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Examples of Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFVs)


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Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?

25 Jan 2015

Posted by TD in Hybrid HEV

I decided I'd like to upgrade from a hybrid vehicle to a Chevy Volt. I like, no LOVE the idea of 36 to 50 miles (2016 model) of EV range at speeds up to 80 mph before switching to the ICE. Most hybrids can't do much over 40 mph without the ICE kicking in. And you can't sneeze at the 37 mpg highway mileage (50 expected on the 2016 model).


Early Volt models required premium with a 10.5:1 CR, but the 2016 has 12.5:1 with direct injection, yet runs on regular unleaded, due to EGR. Either one would be a great candidate for E85, although some users have 2k miles on the ODO with half of the original tank of gas remaining. I'm not sure about the 2016 model with direct injection and aluminum block, but the older ones said premium gas only with up to E15 allowed.


As much as I'd LOVE to have the direct injected 2015 model with the larger, lighter battery, possibly cheaper price and longer EV range, I suspect I'll be lucky to get a 2013 model, due to my wife retiring in a few months and having to live on one income and trying to sell her townhouse.... But it looks like I could trade up to one with about $5k to boot so about $500 a month for a year. I suspect I could pull that off, but there's that little voice from my wife screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!".... :huh:

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Feature request

09 Feb 2017

Posted by TD in E85Prices.com Android APP

I have a couple of things that I'd like to see fixed in the Android app.


Stations listed under "Favorites" have no city or state. If you travel, it's difficult to figure out what station is where.


Station details shows the previous price, but no mention when the prices were posted.


Otherwise it's been working good for me.



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Kwik Trip moving forward on Nature Gas pumps

27 Jan 2017

Posted by Billyk24 in General E85 Discussions

Stopped in a Kwik Trip station and found a number of brochures stating this company is committed to building a natural gas infrastructure in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa areas in the coming years.  Not sure if they have started and/or where they are in the process.  Not convinced this is a cost effected change for rural areas where as E85 conversions are simple and cheap in comparison.  

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Tesla Model 3

06 May 2016

Posted by jeepn30 in Electric Vehicles EV

This could be an interesting shift in the electric car paradigm.  Looking at the preorders, the demand is there.  I have followed this company before the Model S even came out.  I am  still amazed that they have brought an electric car to market, despite efforts of big oil and franchise dealers in this country.  I test drove one a couple years ago, and must say the Model S was phenomenal.  I just couldn't justify the price of one.  Upscaling production for the Model 3 will be their biggest test.  They have made good on what they said they were going to do so far (Roadster, Model S, Model X), although they have not made any of their deadlines.  I put my deposit down on one before the online launch on March 31st, as I feel I will be in the market for a car when it finally comes out.  I don't expect to see mine until 2018 or 2019, and I'm fine with that.  Regardless of outcome, this will be their most important car in their company, as it will make or break Tesla in my opinion. 

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NEW STATION- Hartland, Michigan

17 Jan 2017

Posted by James48843 in Announce New E85 Stations

new: now open as of 1-17-17



10070 Highland Road

Hartland, MI  48353 


phone: (810) 632-5950 


prices today:


E10:  $2.36

E85:  $1.86 

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Most Outlandish Ethanol Articles

16 Jan 2017

Posted by wardnkathy in E85 in the News

I thought I would start a thread to discuss outlandish and incorrect news articles and opinion articles.


For a long time, the craziest story I had seen was a story in the KC Star about how ethanol was causing the price of movie popcorn to increase. It was obviously absurd since the cost of the corn in movie popcorn is such a small amount compared to the price they charge that the corn price could go through the roof and not make a dent in the price the theater charges. Now I have seen an article that has so many things wrong that you have to realize it must be on purpose. You can read this titled Ethanol Is an Enormous 'Social Justice' Mistake. You can read it at http://www.theintell...ustice-mistake/. I think the only things it gets right is that currently most ethanol is made from corn and that V2 rockets used ethanol for fuel.


Add your thoughts and nominations for most outlandish ethanol stories to this thread.

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Rhinelander Kwik Trip adds another station!

21 Nov 2016

Posted by Billyk24 in Wisconsin E85

New E85 Kwik Trip station:

1539 N Stevens St

Rhinelander, Wi 54501 715-362-6083


Was there last week as I visited and assisted my ailing mother who lives in the area.    E85 sold for $1.75 while E10 was $2.13.  There are four "blue" E85 pump handles for use.    This new Kwik Trip is less than two mile away from the other station and both are busy. 

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Retrospect Carbon Studies

15 Sep 2016

Posted by fleebut in General E85 Discussions
John Decicco's latest study of ethanol is worse than gasoline for carbon intensity has prompted my thoughts on what CI studies often miss or make wrong assumptions. Decicco for example makes an  assumption that corn for ethanol is a displacement of the normal crop. That farmers some place must plant more corn to accommodate the non-ethanol market shortage. He assumes the historical disruptions during the ethanol production years of farming is a direct result of ethanol RFS. That the farm production system is static and the farmland would be merely expand or contract acres per ethanol. Also, that the plantings all do in fact convert CO2, so, that conversion must be subtracted from ethanol. Meaning if they did not plant corn for ethanol they would plant corn for feed or just another crop. These anti ethanol calculations always assume Land Bank is pristine grassland, but per my observation around here the land is sick with sparse weeds and of no value except for federal subsidy. Besides the land is supposed to be “farm land”. Meaning if and when the farmer decides to farm the land, that is just the way it is. Remember the snapshots of space orbit that labeled the highest areas of photosynthesis. It wasn’t temperate jungle, it was the mighty corn fields converting CO2 to starch and fibre.  

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Hybrid's the future

23 Dec 2016

Posted by fleebut in General E85 Discussions

Auto technology is quickly adapting hybrid technology. It makes a lot of sense to do so, given the advantages. Companies like GKN have electric axles that offer a compact solution. Their axle can provide the vehicle rear wheel electric drive and a battery mount. It's a low cost adaptation to hybrid technology available to all car manufacturers. Know that the auto industry is busy standardizing components and technology to share cost and offer better implementation of higher quality products.  


So, think of the limitations and strengths of motor/battery power and do the same for ICE/fuel power. They offer a very efficient system combined. This combined system maximizes the value of expensive battery. It keeps the battery weight to a minimum. The gas engines provides unlimited range and ease of self battery charging. The battery supplies power for short duration acceleration and recoups deceleration energy. The engine provides a much needed heat source.  The engine and motor can both be downsized since they are used in parallel during high torque needs.  Basically, the engine sized for cruising horsepower needs, the zone that the battery is miserable to accommodate. The combined system is more efficient than either alone. Technology is making this car cheaper to produce as compared to early models. They will be easy to justify and may become the standard vehicle design. Sure, much room to tweak the design to buyers preference whether it be high acceleration or plug in frugality, but the basic design is standardized. This hybrid would be the lightest variant and know that weight is of primary importance to manufactures per cost and efficiency. The engine will steady increase in efficiency and narrow the gap as compared to efficiency of electric motor powered by battery refueled by grid power. Engines are already achieving 40 percent thermal efficiency. A figure that comparable to grid power efficiency. Over time the grid will surely improve to a higher percentage of renewable power, but so will fuel. The hybrid will continue to evolve to afford the customer more value. The drive may become all electric, but the engine will continue to provide the critical power need probably until and if the fuel cell can step in as a cost effective replacement. 

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Speedway E85 Store Percentage

09 Dec 2014

Posted by #1BigHero6Fan in General E85 Discussions

Back in September, I began to challenge the accuracy of the consumer choice report card that was released in July. My issue is that they used only RFA/AFDC data, and did not corroborate the data with ours from E85 prices. Also, the number of convenience stores taken out of the convenience store is also out of date.


So, I decided to keep a spreadsheet to see what numbers I'd get, and be able to update it when we get new stores and new E85 listings. 


I have to double check my work, but I have 1,492 total stores according to Speedway's website... 221 of which carry E85. Before Speedway started converting Hess stores and listing them on their website, we got close to 1 in 6 Speedway stores carrying E85. The percentage has now dropped to 14.8%. This is because of the fact that none of the 47 stores in Florida are listed to carry E85. I hope this changes, for sure.


Here is a link to the spreadsheet on Google Docs. I will keep the spreadsheet updated and post updates here. I'm also working on other chains mentioned in the report card. So far, I have Meijer at 47%, not 58%.



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  • Billyk24Photo
    Speedway Pricing

    Billyk24 - Feb 20 2017 05:47 PM

    Someone must be reading this forum.  The same Speedway that I mentioned has lowered the E85 price from $2.45 to $2.39 while keeping E10 at $2.55. FYI Pennsylvania has a state wholesale gas t...

  • TDPhoto
    Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?

    TD - Feb 18 2017 09:47 PM

    We have released our HP Tuners-based tune in their forum. http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthread.php?63020-First-Gen-Volt-Tune-(Volterado)

  • ohiopowerPhoto
    Speedway Pricing

    ohiopower - Feb 14 2017 06:50 PM

    Speedway was really good for winter-time, up until a week ago.  They had consistent 50-60 cent spreads.  I wondered if the ethanol price jumped, because now it's terrible. 

  • James48843Photo
    Speedway Pricing

    James48843 - Feb 13 2017 09:40 AM

    I see ethanol prices on the CME Chicago trading have jumped about 20 cents over the last two weeks-  to $1.56 a gallon today- almost the same as RBOB gasoline.  Without RINs, the pri...

  • Billyk24Photo
    Speedway Pricing

    Billyk24 - Feb 12 2017 07:07 AM

    Yikes, the closest Speedway to my location in Pa.  now features a 10 cent spread-$2.45 for E85 and $2.55 for petrol. What a joke.

  • TDPhoto
    Feature request

    TD - Feb 09 2017 12:54 PM

    I have a couple of things that I'd like to see fixed in the Android app. Stations listed under "Favorites" have no city or state. If you travel, it's difficult to figure out what station is wh...

  • Billyk24Photo
    Kwik Trip moving forward on Nature Gas pumps

    Billyk24 - Jan 27 2017 10:01 PM

    Stopped in a Kwik Trip station and found a number of brochures stating this company is committed to building a natural gas infrastructure in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa areas in the coming years....

  • TDPhoto
    Tesla Model 3

    TD - Jan 22 2017 09:19 PM

    Most EV's warm or cool the battery as needed when plugged in. Charging will warm the battery in the winter, but might require cooling in the summer.

  • Billyk24Photo
    Tesla Model 3

    Billyk24 - Jan 20 2017 08:56 PM

    The Tesla and Volt both have a dedicated heating and cooling system for the hybrid battery pack. I believe both can use engine waste heat to help with colder temperatures.  If my hybrid batt...

  • James48843Photo
    NEW STATION- Hartland, Michigan

    James48843 - Jan 17 2017 08:33 PM

    new: now open as of 1-17-17 Speedway 10070 Highland RoadHartland, MI  48353  phone: (810) 632-5950  prices today: E10:  $2.36E85:  $1.86 

  • fleebutPhoto
    Tesla Model 3

    fleebut - Jan 17 2017 07:18 AM

    I think Tesla made a big mistake with Solar City purchase. Also, the giga factory is troubling. I was in the field to make manufacturing cost estimates. Also, had much success within efficiency and...

  • Billyk24Photo
    Tesla Model 3

    Billyk24 - Jan 17 2017 03:20 AM

    Does the Tesla Model 3 have some form of battery heater to minimize the negative effect of true winter cold temperatures?  Does the new Chevy Bolt have this feature?  I would hate to lose...

  • Billyk24Photo
    Most Outlandish Ethanol Articles

    Billyk24 - Jan 17 2017 03:14 AM

    "Ethanol Mandate leads to Violence and Social Unrest".   http://dailysignal.com/2013/02/07/ethanol-mandate-leads-to-social-unrest/ Old but from the same group that cant get its facts cor...

  • TDPhoto
    Most Outlandish Ethanol Articles

    TD - Jan 16 2017 08:49 PM

    We all know movie theatre popcorn is nearly all profit ~99% or so.

  • wardnkathyPhoto
    Most Outlandish Ethanol Articles

    wardnkathy - Jan 16 2017 08:08 PM

    I thought I would start a thread to discuss outlandish and incorrect news articles and opinion articles. For a long time, the craziest story I had seen was a story in the KC Star about how eth...

  • Billyk24Photo
    Rhinelander Kwik Trip adds another station!

    Billyk24 - Jan 14 2017 08:14 AM

    Just another note:  this Kwik Trip station has not been added to the data base on this site.  I have made a 4 to 5x week visit during the past two weeks and it has been busy each and ever...

  • fleebutPhoto
    Retrospect Carbon Studies

    fleebut - Jan 14 2017 07:48 AM

    Also, given the broad indirect penalties of hypothetical international ramifications of ethanol production, shouldn't ethanol get a huge positive factor for wind power production? Yesterday, drove...

  • fleebutPhoto
    Retrospect Carbon Studies

    fleebut - Jan 14 2017 06:45 AM

    In reference to the USDA report on Life Cycle Analysis of corn ethanol carbon emission as required by the RFS II legislation. By the law they must use 11 emission categories. This is the laughable...

  • TDPhoto
    Anyone have a Chevy Volt running on E85?

    TD - Jan 02 2017 02:07 PM

    When I said there was a lot of knock at high load and rpm, I meant cruise speed and normal load and higher. Jeremy has finished his Volumetric Efficiency and MAP tuning and Laz and Jeremy are...

  • TDPhoto

    Sorry, the backasswards format of the forum messed with me.

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