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  1. Torrington Travel Terminal E-85 $1.95 Diesel $2.46 Regular $2.14 Mid $2.18 Super $2.23 dc
  2. Prices in Greeley Colorado the week of 10-16-06 E-85 $1.99 Diesel $2.67 Regular $2.42 Mid $2.53 Super $2.63 dc
  3. Well it can be a great drive... This is our busy time of year so I have not been able to get pricing from the stations outside of Scottsbluff NE for the last few trips. Next week is looking pretty easy so I should be able to grab their pricing. I should be through Greeley as well so I will hit the AM Pride Station. I did drive around the Wyoming Ethanol plant in Torrington but I could not figure out where the office was. I want to see if I can get a tour and some info from them. I will be back up there on the 17th and I will see what I can find out. You should see the pile of corn outside of their plant, pretty impressive. Too bad we can't sell them sugar beets. dc dc
  4. Did not get a chance to update the prices from my trip last week. Prices from the TTT, Torrington Travel Terminal on 10-4-06 Regular unlead $2.21/gal Mid grade unlead $2.25/gal Hi grade unlead $2.29/gal E-85 $1.99/gal Diesel $2.46/gal dc
  5. E-85 price update the week of 8-15-06 E-85 $2.55/gallon Regular Unlead $2.94/gallon Mid Unlead $2.98/gallon Super Unlead $3.02/gallon Diesel $3.26/gallon dc
  6. Prices when I rolled through Greeley this morning. BTW I toped off with 7 gallons of E-85 and the Focus runs great on it. E-85 $1.99/gallon Regular Unlead $2.96/gallon Super Unlead $3.01/gallon Diesel $3.36/gallon dc
  7. Cool! I wonder what a regular gas pump should look like? I would suppose something with a pair of ankles to grab dc
  8. Northern Illinois. I received my producers permit yesterday. Now, it is just a matter of time. To be compliant, I have to build a shed to keep the production behind a locked door. This weekend, I will begin clearing the area. My objective at this time is 54 gallons per day. At that level, I will have to raise my permit which currently caps me at about 30 gallons a day. I don't expect to get to this point for several months as we work out the bugs. Then, I will just have to find some buyers. Way to GO! Wish that I had a place to make my own. dc
  9. This is the most reasonably priced E85 posted in the current day. And, I will tell you that plenty of profit was made at $1.99. I am still hoping to sell my ethanol at $1.75 to $1.80. Along with personal savings from lower cost fuel, this pricing will allow full payback of the investment I have and will make within 12 months for my small operation. Cool! Where are you located? dc
  10. Prices at the AM Pride station in Greeley Colorado, week of 8-1-2006 E-85 $1.99 Regular unlead, $3.02 I did not get the rest of the pricing... I ran my 2006 Focus pretty low (I had a gallon or so in the tank) when I went up there Tuesday morning (8-1) and filled up with 1/2 tank of E-85 to see how my car would handle it. I got around 31.5 mpg out of this 1/2 tank when I topped it off in Torrington WY later that day. I usually get around 34.5 mpg out of that run so the drop was not all that bad. dc
  11. E-85 price at the CNEX pumps in Scottsbluff Nebraska, week of 8-1-2006 E-85 (105 octane), $2.95 Regular Unlead, $3.06 Mid Grade, $3.11 Hi Grade, $3.21 Diesel, 3.27 Prices at the WTT Truckstop (about 4 blocks from above station) E-85, $2.89 Regular Unlead, $3.07 mid grade, $3.10 Hi grade, $3.12 Diesel, $3.27
  12. Update on E-85 price in Torrington WY at the Torrington Travel Terminal (TTT), week of 8-1-06 Regular Unlead, $2.89 Mid grade Unlead, $2.94 Hi grade Unlead, $2.98 Diesel, $3.02 E-85, $2.55 dc
  13. Next time I run up to Greeley I will ask them but I usually see that 1.99 price when I drive by that station. I work as a traveling IT guy in the Sugar Beet industry. Right now we have no plans to get involved with Ethanol as our sugar is promised to the consumer market. This is really too bad but that is what it is... Corn is still the main way to create Alcohol right now which will really cause the industry to be limited out here in the high land desert country. Corn takes way too much water to be viable in CO/WY and western NE. Beets would be the way to go as their water useage is not as high as corn. Next time I am in Torrington I will stop by that new Ethanol plant and see what kind of information I can get from them. My next scheduled trip is Aug. 1st. dc thanks dave.. what was Unleaded going for ? whats the spread between the 2 fuels That $1.99 is fantastic .. have you heard any reason as to why thsy are able to offer at that price ? maybe from contracts they purchased last year or other reasons ? the local sugar plant ? the new Ethanol PLant? You thik it looks lie a promotional deal or looks like a typicalprice for those stations ? Sorry to bombard you with a ton of questions ..but that has to be one of the best E85 deals in the Nation right now
  14. IIRC it was $2.71 per gallon. I usually stop at that station but I was in a rush and had to blow by it. I travel from Arvada Colorado, Cheyanne WY, Torrington WY and Scottsbluff NE a few times a month. In the future I will do a more concise job of recording all the prices. I know that there are E85 stations in all but Arvada. When I was in Greeley Tuesday morning E85 was $1.99 per gallon but I did not get a chance to see the other prices. But in Denver this morning regular unleaded is running about $2.93 gallon. Accross from our sugar plant in Torrington is a brand new ethanol plant. I wanted to stop in but was swamped with work this trip. dc thanks dave.. what was Unleaded going for ? whats the spread between the 2 fuels
  15. E85 was running 2.55/gallon in Torrington Wyoming 7-18-06 at the TTA on the east end of town. dc
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