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  1. hello beechcraftted , thank you very much for youre answer, the E85 in France cost half price as the premium but a Northstar motor cost many many euros, also i put only premium, youre council are very important thank you my friend...
  2. Hello guys, i am french, i have a Cadillac STS 94 Northstar with 70000 miles, in France the E85 is half price as gazoline, 1 quart of gaz cost 2,25 $ and 1 quart of E85 cost 1,10 $, many people put E85 in the car and they dont have a flexfuel car, in France the gaz have 10% E85, many car drive with 30%,50% or 80% E85 in the tank, my question is, how many % of E85 can i put in my STS Northstar???? can i damage the motor? or the headgasket with E85???? thank you for youre answer
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