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  1. Hiya CGREY, This reply is a 'little' late...only abt 14 months! Anyway, as of 3 April 2011, they still sell E85 @ this station. It's currently $3.359 or $3.36/gal. If you pass by & see a '67 Barracuda filling up, honk or say 'hey'.
  2. 2 Articles detailing plant shutdowns & a regional electric utility pulling back from Clean Power: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2011/02/08/ga-cellulosic-ethanol-plant-shuts-down.html http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/print-edition/2011/04/01/oglethorpe-power-halts-biomass-plants.html
  3. I had some high hopes for this plant down in Soperton, GA. However, this Range Fuels plant has shut down, I think before it really ever got started. Note this link from the Atlanta Business Chronicle in February 2010: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2011/02/08/ga-cellulosic-ethanol-plant-shuts-down.html I also saw an article from the same Biz Journal yesterday (in paper print, not online) about this & a related story about a Georgia electicity producer [Oglethorpe Power] cutting its investment in BioMass (of which ethanol production was a component). However, this seemed to be due to uncertainty in the Federal regulatory world. I will try to dig up a link to that story, but as I am not a subscriber to the Atlanta Business chronicle, I may have to wait a while to get it. Anyway, we're seeing some setbacks, but hopefully Gasoline prices will continue to inflict more pain on our wallets so that we get serious about alternatives. I don't say that lightly, BTW.
  4. Is Aventine about to go under? Today's 10K SEC filing sure sounded ominous.
  5. I want to rebuild a couple of Carter Carbs - A 2bbl BBD & a 4bbl AFB. Does anyone know where to get some Alcohol-spec rebuild kits for these (& many other older carbs)? Thanks
  6. Thanks DanM. I doubt that I'm the first. Of interest, the supervisor that i worked w/ at my tag office (Cobb County, one of the most populous) said that this year, they already had 574 vehicles register as AFVs. Most of them are probably new cars, perhaps Hybrids, but there seems to be some issue w/ Hybrids getting the AFV certification. so, that either means that 574 vehicles either run on Natgas, E85, Propane, Hydrogen, Electric...or Solar? Yes, this (hayseed) state actually has some criteria for registering a Solar powered vehicle - probably Georgia Tech's got an experimental car or something.
  7. Also, Greengenes, One of the wonderful things abt registering this car is that I don't have to take an emissions test because of the car's age. Although, I probably will take one just to get a benchmark of how well this beast is performing, on a 'green' level.
  8. Hiya Geengenes, I dunno if I'm the first, but I'm gonna follow all leads & see where they go! Thanks for the tax info - It was relatively easy getting a tag (maybe because the state gets an extra $20), but it seems that getting a tax credit might be more difficult. In my case, if I qualified, I'd only get abt $25 back.
  9. Those carbs @ E85Carbs.com are kinda pricey: I've had a 625cfm Road Demon on my 1967 b'Cuda & it works without a hitch. However, I need someone w/ more experience tuning than me because it runs smoothly, but i think I can get better MPG. I'd like to change out my jets, perhaps that'll help. Any suggestions?
  10. Here Are More Links: HOV Lane Usage - http://www.dot.state.ga.us/travelingingeorgia/hovlanes/Pages/AlternativeFuelVehicles.aspx AFV Form for State of Georgia http://motor.etax.dor.ga.gov/forms/pdf/motor/MV_Application_Verification_Alternative_Fuel_License_Form_AFV.pdf
  11. See my post re: Registering this vehicle as an AFV. In Georgia, the irony is that my converted B'Cuda (running E85 only) can use the HOV Lanes, but Hybrids apparently cannot, yet. See Link: http://www.dot.state.ga.us/travelingingeorgia/hovlanes/Pages/AlternativeFuelVehicles.aspx
  12. Today I registered my 1967 Plymouth Barracuda as an Alternative Fueled Vehicle in the State of Georgia. All I had to do was fill out a form in which I pledged to use only E85 in my car (see link to form below). This classification doesn't really do much other than allow me to park in designated spaces & use HOV Lanes...actually, that's kinda kool. I've also heard that I may now qualify for some tax credits, but I ain't holding my breath. Maybe one of ya'll have some insight on this? Anyway, it can be done. So if you're interested, check out the website for more info: http://motor.etax.dor.ga.gov/motor/plates/plate.asp?ptitle=AF
  13. Here in the Metro Atlanta Area, you may be aware that we have a TRUE gas shortage. With only one E85 pump 1 mile from me & no others within a 15 mile radius, it's been amazing to watch the apocalyptic scenes of up to 100 cars (no joke) waiting in line for gasoline. Meanwhile, @ my E85 pump, I had to endure a 7 minute wait for e85!!! This REALLY SUCKS because there is normally no one but me at the E85 pump. Dammit! All of those tree-huggers in their Suburbans, Yukons, Nissan titan, Grand Cherokee & one desperate hottie in a '00 Mustang were crampin' my style. After seeing how I lose 7 minutes of my precious time once these drivers figure out that E85 is a true diamond in the rough during times of 'crisis', I am now convinced that I must go on a campaign to make all of those myths about E85 resonate even more for the hayseeds around here. from now on, I'm gonna tell 'em all that they are right - E85 is a Commie fuel, it will fry their engines, will drive up the price of popcorn & will cause millions of African children to starve. If Sarah Palin says that all of our energy needs will be solved by fockin up....errr, I mean 'drilling' in Alaska, then that's what we must do. As former mayor of the largest town on the road to Fairbanks, she must be an authority. Anything to keep them hayseeds away from MY e85 pump.
  14. Clearly put: The speaker was saying that if you Take Ethanol out of Gasoline, the price of Gasoline goes way up. Isn't That what Ethanol, to be a viable fuel, not just an additive, needs? Higher Gasoline prices? Gas needs to stand on it's own vs. Ethanol, that would seem to be the fair comparison (& more advantageous to Ethanol). I think this kind of echoes a lot of what has already been written by others (with more insight than me) on this forum.
  15. SacE85, The article you linked had a statement from Matt Hartwig from The Renewable Fuels Association which was kind of telling: "And, if it were not for ethanol, gasoline prices that have wreaked havoc on household budgets would be up to $0.50 higher per gallon," he said. That's precisely what we need to happen with gasoline prices.
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