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  2. https://www.hoosieragtoday.com/epa-allows-year-round-sales-e15/ Now if only there were more price-competitive places to buy E15 around here versus E10. I think I have just one Casey's that has E15 at 5 cents less than regular. Family Express switched to 2 cent or 3 cent spreads on E15 at all the stations I've been by recently. They are pushing E15 as the new normal fuel, the E15 price being the only price on single-price signs, etc.
  3. The third annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest started on Monday. Each day we will give away $50 in free fuel to a random price submitter, go to www.ChooseEthanol.com/summer for a list of winners! Good luck!  You can find more details at the link below: https://ethanolrfa.org/2019/05/rfa-holding-third-annual-ethanol-days-of-summer-contest/ Kelsey RFA
  4. I have been using this fuel exclusively, and still do. I used to blend up to E30 to E40 for many years, but I have gotten lazy in the past couple of years. For now, until I get an FFV, Kwik Trip's E-15 will do. Although, the "unleaded 88" name they came up with kind of got them in trouble because they sort of got accused of trying to mislead consumers. Me as an ethanol advocate knew what they meant, but regular consumers didn't.
  5. At a 60 cent spread here in Michigan, Speedway is once again the best game in town price-wise. The yellow-hose price spread here does fluctuate a bit, but it is far more consistent than the Speedway price spread. I will say, and while this is not totally pertinent, I had no idea GetGo still had even a shred of interest in E85, considering how it looks like they’ve been ripping it out at a lot of stores.
  6. The information I obtained via various forums and stock market experts, is the $35,000 vehicle has been vaporware and was put out to gather cash for the company. As of this posting, the $35,000 vehicle has been removed and is no longer exists. Some one from a different site claims Tesla has gathered/obtained/purchased various PHEV cars (including the Ford C-Max which I also own) for the service departments to be used as loaners.
  7. E10 prices continue to rise in southwestern Pennsylvania with some as high as $3.09. Unfortunately, E85 prices often rise in tandem at these stations such as the GetGo one in Pine Township/Wexford. However, a Speedway station in Lyndoria, near where I live, bucked the trend and reduced the price of E85 to $2.25 while the E10 price rose to $2.95. Nice spread. This is what most of the stations should be offering as the price of ethanol on the Chicago Board of Trade does not march in tandem with Oil that is traded on Wall St.
  8. Modifying a snowmobile? One that runs on a recommended octane 91+? One that produces 85 ft. lbs of torque for work applications such as cross country ski grooming, pulling transportation sleds, campers or even trailers with forestry logs/tree trunks? Alpina Sherpa snowmobile is the brand I am referring to.
  9. How about modifications to a snowmobile that is designed to run on octane 91+?
  10. Jumped the gun there, the Griffith East Family Express had their open house this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, and finally opened for real yesterday/Thursday. I don't expect prices to be low there since Family Express raised all prices chain-wide on Monday to $2.699 for E10 and $2.099 for flex-fuel/E85, which I think is 70% this time of year. E15 prices they are still experimenting with, sometime 2 cents less, sometimes 5 cents less. Sometimes E10 is their "base" price at $2.699, sometimes E15 is their base price pushing E10 to $2.719. I did swing by the open house for the free food at least and they do sell E15 as Regular 88: Family Express pump at Griffith East Casey's flex-fuel was $1.849, which was the best deal I could find in the area, their E15 is prices at 5 cents below E10, as always.
  11. There are significant power gains to be had by running E85 in your high performance vehicle for the street, the track or even for pulling and towing. This thread is dedicated to answering the hard questions, dispelling the myths and helping performance enthusiasts and horsepower junkies get the most out of running E85. Keep it positive, keep it real and keep the questions coming.
  12. Please note this is a new forum where we welcome everyone to get together discuss utilizing E85 in performance applications. Looking forward to the conversations to be had!
  13. The $35,000 version has arrived. But, I need AWD which bumps the price up and with the options I desire, a little over $50,000. Well, someone has to save a few bucks now.
  14. Finally seeing prices from the Griffith Family Express, I think it's actually open now!: http://www.garygasprices.com/Family_Express_Gas_Stations/Griffith/198316/index.aspx Looks like E10 is priced 25 cents less than midgrade, and 50 cents less than premium, which implies that E15 is 5 cents less than E10. Other FE stations price their E15 instead at 25 cents less than midgrade and 50 cents below premium, with their E10 +2 cents more than E15. With the perks card 10 cent grand opening discount, that puts E15 down at 1.94, which is slightly better than 1.98 E10 in BTU/dollar. Lowest price in the region for E10 is 1.99, might be time to buy some E15 again!
  15. Consumer Reports: Tesla Model 3 = Most Loved Car In USA https://cleantechnica.com/2019/02/01/tesla-model-3-most-loved-car-in-usa/
  16. A lot to read about at the Tesla Motor club forums. Interesting experiences during winter weathers.
  17. Reports from owners at another "site" have posted about "cold weather headlight flickering"? Some claim this is related to a software issue. How are yours managing real winter cold weather?
  18. From what I read, it was 20 to 40% for most areas. I haven't see a rate for my area tho. https://electrek.co/2019/01/18/tesla-increases-supercharger-prices/
  19. Yikes, I just read the Supercharger rates have been doubled to 0.31 cents a kWh which is similar to what a 30mpg fuel vehicle obtains. Is this correct? Of course home charging is a lot cheaper. Electrify American is bringing out fast plug in stations at at rates of 0.30-0.36 kWh. Some Tesla owners have free lifetime SC usage, others 6 months and some none.
  20. Yes 5 cents a gallon in Central and Northern Wisconsin at the Kwik Trip stations
  21. The C-Max Energi plugged in at a National Park in Virginia, next to a Tesla charger.
  22. FEH05

    Ford C-Max Energi

    photo is here
  23. It helps to have warmer weather to obtain consistent higher mileage.
  24. There's IS a lot to take in. Dropping off your car for tint or tires always requires a little training on how to shift (D-R-Park) and how to exit (top button on the door) and where to lift for tires swapping. Always an anxious moment. Tesla definitely has set the standard high and only room for improvement for everyone else. The Tesla charging network, performance, OTA updates and innovation is what made me go that route. No more ICE vehicles for me.
  25. A lot to learn about the various Tesla "modes" and software items. and other. Want to see what model Y brings. Want to see what the competition does during the next two years and improvements/additions to the supercharger/roadside charging locations.
  26. I thought this video echoed my feelings about Tesla.
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