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  1. I was going to say something wasn't quite right with that since the Orinoco belt is a region of oil sands. Not only is it on land but there is no need for deep drilling with these deposits.
  2. I am right there with you TD. The internal combustion engine is going to be around for some time to come and so is the need for liquid fuels. Glad to see that there are still companies coming up with innovations to push the internal combustion engine to higher levels of efficiency.
  3. A quick quote from CSP Daily News. "Wal-Mart, BP and Shell each told CSP in early 2007 that the lack of UL certification for E85 equipment is a factor in their decision-making on whether to sell or expand the sale of E85." And if I am not mistaken at least one maybe more northeastern states had decided not to allow a waiver for dispencing E85 without UL certification. So the number would surely have been higher at this point if the proper certification was there. You may not need E15 but in my case all the gasoline I burn is through my lawn mowers and two cycle equipment. We're not talking small amounts here, remember I own a lawn care business. The only way I am going to be able to use more ethanol and less gasoline is with E15. If you ask me, dividing ethanol supporters into two camps, those that support E15 and those that support E85, will most likely assure that neither happens.
  4. The UL put E85 on the back burner when they pulled certification in 2006. Remember how the DOE and EPA were involved? "As part of ongoing research, UL is currently working with DOE, EPA, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to conduct additional long-term, dynamic testing of materials to be used in E85 dispensers." And the EPA and DOE have put E15 on the back burner. The EPA was required to make a decision on the waiver request by December 1, 2009. They have postponed it twice now because the DOE hasn't finished testing yet. The ethanol industry has been stalled on every front, most likely to allow the negative PR to turn people away from it before it can gain too much ground. And the advocates are fighting amongst themselves over which is the best route E15 or more E85.
  5. This page on the EPA's website talks a bit about the BTU differences in gasoline. http://www.epa.gov/orcdizux/rfgecon.htm
  6. Sacramento, Your posts remind me of how we ended with leaded gasoline. Ethanol was overlooked in favor of tetra ethyl lead because it could be patented and ethanol could not. As we all know ethanol was the better product for eliminating knock but that didn't matter because Standard Oil and GM threw their weight behind leaded gasoline and we were stuck with it for 60 years. Now it seems like all the oil companies are knocking corn ethanol while they search for something that they can patent to take it's place.
  7. Now that all the sub-assemblies are certified, I wonder how long the UL can drag out certifying a complete pump.
  8. Ran across this article in the news and the station doesn't appear to be listed yet. http://wdef.com/news/tullahoma_station_is_first_in_coffee_county_tennessee_to_offer_e85_ethanol/06/2010 The article didn't give the street address but the Shell website did. 600 SOUTH JACKSON TULLAHOMA, TN 37388-3466 931-454-0479
  9. Hard to see how this is going to be a winning strategy for the environment. Since it makes the argument that all good deeds have bad consequences, it is a first class argument for doing nothing.
  10. I ran across this offer on twitter and thought it might be of benefit to some readers from the Sioux Falls, SD area. The Gas Stop is offering a coupon for 30 cents off per gallon of Flex 30. A list of store locations can be found at the following address. http://www.gasstopflex30.com/ The coupon signup page is at the following address. http://www.gasstopflex30.com/flex30-signup.aspx
  11. Good article. I have read several over time by David Kruse and always enjoy them.
  12. There should be new research started on the Increased GHG Emissions Resulting from Bad Policy Decisions. As I understand the situation at present is that Brazil has no excess ethanol to ship. So to provide California with ethanol, corn ethanol would have to shipped from the midwest to Brazil so that they could supply California with sugarcane ethanol. That situation is most likely temporary but it would result in higher CO2 emissions from increased travel distance than what would have been had corn ethanol just been shipped to California.
  13. cessna, According to this which is off of the UL website, I have to believe that they understand the real world effects of E85. "UL has no documented reports of field failures or safety issues associated with UL Listed or Recognized components used with E85." Based on how this all went down, the length of time it is taking and various statements the UL has made about biofuels, I think this is about something other than safety issues or real world effects.
  14. I did a little searching on the subject. I found this at the New World Encyclopedia. The two largest bitumen deposits in the world are located in Canada and Venezuela. The Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta is the largest bitumen deposit in Canada and the only one accessible to surface mining, although recent technological breakthroughs have resulted in deeper deposits becoming available by in-situ methods. In Venezuela, the Orinoco Belt contains huge deposits of oil sands, known as the Orinoco Oil Sands or the Orinoco Tar Sands. And as you mentioned it is a heavy oil that is more difficult to refine. I found this at the Chicago Tribune. Other oil companies declined to discuss projected increases in global-warming pollution, but researchers have calculated that refining the Canadian petroleum produces 15 percent to 40 percent more carbon dioxide emissions than conventional oil. I would assume that Venezuelan oil would likewise create more CO2 emissions during it's refining as well.
  15. If I'm not mistaken a lot of the oil from Venezuela comes from bitumen deposits similar to what they have up in Alberta.
  16. I see my mistake now. I forgot the question mark at the end of the sentence so you may not have noticed that this was a question. Specifically why would Murdoch investigate it if the Prince can just call up and get something changed because of his influence?
  17. I saw a list of the resources they have working on this spill and at least according to the list I saw they have a fleet of ships out there already. Can't remember exactly but I think they have something like 650 ships. Found it. This is as of Sunday. More than 650 vessels are responding on site, including skimmers, tugs, barges, and recovery vessels to assist in containment and cleanup efforts—in addition to dozens of aircraft, remotely operated vehicles, and multiple mobile offshore drilling units.
  18. I think you and I are focusing on two different aspects of the statement. This is what I was referring to. "He investigated the matter and called Fox and within half an hour it was changed from 'Muslim riots' to 'civil riots'." Specifically why would Murdoch investigate it if the Prince can just call up and get something changed because of his influence.
  19. Bet I can do it without needing several paragraphs. Muslims riot in French streets -> Muslims riot in French streets in protest of economic conditions
  20. Anything is possible and if you insist that we go on what the Prince says then you should look at this sentence in the article you quoted. "He investigated the matter and called Fox and within half an hour it was changed from 'Muslim riots' to 'civil riots'." Oh, btw, has he said that he has been able to do the same with advertising?
  21. I searched through the UL website earlier and did a google search as well. Didn't come up with anything.
  22. I wonder if the hearing will be on C-Span. It would be interesting to watch.
  23. Are we still waiting for that hose to be certified? Has anyone else heard anything new on this?
  24. The question that they asked was... "Do you think the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was intentionally caused by environmentalists to reduce public support for offshore drilling?" I would have answered Not Sure since I have seen no proof either way. But it still remains a possibility.
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