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  1. gwade it will be coming..just a matter of time.. Your best bet is when Ethnaol Plants start up in your area and looks like you Tennesse may have a Cellulosic Plant coming .. "Mascoma is developing cellulosic ethanol facilities in Tennessee, New York, and Michigan. Diverse regional production of ethanol will help further reduce the price of ethanol while also providing ethanol fuels to new markets, said Colin. General Motors (GM) is backing Mascoma?s cellulosic ethanol research. The automobile manufacturer recently announced an ?undisclosed equity investment? to complement an earlier investment in the cellulosic ethanol start-up, according to Mascoma." Havve you heard anythig locally about http://www.mascoma.com/ ? Looks like getting past the initial funding stages and ready to to start setting up Planst ..excellent Partners with Khosla Ventures annd GM You'll have E85 before the Celluloseic Ethanol Plant ever gets going but longer term this is what your area will need to have decent pricing ..Plants close by without having to have Ethanol trucked in welcome aboard ! Thanks Dan. The Mascoma and Dupont plants appear to be planned for East Tennessee. I know of a plant under construction in Obion County in NW Tennessee which, I guess, would be our initial suppler. But, I don't believe it will come on line until next year. I wonder where the plants are that provide e85 for middle and east TN....
  2. Does anyone have news on when we can expect E85 to be available in Memphis or elsewhere in West Tennessee? It's the only grand division of the state without it. Thanks.
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