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Sale: FFI Platinum Series III w/Cold Start Assist for 6-cylinder

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Hope this is the section where you want a listing like this (other than in "Converting to E85"?). If not, I'd appreciate if you can move it.


I have a FFI Platinum Series III w/Cold Start Assist (6-cylinder) to give away (you only have to pay the mechanic to take it off).


This is a kit from FuelFlexInternational (the manufacturer), you can see them with different names on them (Change2E85, JonnyEnergy, etc. etc.).


It is a 2009 series with Cold Start Assist and could be patched to a newer version if desired. But if you vehicle is not newer than 2009, it would not be necessary anyways. I bought it new, so if you mail it to them, they will benchmark it and switch connectors (if needed) for free (you just pay for the connectors).


Am located in Northern Indiana and will ship it to you of course.


Reason for selling is that by now our Ford van gets acceptable gas mileage with anything below E50. No kit is needed as it never throws a check engine light. The kit itself works fine.


Note that our Ford van is not only a heavy vehicle, but mostly loaded and pulls a trailer here and there. As I am working on switching to a truck and the new buyer/trade in most likely wont be interested in alternative fuel, I thought I give the clean guys here a chance.





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