoming study done by the University of Nebraska. They concluded that 13 gallons of ethanol were produced for every a gallons of petroleum used during the production lifecycle of corn ethanol. The study has been submitted to science journal but as far as I know it hasn't been published yet.
  7. I don't know if it is this way in every state but if you file a complaint with the Department of Weights and Measures that you suspect a station has bad fuel they are required to check it out. At least that is how it is in Tennessee.
  8. In the 1990s I was in the union. I started work at this company before the union came in and I was one of the ones that voted for it. That is the only job I have ever had where management treated employees badly enough that I thought it needed a union. At that time I remember seeing a statistic that said that a larger percentage of Japanese workers are unionized than are American workers. Unions are not all good and not all bad, but they can push things too far sometimes just as management can.
  9. I have been a fan of Bruce Dale's writings for some time. He is pretty heavily involved in the indirect land use debate also.
  10. I had a 2000 Ford Ranger that was flex fuel. It came from the factory with Autolite platinum plugs in it.
  11. It has been awhile since all this took place so I am going by memory here. E3 had problems on startup and were never able to reach more than about half capacity. I think they had some sort of boiler explosion that was a part of the problem. The company blamed it on poor construction on the contractors part. Panda hasn't started up yet. They have had construction delays caused by bad foundation work. Last I heard they are expecting startup in a few months. For some reason that name sounds familiar but I can't remember anything about their project.
  12. 1outlaw That was E3 Biofuels that developed an ethanol plant in conjunction with a feedlot. They were feeding manure into a biodigester to create the methane to run the plant and feeding the distillers grains to the cattle. That was in Meade, NE. Panda is doing something similar in Hereford, TX. The location was chosen because of the feedlot operations nearby. They will burn manure in a fluidized bed reactor for process energy.
  13. But in credit to GM they have been working to get more E85 pumps installed.
  14. I agree with the concept here but would rather see something that was more comprehensive. I would like to see something that addressed imports as well. If they are going to sell vehicles here and reap benefits then they should be willing to help us achieve our national goals.
  15. Y Yep it is me. Good to see you and good to see a place where ethanol can be discussed without all the distractions found on GB.
  16. You can buy a FFV for the same price as a non FFV but that doesn't mean that the cost to produce them is the same. Look at it this way if Ford has to produce FFVs and Honda doesn't because of strings attached to bailout money, Ford will have a higher cost in the it's cars. So the imports will automatically have a $200 profit advantage. That would give them pricing advantage. And in a tough market like what we have now that could be huge. Only if Flex Fueled is made to be a selling point. It is for some people but is that number enough?
  17. The one issue I would note is that since we are only talking about domestic manufacturers requiring all vehicles to be FFV may put them at a disadvantage against imports. I know the costs difference between a FFV and a non FFV is only a couple of hundred bucks but that would a couple of hundred bucks of cost added to domestic cars that foreign cars wouldn't have factored in.
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