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  1. The Shop & Save at 1724 Bernard in Denton is now a Quick Track...
  2. For quite some time I've noticed there are two e85 stations listed on e85prices.com in Grapevine, TX for Classic Clean Fuels. Note that the 101 W Hwy 114 address shown for this is actually a Chevron station at Main/114 in Grapevine that does not sell E85 and should be removed. The address at 2501C William D. Tate is the actual location of the Classic Clean Fuels E85 pump which is co-located with their Mr. Goodwrench quick oil change facility next to their fleet sales (and old Hummer dealership). Also note that this is NOT the primary Chevy dealership location, which is across the highway but has no public E85.
  3. This Valero station sells e85 in Princeton, TX: 893 E Princeton Rd Princeton, TX 75407 Station Phone (972) 365-5695
  4. Another one in Denton that has been open for a while but does not appear on e85prices.com: EZ Chek #9 Fina 525 Eagle Dr Denton, TX 76201 Station Phone (940) 566-5256
  5. This station has been open for some time but it is not listed on e85prices.com. It is located basically at I35 and 377 but the official address is: 1724 Bernard St Denton, TX 76205 Station Phone (940) 891-0518
  6. Yes, there is definitely E85 at the Quick Track gas station on southbound 287 just north of Decatur. The station is part of J.C.O. Auto. The address is: 1705 N Highway 287 Decatur, TX 76234 (940) 627-1212 Sorry it took me so long to post the address...
  7. None of those are it... it's a smaller station on the west side of the highway. I'll get the actual address the next time I drive by later in the week...
  8. E85 is now being sold at the Quick Track station located on the soutbound side of US Hwy 287 in Decatur, TX. I do not have the exact adddress and have been unable to find one online but is approximately 1200 US 287. E85 was priced at 3.10 vs 3.25 for regular unleaded as of Nov. 13.
  9. The new Valero across from Texas Motor Speedway has e85 pumps. It is located at 18501 IH 35W, Northlake TX
  10. Curiously both La Junta and Lajara translate exactly the same from Spanish to English. They both mean: "there's no e85 in Alamosa".
  11. I'm hoping somebody from E85prices.com sees this and removes the 1st Stop station at 1601 Main in Alamosa, Colorado from the list of locations selling E85. I stopped at this station on July 20 and it does not have an E85 pump at all. I asked the clerk and she said the closest location selling E85 is in La Junta about 20 miles south. Please remove the Alamosa location from the list.
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