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  1. POET Biorefining, located in Ashton, IA, has several job openings. Job openings include electrician, grain buyer, maintenance clerk, and operations supervisor. Information can be found on the POET Ashton webpage.
  2. An article I read in one of the boating publications suggested that around 1% of the boats out there would have problems with E10. I think most of the noise surrounding this issue is just marketing to sell additives and expensive E0 at the marinas.
  3. 1) high gas prices 2) a record year for E85 pump installs 3) I don't keep up a lot on FFV models but I know the 2012 Focus which coming out next year is supposed to be E85 capable. I think that could prove significant because unless there is another model I have missed it will be the first of the low cost, high volume models to be E85 capable. That could really help to raise awareness of E85 and help counter the old image that building E85 cars was just a way for manufacturers to get around CAFE rules. 4) since the VEETC extension was for only one year, the debate on whether to transition the VEETC over to something like the Growth Energy plan will take place some time next year.
  4. Steve-O There are a few states that track E85 sales by looking at sales tax receipts. Minnesota publishes E85 sales data. http://www.state.mn.us/mn/externalDocs/Commerce/E-85_Fuel_Use_Data_041703045254_E85FueUse.pdf Iowa also tracks E85 sales. http://www.iowarfa.org/ethanolpr021210.php
  5. About a year ago there were articles talking about a Muslim scholar claiming the use of fuel ethanol in a vehicle could be considered a sin. Here is one of the headlines. Saudi muslim scholar calls ethanol fuel use a sin - MotorAuthority http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1032391_saudi-muslim-scholar-calls-ethanol-fuel-use-a-sin
  6. I don't think that applies to fuel ethanol. I remember seeing a story some back about Iran producing ethanol as a way to hedge against the effects of sanctions. http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/90788.html Seems I also remember something from a while back about Brazil and Iran working ion a deal to supply ethanol to Iran. I think our diplomatic efforts put that deal to rest though.
  7. N2O, nitrous oxide, is nonflammable but increases power. Why? It is has a higher percentage of oxygen in it's makeup than air does. That wouldn't matter if nitrous oxide couldn't be separated into it's nitrogen and oxygen components. Luckily the pressure and heat of compression is enough to break nitrous oxide molecules apart. In the case of ethanol, methanol, butanol, nitro methane and surely other oxygen caring fuels, the act of combustion is what separated the molecules and recombines them into smaller more stable molecules. 2 C2H5OH (ethanol) + 9 O2 = 4 CO2 + 6 H2O If we were talking about ethane which has no oxygen it would look like this. 2 C2H6 + 10 O2 = 4 CO2 + 6 H2O The difference being that for every 2 molecules of ethane going into the engine, one more molecule of O2 would have to go in as well. And oxygen in gaseous form takes up more space than oxygen in chemical form. Since an engines power is determined by the amount of oxygen it can take in, the ethane engine would have a lower power output than the ethanol engine even though ethane would have a higher BTU content than ethanol does.
  8. The VEETC is 45 cents and a gallon of ethanol costs somewhere around 2 dollars so the subsidy is around 25% of the value of a gallon of ethanol. Ending that in a sudden manner would surely have a negative effect on the industry. I have no problem with ending it or transitioning to something else but it needs to be done in a gradual manner so that the industry can adapt.
  9. In a way I hope that it is something other than supply/demand fundamentals since as oil rises it will have a chilling effect on the economy. And it also means that when we get back to our previous level of economic activity oil will go back to it's previous level which at the peak was around $140 per barrel.
  10. It will be interesting to see what happens with oil today. The price jump may be related to the increased tension having to do with the North Korea situation. If that is the case, tensions, especially in the Middle East, are probably going to go higher with the bombing of two Iranian nuclear scientists last night.
  11. There will always be people like Gore that are against whatever we have now and all for something that is just over the horizon. When he supported ethanol it was just over the horizon. Now he is against corn ethanol and for cellulosic ethanol which is just over the horizon. When cellulosic ethanol gets here he most likely turn against it and point to something else as what we should be working towards.
  12. This would be one of those two birds with one stone deals and would be great for ethanol's image. I am glad to see this and other projects like it starting to move forward.
  13. According to CARB they will "update the land use change and other indirect effects values in the spring of 2011 or as expeditiously as practical afterward." My guess is instead of spring 2011 it will be "as expeditiously as practical afterward." They don't like corn ethanol in California. They see it as a form of midwest welfare.
  14. I think it is a case of them using what they have an abundance of. China has an abundance of coal but not enough land to produce food and fuel with the size of the population that they have.
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