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Anyone ever use SU carbs with E85?

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A little update on my project, I recently found a new cowl for the Speedster, and have decided to update the rear suspension to a Lincoln MkVIII independent rear, which I still need to find.








I haven't given up on the E85 and SU carbs, it's still the main plan of this car. I just need to find a pair of HS6's cheaply so I can have a set of 4 for that long ol' straight eight!

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I recently won another pair of HS6's on Ebay, and now I finally have my full set of carbs for the Speedster. A little more work on the manifold flange that I'm building to adapt a pair of blockhugger small block Chevy headers to the Packard block for the exhaust, and four 1&1/2" OD X 1&3/4 ID X 10" long pipes for the "intake" side, and I'll have my new manifold pretty much done. (You can see this flange bolted to the engine here) I have to port match the flange to all the ports, there's twelve of them, and it takes me about an hour and a half to do each one, so far, the hardest part of the project! I can't complain though,  this project is moving along rather nicely!





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It's been a while since I've been on here, and I've been as busy as I could be. The car has went from a chassis, to having a major-ly cracked 327 straight eight, to now having a nice rebuildable '47 356. Since talking to some SU carb guys, I've drifted off on the subject of fuel injection, and am now 99% sure I'll be using a 1986 Mercedes K-Jetronic fuel system. Now the old pile 'o parts looks like this:



I have also got into the business of building HEI units for these engines:


width=500 height=375http://lh5.ggpht.com/_a1KseX7Y2Es/SsVph5zA9wI/AAAAAAAAC9E/SlNfftle5S4/s640/IMG_3893.JPG[/img]


The 356 engine is a little taller than the 327 I had in there, but it all fits under the hood, and the turbo's have room to stick out the side:

width=500 height=375http://lh6.ggpht.com/_a1KseX7Y2Es/St96U-RX4oI/AAAAAAAAC-4/KqyNKVksRH0/s640/IMG_3918.JPG[/img]


width=500 height=375http://lh6.ggpht.com/_a1KseX7Y2Es/St96aDx6lXI/AAAAAAAAC_M/VoYghy3WW9s/s640/IMG_3919.JPG[/img]


It's been going pretty well so far, but now it's getting cold weather again so it's time to go back to shopping for parts. I'll keep you all updated as it progresses!

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