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  2. gasisoutrageous

    New Thorntons E85 locations

    Could have sworn this was in the database, but apparently not. New Thornton’s station to add in Bellwood, Illinois. Brand new build that’s been open dating back to at least May. Got E85 in the rental there yesterday Thorntons 1125 South 25th Street Bellwood, IL 60104 708-649-3090 Latitude: 41.872229356386 Longitude: -87.862848043441
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  4. Rack

    Unleaded 88 coming your way?

    Well, it's deep into winter blend season, and prices on E10 are low enough that even at 4 cents less, you'd be better off buying E15. So my local Family Express reduced the spread to 2 cents between E10 and E15. More E10 for me, $2.189 a gallon with perks card!
  5. 20 cent spread down to 10 cents at Indiana Speedways, could we see price parity soon? Meanwhile IBEC down in Rensselaer is selling E85 for $1.499 a gallon. I wonder if it's actually 85% ethanol these days, it is mighty cold out!
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