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  1. Well, HEY....find a supplier that would service our area...tell them how having a rep like yourself traveling about (with spouse...seeing the country! ;D) would benefit their bottom line. That you, after spouting several accolades of extreme intellect concerning the representation of their product...would be happy to represent them (pointing to a bare portion of the E85 map...Kentucky!) in areas needing flushing for possible retailers. If you enjoy that type of sales then sell it to the suppliers and get paid for touring about in your E85 compatible motorhome. ....if you can find one, I cannot.
  2. HF, ,, the site you gave me is very informative but there is such a thing as "too much information" If I gave some print outs to all the stations in my area, they would stop reading after the first paragraph. I think I need to do some research on that site, gather only pertinent info to gain their interest and make up my own flyer. I think all a retailer around here needs to see is the number of vehicles on the road that are Flex Fuel compatible, give them the latest price difference for gas and E85 and then refer them to their nearest supplier. The questions I could answer would only be that my truck and car are Flex Fuel and I would buy it if it were closer. Thanks for the prompt replies..
  3. H.F.....so what I read sometime ago, and I do not remember where; that poor selling high test side of the pump can be simply filled with E85, the sign changed and you are in business...they cannot do that? Thanks for the source, I will go there.
  4. :-[ Is there a tax or some sort of discouragement for E85 stations in Kentucky? There are only 25 stations, the nearest to me is 51 miles and most are all in Lousiville an hour and a half away? Where is there a good source of promotional material that is concise and to the point that I can leave with station owners who might be interested in getting E85? If this is the wrong forum to be asking this, please let me know. ;D
  5. Its an in-line and the injector rail is under the manifold and his little paper as to estimated labor hours says to replace an injector takes approx. 5.1 hours. This place is pretty good but you pay to not have to go back and if you do they fix it. Mechanic talked to support for the kit and they said they really want to try it. But after the kit expense PLUS the labor to put it on...wow... Soooo..I was looking for alternatives. If there is going to be another oil embargo or whatever...I just wanna be able to chose which line I get into...gas or E85 or go home and make my own. I'm just examining all options. If all that goes down...you won't be able to find one of these kits, good or bad.
  6. Oh, I found a reputable kit out there that will go on it and it is even made here in the states. I have finished that research. I just cannot afford to turn the truck upside down and tear the engine out to put it in, as that is what my mechanic says the labor would equal. I'm trying to fudge some and find a little handheld box with buttons that plugs into my On-board computer to flash it to 'think' E85. Since I wrote this original post,, low and behold they ARE out there.. ! They just do not have one for my particular truck. I am still waiting on a response from one of these innovative persons to tell me when he will have the box I need. Am I going to run right out and buy it....don't think so. Although the technology to tune is not new,,,I have a lot of money invested in my little mid-size truck which I love almost as much as my dog. I will be taking my time. I surely thank everyone for their input. Anyone want to comment on the 'plug 'n play' for the E85 tune?
  7. I have a 2004 GMC Canyon 5 cylinder pickup. I did some research and found a good kit,,I think. I AM NOT A MECHANIC. So took my idea to my mechanic Unfortunately, he informs me, its an In-line 5 cylinder and everything has to come out of there to get this kit in there. The cost will be well into a $1000 with labor and a $424 kit ??? Sooooo...I simply cannot afford that right now. I have been reading the forums and noticed the mention of "on-board computer, software"...my question now is can a person purchase the software to apply, update or revise the on-board computer to accept the E85? and adjust for it. I mistakenly called the local GMC dealer thinking he would surely know more than I and he just about had a heart attack. He insisted that my truck simply was not designed to run on E85 and I just could not get there from here. I did not argue What say any of you? Is there software I can upload instead of a kit? Just examining my options.
  8. Yep, that is correct. 5 cylinder GMC Canyon. I really like the way it drives and rides. Its one of those mid-size trucks. If I had to do it over again though...for the gas milage verses the benefit of a full size truck, I would go with a V-8 and get it over with. Up until just recently I wished I had gone diesel. I drive them until they drop...like well over 250,000. Nephews were going to do the bio-diesel and the supply of cooking oil, as with other areas, just went away. Then I started looking into the E85. Great! But as I said before, Kentucky is a big disappointment. Can't get over that.
  9. I heard that broadcast and that is what sent me to the site for the E85 kit. Was unable to contact support to find out the correct kit. I have a 5 cyl. GMC CAnyon, 04' . I called and received no answer, I emailed and got an out of office message emailed returned. Soooo...I am still waiting to find out which kit I need. But it worries me that where I am moving there are none of these stations. Hopefully the momentum will continue. And yes, DRagonwhip, IF you are addressing me for a request to pm, this is fine. Do you have access to my email? I want as much info as I can get. It appears Ky needs somemore rednecks.
  10. Appreciate your reply. And yes, I have to get that book. I just wish this alcohol thing would take off so we could get away from OPEC. That would be so great.
  11. Moving to near Glasgow. How would one find out about the specific laws in Kentucky in making your own alcohol for fuel? Wouldn't want to get arrested over a still issue especially since I am a wine lover, not vodka. :-[
  12. I am retiring to Kentucky. For a State that was once famous for its alcohol...it has missed the boat on this one. The nearest station to me will be 60 miles away. What a crock. I have written the State Energy Director and even visited the Cooperative Extention Service there who related perplexity at the flight of industry in the area. I wish I had encouraged him concerning E85 and potentials of it for the farmers in the area.
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