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"gas" prices up 20 cents in the last few days in Omaha area...

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...The price of regular gasoline rose from $3.499 to $3.599 earlier this week at many Omaha stations. Gas with 10 percent ethanol rose to $3.499, up from $3.399.


Then, Thursday evening, the price at some stations was up another dime — $3.599 for ethanol and $3.699 for regular.


Early Monday, heavy rains swamped the Magellan tank farm, which is northeast of TD Ameritrade Park.


Crews continue to remove water from the facility, and officials don't have an estimate on when truck-loading operations will resume, said Bruce Heine, a spokesman for Magellan Midstream Partners.


Gasoline suppliers are having to fill up with fuel at terminals in Lincoln or Des Moines instead of Omaha, said Tim Keigher, executive director of the Nebraska Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association. That adds to their costs, he said.


"It puts a huge crunch on the system," Keigher said. "It's causing some headaches, having to drive further to get product, waiting in line to get product."


Keigher also said some refineries already are switching their fuel from a summer grade to a winter grade. The switch requires the refineries to shut down some of their operations, temporarily reducing the amount of fuel available.


Brian Milne, energy editor for Omaha-based Telvent DTN, said that despite such blips and traders' concerns about the possible effect of Hurricane Irene on East Coast refineries, the overall trend shows gasoline prices dropping this fall...




I'm assuming this is the same terminal that the e85 is delivered out of...  ???

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I noticed the posted price at several stations went up $0.10/gal this morning Southwest of Omaha near my home. I stopped at one convenience store and noticed the price at the pump was $0.04 lower than the price on the sign and that station had yet to increase like all the others. Price on sign was $3.49 for E10, price at pump was $3.46, next station a few blocks away was $3.59 for E10. None of these stations sell E85.

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I noticed all the stations I went by were advertising $3.59/69 for super/regular (west Q and all the way down-town on Dodge Street)...  like you said, none of those have e85.  I will try to check out what e85 prices are doing if I can today.


If they both (gas and e85) come out of the same terminal... I can't help but think that e85 would have to be going up as well.... though stranger things have happened...

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