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  1. I used to drive an 08 Town & Country and as expected would have a slight drop in MPG in the winter with E85 but only about 2 MPG so no big deal. Last year I bought a 13 Caravan. In the summer & fall I was getting 22 MPG on E85 and 26 MPG with gas. This winter my E85 MPG dropped to 9-12 MPG while gas only dropped to 23 MPG. I asked the dealer and they had nothing worthwhile to say about it. Does this sound normal to anyone else or has anyone else had a similar experiejce?
  2. I'm with jeepn30, can it use gps to show your location and the nearest stations around you? Like if I'm on the road and have 1/8 of a tank left can I open the app and see where there are stations coming up? Also, it doesn't seem to be the case but maybe there is a setting I'm not seeing. When looking at the map view is there a way to show icons of where stations are located?
  3. I have been using E85 for about 4 years now and it has always had a somewhat whiskeyish smell to it. Last night I filled up at a Kroger and the E85 had a rotten gin type smell to it. Does anyone have any idea why this would be? Could the E85 possibly have gone bad? I know gas does if it sits long enough so I guess that is possible for E85 as well, although my van is running just fine on it. Could it be that the E85 I pumped last night was made from something other than corn?
  4. Thorntons 3045 Dixie Hwy Erlanger KY 41018 859-331-7931
  5. The two other Kroger outlets in Northern Kentucky have maintained a $0.60 spread pretty consistantly for the past few months, I'm assuming that the new station will follow that as well once they have been open for a bit. I have been pleased with the 60 cent spread. I don't travel too much, mostly just up to Cleveland every month or two, but I have not seen a better price spread.
  6. Kroger #423 130 Pavilion Parkway Newport, KY 41071 (859) 292-5640 11/05/2011 price E85 - $2.68 gas - $3.38
  7. It seems I reported a price incorrectly for Kroger in Hebron KY for 10/29. I input gas as $2.45 rather than 3.45. I reentered the prices correctly today, but don't see that I am able to remove the incorrect price.
  8. I drive a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country with 66,000 miles on it. Probably 60,000 of those miles have been with E85. The other day I had 3 leaks in my evaporative emissions hoses, my gas cap had failed and my EGR valve had gone bad. I thought it was somewhat early for those to have gone bad, I've driven cars over 200,000 and never had those go bad. I asked my Chrysler mechanic if she thought the failure was a bit premature. She said that it is within the acceptable range of failure but just barily and no they usually don't go bad this early. I asked if she thought it was possibly related to my use of E85, she said that she doesn't think it is related at all but also said that she would not rule it out either. What does anyone here with an informed opinion think, is it at all related to E85 use or did I just happen to get some bum parts on my van?
  9. Not a new station, but needs to be added Kroger #839 1177 Polaris Parkway Columbus, OH 43240 614-430-2440
  10. I contacted every fuel provider in my area asking when they would beign selling E85. Cincinnati area, currently only Kroger. Most ignored me, UDF said blah blah blah, in your dreams. But Speedway gave me this answer. Is it a line of BS or is their information true? "August 28, 2009 Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX, Thank you for your inquiry regarding the sale of E85 at our stores. Recently, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) has suspended the authorization to use any UL markings (listing or recognition) on fuel dispensing devices in reference to compatibility with alcohol blended fuels that contain greater than 15% alcohol (i.e. E85). Their research indicates that the presence of high concentrations of Ethanol or other alcohols within blended fuels makes these fuels significantly more corrosive. This may result in the fuel chemically attacking the materials in the fuel dispenser, and may ultimately degrade the dispenser's ability to contain the fuel. While UL has no evidence of field issues related to this research, they are suspending authorization to use the UL mark on all devices that will dispense these fuels until updated certification requirements are established and all existing dispensing equipment has been found to comply with them. For this reason, Speedway SuperAmerica LLC has opted to temporarily suspend the sale of E85. Once UL's updated certification requirements are established and all of our dispensing equipment has been re-certified, we will resume the sale of E85 at our stores. Thank you for taking the time to write us. We are always interested in hearing from our customers whatever the reason. Sincerely, XXXXXXX Speedway SuperAmerica LLC Customer Service"
  11. I am about to go on vacation, I have E-85 stations available for most of my route. There will be one stretch though with no stations that will be pushing my maximum range very close. I would like to bring a gas can of E85 along with me for this stretch. My question is: Can E85 be stored in a standard plastic gas can that you would use for regular gas or is a metal gas can needed?
  12. You are correct, my bad. Turns out it is actually E10 not E15. It is required from the months of June through October. It is also not the entire state but only Northern Kentucky (as best as I could find out Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties).
  13. I have an 09 Chrysler Town & Country with the 3.3L 6. I have been testing between E85 and regular gas and E15 for about 6 months 20,000 miles now. Here is what I've come up with I can tell no difference between E0 and E15 either in feel or mileage. In KY we have E0 in the winter and E15 in the summer. During cold weather, highs in the 30's - lows in the teens and 20's E0 I get an average of 20 MPG (highest 21, lowest 17) E85 I get an average of 16 MPG (highest 19, lowest 15) During warmer weather, highs in the 80's & 90's, lows in the 60's & 70's E15 I get an average of 24 MPG (highest 27, lowest 22) E85 I get an average of 22 MPG (highest 25, lowest 19)
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