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  1. I don't know about what needs to be done to clean it up but I would think that getting the flow of oil stopped would be job #1.
  2. Perhaps you have missed my point as well so I will repeat it for you. Instead of debating whether or not what he said has merit you make personal attacks. You did it with Rush and you did it with me as well. That is generally a sure sign that you don't know the issue well enough to debate it. One would of course wonder how you formed an opinion without knowing the facts behind the issue but you already admitted that you let other people form your opinions for you. Again don't know if you are referring to me or not but when has anyone said that anyone else wasn't entitled to their opinion? And I guess you are going to have to remind me, what is that responsibility that goes with making statements on live TV? So it is ok to have opinions just not to express them if they are in his defense. Anyone else you want muzzle while we are talking about it?
  3. That is quite a logical leap there. Hard to see how anything that I have said here indicates one way or another how I feel about the environment. And I am sure we are both happy about that.
  4. fleebut I would have to agree. Did you notice also that the tendency of today's popular culture to attack the person making the comments instead of debating whether the comments have merit is exactly what happened here. This nation is being divided along party lines and guess what comes next if this is a divide and conquer strategy. We, as a nation, have to learn to disagree without it becoming personal.
  5. I don't know if you are referring to me or not but I wouldn't say that I am a fan but I also wouldn't say that I have a problem with him either. You see I don't think that I have to dislike somebody because they hold different opinions than me. I also don't let other people tell me how I should feel about somebody. And most importantly I think that every person including those I disagree with deserve a basic level of respect from me.
  6. Hard to imagine an environmental group doing something like that but if you look around there are some extreme groups out there. http://www.elfpressoffice.org/
  7. I wonder if that is actually necessary. I agree that the issue is real but according to one article I read the number of boats effected by this issue is really small. Here is the quote from the article I mentioned. "While this organization recognizes that older boats may "experience significant difficulties with E10 ethanol," it says these difficulties "affect less than 1 percent of the 13 million registered boat owners in this country."" http://www.c-bstatesman.com/news/2008/0904/Front_Page/001.html
  8. At least some of the price fluctuations in commodity prices in the last couple of years has to do with the strength of the dollar. And although people like to say that corn prices were at record highs last summer, the prices during the 1970s when adjusted for inflation beat last summer's prices by a good margin. Last year I ran the yearly average prices for corn as reported by the USDA through an inflation calculator and the 1974 average price of $3.02 per bushel adjusted for inflation would be the same as $13.24 in 2006.
  9. I remember a story from some years back of a village being wiped out by a methane emission from a nearby lake. No kaboom. The methane smothered the residents while they were sleeping. I can't remember all the details but it was probably methane hydrates that were destabilized by some kind of geological event. Along those same lines methane hydrates have been put forward as a possible explanation for ships disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. The theory goes that a geological event such as an earthquake destabilizes the methane hydrate and as the methane bubbles come to the surface the ships lose buoyancy.
  10. I think a simple thank you to the farmers of this country for keeping commodity prices below the cost of production for so long is what he should have said. I guess the double whammy of needing less of their only marketable product coupled with having to pay a decent price for grains is just too much for such a poor country to bear.
  11. Gas hydrates occur abundantly in nature, both in Arctic regions and in marine sediments. Gas hydrate is a crystalline solid consisting of gas molecules, usually methane, each surrounded by a cage of water molecules. It looks very much like water ice. Methane hydrate is stable in ocean floor sediments at water depths greater than 300 meters, and where it occurs, it is known to cement loose sediments in a surface layer several hundred meters thick. The worldwide amounts of carbon bound in gas hydrates is conservatively estimated to total twice the amount of carbon to be found in all known fossil fuels on Earth. http://marine.usgs.gov/fact-sheets/gas-hydrates/title.html
  12. That was my thought when I first saw this story. Just imagine how many people's water supply could have been rendered undrinkable if that had been MTBE instead.
  13. I think because most of this debate is being fueled by the "commercial agriculture is bad" environmental crowd. To them seeing farmland become something else is probably a good thing. But like I always point out, what is the endpoint of this line of thinking, less food and less people. Following this line of thinking could put one's own survival at risk.
  14. Doesn't it seem kinda funny all this talk about how devoting crops to biofuels causes land elsewhere to be converted into new cropland comes at a time when the estimates are that crop acres in this country will go down this year?
  15. I think you have uncovered the true goal of at least some of the environmental movement. If converting reserves to crops for biofuels is bad then converting reserves to food production would be also. So the problem isn't ethanol, it is industrial agriculture. But of course we need industrial agriculture to feed the growing population of the world. So the problem is really the number of people in the world. So just eliminate most of the people and the problem is solved. With most of the solutions put forward by the environmental movement the logical endpoint of their policies is a vastly smaller world population enjoying a lifestyle similar to that of the Amish.
  16. I hate to hear this. They made at least a couple of the Ford Racing cams. I would guess that they probably supplied the OEMs with some stock cams as well. So this may be tied with the difficulty the auto industry is having.
  17. Refiners have been making their profits on diesel for some time. I think the competition with ethanol has a lot to do with that. I read somewhere recently that the projections are that diesel costs will drop to lower than gasoline in the near future because of new refineries coming online that are capable of producing higher quantities of diesel relative to the amount of gasoline produced.
  18. I found the link to the ADM file. http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/pdfs/casestudy_adm.pdf
  19. ADM ran a few of their trucks on ethanol some time back. I think it was during the mid 1990s. The is a writeup somewhere on the internet but I have long ago lost the link. Diesels get better mileage in part because of the higher BTU content in diesel and because they have lower pumping losses due to the lack of a throttle. As I recall ADM took a pretty good hit on mileage using ethanol and at the time it would have been the more expensive fuel since diesel sold for less than gasoline back then. Last summer when diesel prices were around $5.00 a gallon and ethanol was much less than that it may have been cheaper to use ethanol.
  20. The worst part about it is that one of the creditors they will be filing for protection from is us.
  21. Personally I would wager on the outside pressure after the shot they took at biodiesel when they announced that B5 could be used in equipment certified for use with diesel and home heating oil. "The findings indicated no adverse safety effects. It is acknowledged however that introduction of biodiesel may potentially affect fuel quality, mobilize contaminants in the fuel system, or increase the potential for microbial contamination. These performance issues are outside of the scope of UL standards and certification." I wonder if when they make announcements concerning diesel fuel if they also point possible performance issues outside of the scope of their standards.
  22. If you look over their site there are many references to levels higher than 15% ethanol content. So this announcement goes against everything that they have said up to this point. You kinda have to remember that they suspended E85 certification over two years ago and we still don't have any E85 certified pumps. So when they say... "If new Federal guidelines are established that approve higher ethanol blend levels for public use, UL will review products currently certified under UL 87 to determine whether UL can provide data enabling the authorities having jurisdiction to approve such use." That suggests to me that they aren't going to look at the situation ahead of time and once the limit is increased we can expect a similar delay as to what we have seen with E85 certifications.
  23. A week or so ago. Here is the press release on it. www.ul.com/gasandoil/UL_DOE_LegacySystemCertification.pdf
  24. 2 diggs at the moment. You may want to edit the description. You have it as Corb ethanol....
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