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 Ford Taurus  E85    2005


2005 E85 Ford Taurus
6 Cyl
3.0 L
Automatic With the numeral "2" as the 8th character in your VIN
Runs on E85 Fuel

E85 is 85% Ethanol and 15% petroleum

E85 Flex Fuel Ford Taurus 2005

The Taurus is Fords first E85 vehicle and continues to be a leader in passenger vehicles that run on E85 . This is the 6 cylinder 3L engine with the automatic transmission. Check your owners manual or gas cap to be certain your model can use e85 gas. The 8th character of your VIN - vehicle identification number will be the number "2" if it isn't check with your local Ford dealership before using E85




E85 Ford Taurus