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Colorado E85 Gas Stations

Colorado is making good progress in adding E85 pumps all over the state .They now have 68 E85 Gas Stations but they are also in 44 different cities so E85 is getting good exposure across Colorado.

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E85 is 85% Ethanol and 15% petroleum

Feb15, 2007 , Governor Ritter As part of his commitment to a New Energy Economy, Gov. Bill Ritter announced today that 40 new E85 ethanol fuel pumps will open at 22 gas stations state wide over the next year. Colorado is the largest beneficiary of a 12-state public-private partnership by General Motors to expand the availability of E85, a fuel made from a combination of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol


The Governor also says that he will use an E85 Capable vehicle in his day to day operations.

Expect Colorado to continue adding E85 pumps in 2007 in record numbers

Colorado Tax Credits


For tax years beginning prior to January 1, 2011, Colorado income tax credits are available for the construction, reconstruction or acquisition of an alternative fuel refueling facility that is directly attributable to the storage, compression, charging or dispensing of alternative fuels to motor vehicles.

The percentage of the credit is determined by the tax year in which the costs are incurred:

Tax year beginning prior to Tax year beginning prior to Tax year beginning prior to:

Jan. 1, 2006 50%  Jan. 1, 2009 Jan. 1, 35%  2011  20%



E85 Stations in Colorado   Total = 68

City Name Address
Arvada Hill Petroleum Sinclair 6301 W. 58th Avenue
Aurora Acorn Gas Station E85 13690 E Colfax Avenue
Aurora 15201 Hampden Ave 1rst Stop
Basalt Basalt Fuel Center 122 Midland Ave
Bennett Roggen Farmers Elevator 555 Colfax Avenue
Boulder Boulder Gas 2995 28th St
Boulder Short Stop 6510 Lookout Rd
Brighton Western Convenience 1351 Bridge St
Broomfield Western Convenience 128th & Lowell
Brush Acorn Station E85 Gas 1041 N Colorado Avenue
Castle Rock Western Convenience 800 S Wilcox
Colorado Springs Acorn 305 S 8th Street
Colorado Springs Peterson Air force Base Private
Colorado Springs Chief Petroleum 301 South 10th Street
Colorado Springs Farm Crest 2105 Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs Farm Crest 5050 BoardWalk
Colorado Springs Western Convenience 2507 E Platte
Colorado Springs Western Convenience 2775 Briargate
Delta Western Convenience 1502 Howard St
Denver Barns Conoco Store E85 Gas 295 S Broadway
Denver 1 Stop 1970 S Holly
Denver Silco now Offering E85 295 South Broadway
Denver Western Convenience 2387 W 72nd Ave
Divide Western Convenience 11399 US highway 24
Evergreen Norwood 5071 Hwy. 73
Fort Collins Poudre Valley Coop 225 NW Frontage
Fort Collins Western Convenience 1113 West Drake Road
Fort Morgan Texaco 207 S Sherman
Fort Morgan Fuel For Less 1305 Main street
Fowler Western Convenience 123 West Cranston
Grand Junction Western Convenience 2998 North Avenue
Greely Agland Cenex 2449 35th Avenue
Greely Cenex Ampride 1607 2nd Avenue
Greely Kum & Go 7027 20th street
Greely Western Convenience 4545 W 29th St
Highlands Ranch Province Gas 8808 S Colorado Blvd
Holyoke Scoll Oil 800 E. Denver Street
Idaho Springs Western Convenience 2630 Colorado Blvd
Keenesburg Roggen Farmers Elevator 33824 Highway 52
Lafayette Lafayette Foods 500 S Public Rd
Lajara 1 Stop 320 Spruce
Lakewood Green Mountain Shell 12410 W Alameda Parkway
Lakewood 1 Stop 10798 W Jewell
Lamar Coop 8825 East Highway 50
Littleton 1 stop 11614 W Belleview
Longmount 1 St Stop 900 Ken Pratt
Longmount Western Convenience 1500 N Main St
Montrsose Western Convenience 938 S Townsend Ave
Parker Western Convenience 11515 N Hwy 83
Pueblo Western Convenience 3201 Lake Ave
Pueblo Acorn Station E85 108 Baxter Road
Pueblo 1 Stop 2801 North Elizabeth
Rifle Gilco 23899 Highway 6
Sheridan Lake Thunderbird 322 Highway 96
Steamboat Springs Shell 905 Weiss Dr
Stearling CRVS 20974 US HWY 6
Thornton Western Convenience 9190 Huron St
Thornton Western Convenience 2301 E 88th Street
Walsenburg Acorn Travel E85 455 HWY 85
Watkins Tomahawk Truck Stop 1695 N Watkins
Wellignton Kum & Go 8150 6th Street
Wiggins Stubbs 16740 Highway 89
Woodland Park 1 stop 11399 Hwy 24
Yuma M&M Cooperative C 600 E 8th Avenue

E85 Gas Stations in Colorado

Print a map to gas stations selling E85 from map quest.

Our e85 list is always in flux , if you know of an e85 station in Colorado that is not on our list please share it on our forum Planet E85

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