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e85 sparkplugs?

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thanks outlaw


since it is my WIFE that primarily drives the "mommy-van", I will need to "train" her on the different cold weather driving practices. ???


I've noticed NO cold starting problems what so ever.  This could be part of the reduced mileage issue though.  We do have the van in the garage, and the few times we had to park it outside (on trips) it was "not that bad" outside.


After 30+ years of marriage-- it might be better to just "grin and bear it" :-X. One thing that might be good for her to know though is NEVER RUN THE ENGINE or have the key on while filling. If you were to switch fuels some models in some years may not quickly "notice" the fuel changed and on restart- it may try to start on the former fuel's open loop fuel map. That would be worth "training" hassles. ;)

Of course you can "couch this" in the name of fire safety for simplicity ;)

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Running E85 in a vehicle with OEM spark plugs works fine.  The only time I would suggest going to a hotter plug is when you are using E85  for racing and top performance or live in a much colder climate.  Chicago is cold but not to the extreme as our Northernly neighbors

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