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  1. Hey anyone ever done a conversion on a 2003 Acura 3.2 TL? I'm thinking of buying a kit but I'm just wondering if someone else has done a similar conversion and their thoughts. Also, anyone in Dallas do any conversions and have any tips on getting the fuel intake right?
  2. Nice one, still getting used to the forums...
  3. That's mainly what I was looking for. Theoretically I could probably put E85 in my car and it would run. How efficient it would run is another question. There should be sub-forums on here for regional areas. I'd like to meet up with other people from my area who have converted their cars/trucks to be able to use E85.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I wish I knew more about cars lol. The fuel lines are alright though and won't be eroded by E85?
  5. I'm interested in converting my Acura to be E85 compatible. What are the differences between the different kits (FullFlex, White Lightning, etc)? Is there one I should stay away from? I've been reading that E85 can wear down hoses, seals, etc, what hoses can you recommend? I guess a better question would be is there anyone in the Dallas area that someone can refer me to?
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