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New E85 Meijer Additions

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I've been watching this for a while, and it finally opened today. This is the last time I go to a Meijer fuel station at night though... they lock the doors and you have to talk through a round tray/door. This time though, I had to shout for them to hear me. Even when I explained that I need the phone number for listing this station, the guy had no idea what I was talking about. So needless to say, I do not have the phone number.


However, here is the address:



7420 North Alger Road

Alma, MI

Latitude: 43.399024

Longitude: -84.666138


Lousy spread to boot.


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I had been following this one since I completed the Meijer database a couple weeks ago, and I found that the station has been reportedly under renovation. In keeping with the commitment Meijer has made to E85, this location added it!



30800 Little Mack Avenue

Roseville, MI


Latitude: 42.524668972337

Longitude: -82.908668518066

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The two locations I have been watching in Illinois are now open, and I have added them to the database. The following are the Meijer stations I have added to the database thus far this year:



1241 West M-32

Alpena, MI




15 Caberfae Highway

Manistee, MI




1770 West Lane Road

Machesney Park, IL



2011 North Perryville Road

Rockford, IL


I am watching several more stores. I am expecting two Meijer stations to come online in Wisconsin next month, with two more in July. We also have two additional stores coming online here in Michigan.

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