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85 cent e85 at 4 Omaha area Kum&Go's next week!

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Monday June 16th

  10-noon 168th and Maple

  1-3pm  S. 84th, south of I80

Tuesday June 17th

  10-noon  108th and Giles (LaVista)

  1-3pm 195th West Center


PLUS- get coupon for 5cents off per gallon on all ethanol blends at any Nebraska or Iowa Kum & Go locations!!! 35 gallon limit.  No gas cans please.


I'll be taking my two FFVs to two of these events.  Emailed the nebraska corn board to see if they would fill up my converted push lawn mower!  Thought they might want this for a photo opp...



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I'm going to be going to the N168th today 10-3 (wife's mini van is on vapors), and to the west center on tuesday 1-3 for my car.


Never did hear back on the mower though...  won't bother to take it with me if they will not be filling it up.

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with looming thunderstorms...  we went to the n168th and Maple station at 10:30...  NO line... only had to wait about 1-2 minutes.  The nebraska corn board folks took a picture of my "5 1/2 years...  NO gasoline!  Thanks Kum & Go" sign.  The people there remembered my by my sign from last year. 


Lets plan on meeting up at the west center station tomorrow at the 1-3 time.  Let me know when you plan on being up there... you can pm me through the board.

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Sorry aaron,


I thought you were "e85racer"...  he's a local that posts on here and we actually use the same station regurally...


I have two vehicles, and did one this morning, and will do the other one tuesday.


Sorry for the confusion there.


Wow, driving to Omaha from Michigan just for 85cent ethanol... bordering between dedicated and insane there bud.  Can tell you are single, my wife would NOT allow me to do this!

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