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  1. Well it's election season and Texas Oil candidates have to stop in Iowa ... The article is the usual How do Oil Candidates deal with Ethanol Iowa.. especially the ones trying to our right repeal the RFS .. Of special Note was Grassley's E85 Statement.." We won’t phase out that mandate until we know that we’ve got E-85 pumps at more stations" ​So glad to see E85 instead of E15 addressed.. http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/214430-ethanol-is-explosive-for-cruz-and-paul
  2. Thanks Husker..I'll get it removed. Outlaw was saying awhile back these smaller stations that can only take half load (that installed small tanks)really have a hard time competing
  3. It's a session issue...just use your member page or the E85 app for now
  4. Well apparently that's one to many...lol Thanks Storky..I'll look into that setting
  5. Got thanks guys.. I swear we had them listed before?
  6. New Forum Software ..moved from SMF to IPB So far looks likethe only thing that could not get transferred was avatars THEME: Dont worry about the "look" yet ..we will get a decent theme up. Right now just want to get everything cleaned up and working..hopefully this will be the end of missing posts as well
  7. My Wife ordered them for Christmas for me .. took over a month
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