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  1. TD


    Dan had to sell because he had a choice of this or healthcare and this forum wasn't going to pay his cancer bills. Dan was the most active member and posted everywhere.
  2. Mom is still waiting for her check for winning on July 26, 2018. She replied to Kelsey's email several times and sent a message via your contact us page and no reply. I told her I'd check in the forum. Thanks.
  3. TD

    Tesla Model 3

    Got my AWD Model 3 about 6 weeks ago and all I can say is, "AWESOME". I don't understand why I didn't reserve one years sooner, considering the $1k was refundable. OTOH, I would not have wanted the RWD version considering we have winter for a large chunk of the year.
  4. TD

    Lean burn on e85?

    Hi Robb, Mileage gains with lean cruise as we implemented it, were best at low rpms. So at highway speeds above 70 mph, it's difficult to go lean, so no gain. Overall it's good for at 2 to 4 mpg with our best gains achieved around 60 mph. It's possible to use an EFIE to go lean, but you'd have to have some way of switching it off via a vacuum switch & coolant temp or similar tech. (Low vacuum means higher engine load so turn off the lean.) But again, you need a LOT more spark/cam advance when lean or you won't get any power. Without the additional spark and cam overlap, you could only go slightly lean, maybe around 3-5%, certainly not the 20:1 we were doing. To make matters worse, E85 burns slower and likes even more spark advance, which makes lean cruise even more difficult with that fuel. TBH, you can't implement this without a custom tune. If you were going to do this yourself, assuming you knew what you were doing, and HP Tuners software costs $500, making it difficult to recoup your costs. We were only able to do this because of a team effort and one of us (not me) is a tuning savant and a year of logging by multiple people. Our biggest obstacle was the Chevy Volt isn't a conventional vehicle. You might want to consider a different vehicle. I had a '99 4Runner SR5 and loved it.
  5. TD

    Tesla Model 3

    Hi Billy, Yes, rear seats easily fold down (hatchback) and the battery is bigger in 2016, but nothing after. This Volt has a 40% bigger battery than my 12 Volt and is rated for 52 miles. I've hauled a lot of stuff in my Volt. There's supposed to be a refresh in 2019, which usually brings minor appearance changes, but possibly could also introduce an increased battery.
  6. TD

    Lean burn on e85?

    If you're going to try to implement lean cruise via other means (not HP Tuners or other commercial software), the concept is that you can only go lean when the engine is warmed up and under light load. You don't want to go lean during cold startup (we've seen how this works with E85 conversions) and higher load. We considered using an EFIE (connects between the O2 sensor and the ECM to go lean), but again you don't want to do this during startup (many EFIE's DO have slowed initial startup) or during any kind of acceleration, AND you have no way to add additional spark and cam advance. This leaves only a custom tune with hundreds of hours of logging and tweaking. Our Volterado team has 3 active tuners (10 members) and I was driving gas to work every day and driving countless logging runs (unnecessary miles logging/tweaking a tune). Did I mention I charge for free so can drive EV for free so any time spent on gas is out of pocket?
  7. TD

    Tesla Model 3

    I traded my first gen Volt for a new one so have 52 miles of EV range during warm weather, but seeing 31 miles lately due to sub-zero temps. Haven't touched the tune on it yet and enjoying driving EV every day. I considered going with a Bolt, but Premiers were over 200 miles away and to drive it home in sub zero temps could have been an all night drive, which I wasn't ready for yet. Next time around I'm going to consider a used Model X.
  8. TD

    Lean burn on e85?

    FWIW, we've accomplished lean burn on the first generation Chevy Volt, but if you're going to do this with any alcohol blend where you don't know exactly what % of ethanol you have, you'll have to install an alcohol sensor. Why? Because the only way to go lean was to use open loop (oxygen sensor disabled). To complicate things even more, you don't want to go lean until engine coolant hits a certain temperature (we chose lean starting at 154°F and full lean at 176°F and above). Also, due to the loss of power when lean, we had to increase cam overlap to increase power, especially at 1400 where we went the most lean and of course that means we needed a LOT more spark advance (10 to 18° more) at these lower rpm. But we had to subtract spark at the cold coolant temps (below 176°F) where we haven't gone lean yet. This was not an easy tune. Due to the load of the motor generator, first gen Volts idle at 1400 and at 70 mph, under good conditions will hit 2000 to 2200 rpm. So we went as low as 20:1 lean (E10, 91 octane) at 1400 rpm, tapering off to slightly lean at 2200 and normal above that due to increasing engine load. This worked so well, I managed to go 60 mph at 1400 rpm continuous for about 20 minutes, after which I grew bored. Once we had everything set up with 91 octane premium, we continued to test with higher blends of ethanol and again had no problems with lean cruise with e85. Heat isn't a problem when you go this lean and driveability wasn't an issue either. It drove as good or better than stock even at 20:1. You can read more about our tune here: https://forum.hptuners.com/showthread.php?63020-First-Gen-Volt-Tune-(Volterado)
  9. TD

    New E85prices.com Mobile App

    Station Details: Why when I go into stations in my favorites in the Android app, I see a city and state drop-down, instead of the actual city and state and we all know is in the database? State: Choose State City: Choose City
  10. TD

    New E85prices.com Mobile App

    Just finished updating, then came to the forum to complain. I appreciate the update, but have an issue with the calculator. (That's as far as I got checking out your update.) I like the idea of entering E10 mileage and having it calculate the E10/85 mileage, but where did you get the numbers? (based on energy content, which we all complain isn't accurate) I entered 42 mpg for E10 (premium) mileage, but it's showing 32.55 mpg for E85. I lose about 15% - 20%, yet you're showing -23%? FWIW, you're also showing annual costs of $165 for E10 and $187 for E85, which isn't going to help sales. If you wanted to make it accurate you'd calculate E85 mileage, but make it an editable field for those that know it. Also, when you replace E10 PREMIUM with E85, the loss is much less and we all know replacing expensive premium with E85 makes sense. Also, if I'm filling with premium, show me the premium price to make the spread more accurate. Also not sure where the prefilled fuel costs came from since I report on several stations, yet only fill at one. If you have cheap E85 reported, maybe you should tell me where to find it? Sorry for the rant. Possibly you wanted to make the calculator easy, not accurate? FWIW, I created the calculator e85vehicles.com used to use and the better one I wanted to you to host again.
  11. How about adding the city and state to favorites on the android app? I have 5 Cenex's and don't remember the city. Thanks.
  12. TD

    NUVU station does it right

    Nice. Most of the stations here are 40 cent spreads.
  13. Thanks Billy, It's really changed how I think about running anything higher than E30 in a non-FFV. You have to tell the vehicle what blend to expect (Stoich) and set the fuel density to match the same fuel so the dash mpg gauge is accurate. If you want to run say E60 (for example) it makes running with that fuel much better and makes it easier to tolerate E85 (assuming the fuel pump can keep up). After that it's just about having the right amount of timing to take advantage of the fuel. Of course tweaking the cam timing helps a lot too. I wonder how many vehicles were modified with larger injectors when that's not really what they needed. We proved the Volt didn't need them and Jeremy removed the ones he initially added to his Volt to run E85. Also a big surprise to me this year is that E85 doesn't have the octane it used to have. E85 used to be around 103 octane and now it's closer to 97, only 10 more than E10. Apparently they take the crappiest gas they can find and add ethanol to it to make E85 these days. Love the ethanol sensor. I won't consider an ethanol conversion without it.
  14. Hi Billy, I installed an ethanol sensor (about $40 on eBay) and wired it to the ECM as it was intended. (Wiring for it was found in a service manual.) I can read E% any time I have HPTuners software running and plugged into the OBD port. Since the sensor is by the engine, if I fill the tank, it takes a 2-3 miles before I can read the actual %. Although I can read the % with HPT s/w, the software isn't required to run the engine. The sensor then adjusts everything to work with any blend from E0 to E85, possibly higher, if climate allows it. (E100 hates temps near freezing.) Bear in mind it takes a flex-fuel tune work with the sensor. Just plugging it in may or may not work, depending on the vehicle. HPT software is about $500, but you do get 10 licenses and only 2 are needed for 4 cyl and 4 or more for V8's.