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  2. Ремонт промышленной электроники - https://prom-electric.ru/

  3. Ремонт промышленной электроники - https://prom-electric.ru/

  4. Ремонт промышленной электроники - https://prom-electric.ru/

  5. https://prom-electric.ru/

  6. https://prom-electric.ru/

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  9. The 0-cent-spread experiment from Family Express continues, sometimes the cheapest fuel is E10 from a 0 cent spread station (Griffith East, Saint John), and sometimes its E15 from a station with a proper 5 cent spread (Highland). The previous fillup it was the latter($2.249 E15, I think), and it would have been the former on my last fillup except it was around midnight and Griffith East's zoning doesn't allow it to stay open that late, so I went to the sister station down the road (Family Express Griffith) and filled up with $2.209 E10 instead, which is unusual for me since I like to patronize the stations that carry higher ethanol blends. There's a new station in Crown Point, a Citgo built in the last couple of months (already submitted to e85prices), and like Casey's, their new construction station carries not only E85 but also E15. Looks like they're going with a 3 cent spread, where at these prices the spread would have to around 4.5 cents to be even on energy/miles per dollar. We'll see if they adjust the spread to spur demand.
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