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West Saginaw Meijer now at $1/gallon below gasoline!

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I was wondering when Speedway widening their spread would force this Meijer to do the same!


All week last week, the west Saginaw Speedway store kept their price at $2.78, regardless of the price of crapoline. This allowed Meijer to keep an 80 cent spread at their station nearby. Well on Saturday, Speedway finally took the plunge, and lowered the price at the west Saginaw Speedway to $2.35. After 3 days, the Meijer has finally done the same!


I'm glad to see this store doing well; it was among the first round of Meijer stations to get E85 in the state.


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No posted "coffee" price?

That's just something that the west Saginaw Meijer does to compete with the west Saginaw Speedway less than a mile away. Speedway advertises their "Speedy Freeze" in the signs for most stores that don't carry E85. I guess Meijer just wants to sell more coffee at this location.

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