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Street-legal cars burn E85 on Kearney racetrack

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"Duane Waldrop of Hobart, Ind., who will be driving one of the street-legal E-85 powered muscle cars, said he’s thrilled to make the 12-hour drive from Indiana if it wins converts for ethanol.


“Most people don’t believe us, that we can go that fast with the same stuff they put in their pickups,” he said. “When these cars leave the line, they do big wheelies. That proves how much power they have.”


Waldrop said that in addition to being environmentally friendly, ethanol is friendly to the wallet.

His 1967 Hugger orange Camaro gets about 5 mpg tooling around town. Launching at full power off the starting line, the 560-cubic-inch, 950-hp machine sucks down about one gallon of E-85 during an 8-second, 150-mph quarter-mile run.


Drag racers pay $12-$18 per gallon for race fuel, Waldrop said, but they can buy E-85 for about $3 per gallon.


“And it has the same octane ratings as race gas,” he said."


That is pretty cool----  :bravo_2: Duane Waldrop is really making some effort to go there. Here is Duane's group over in Hobart.  http://proe85.com/index.php      They really run all out.



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